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Human Aging Process Reversed in Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in Israel


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https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/anti-ageing-reverse-treatment-telomeres-b1748067.html Maybe I misunderstood but it appears they they “withheld” some oxygen for 90 minute

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At least it isn't as crazy as the whole blood market, trying to take blood from the young in terms of ritualism in order to look younger. Some in community refers to such folks as the Dracula Party.

Anyways, it is impossible for people to change what has already been set in motion, for there is only one way to stop the aging process - after God's Day.


Other than that, a lot of people fail to take care of themselves properly and do not make an effort to change, although one cannot stop the aging process, they can benefit by taking action to take care of themselves so they do not fall apart early, this also goes for children because they can suffer from this too.

But as it is, with the majority of people. If you remain the same, it is unwise to complain.

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