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Ottawa, Canada's Police Dept. During the 'Truckers for Freedom 2022" Convoy

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And so it begins, something of what many of us, from Truthers to Independent Journalist, even Preppers etc. Some in the community has traveled and or on their way to Ottawa. Justin Trudeau (dubbe

@JW Insider @Mic Drop One of our own from the Community is there, he's both a Truther and an Independent Journalist who resides in Canada. As of recent news, the police has started to move in on the C

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And so it begins, after many of us had spoken about the events of Australia, the EU and Canada, and now this. Some people are distracted by the recent Super bowl, Woke Media, Valentine's Day, etc to not realize this has taken place. That being said, what was mentioned about extreme levels of Civil Disobedience in the uptick time frame, is evidently coming true.

That being said, we now have the start of assassination attempts of political figures in the US after it was called some days ago in correlation with the fabled Civil War many mentioned, The Ball is in the United States Court now.


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And so it begins, something of what many of us, from Truthers to Independent Journalist, even Preppers etc. Some in the community has traveled and or on their way to Ottawa.

Justin Trudeau (dubbed a Dictator), the one that we stated to, even called out to be a problem for years down used has invoked the Emergency Act (possibly the first time used in Canada's history) in regards to the Trucker Convoy, of which one of their own was recently arrested in an attempt to break them, moreover, although they are not the threat to Sovereignty and or the like in that regard, seems those in power seems to view them as such in order to maintain their power.

The only reason he is going down this path is because he wants to hold on to power, to remain in the club and not get kicked out permanently. One can see that Justin Trudeau is not backing down, as with his underlings because they truly do not want to be removed.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

That being said, even for Neutral persons or those that do not adhere to the issues caused by the paradigm, who are not involved in Politics, or those not in the Investor's community, such will have an indirect damning effect on the normal working person/family. Children will also be effected.

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@JW Insider @Mic Drop One of our own from the Community is there, he's both a Truther and an Independent Journalist who resides in Canada. As of recent news, the police has started to move in on the Convoy, and by early March the mentioned Convoy stated to start in the United States will be coming, their focus is Washington. Authoritarianism, although some of it's seeds have been here, is evidently coming to the doorstep of the US but this time by means of how the gov't reacts to a protest, to make matters far more dangerous, is due to the divide in the US as of right now of those in the political paradigm. Neutral or not, of an institutions or not, it is going to effect everyone, even the children who comes after us.

That said, one needs to be very vigilant going forward and to not bs distracted. 


The video below is the reason why people now dub Justin Trudeau as a Dictator:


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14 hours ago, admin said:


It only gets worse from here, it was said that there was a disabled woman who got hurt when the Green suits came in. After that event, this didn't deter the Truckers or their supporters, because of this Trudeau is using other tactics.

On the other side of the battlefield, there are crazy affiliates with some ties to the government who are running around, one in question who is a legitimate enemy to not just those involved, but even to us Truthers.

That being said, the guy in the video is similar to some folks I ran into in the past, but never have I seen one until now in a situation that is this big. The crazy thing is that this unhinged person does not get removed off the platforms due to his claims, yet others who do not think of the Convoy as a problem, get removed. It is one of the very reasons I detest the Agenda narrative with these paradigms. To add more fuel to the fire, this man has followers who are influenced by him and support his actions.

An example of an extremely mentally depraved soul, those who seek to be championed as being on the right side of history with their misleading narratives and action.

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    • That was convoluted and strange. I assume it was that way on purpose. I have not tried to refute anything from VAT 4956. My "acceptance" of the evidence from VAT 4956 is not the same thing as "refuting" it. Unless you are doing that thing again where you say you can use words to mean whatever you want. Now you are doing that thing again where you hope to imply that the stance of 100% of the current "authorities" and "experts" the Watchtower has quoted just happen to agree with COJ. So, in order to make it easier to dismiss the conclusions of all those experts, you need to point out that those experts agree with COJ, therefore you can dismiss their conclusions.  This is not just stupid. It's dishonest because you have done it before. It's also hypocritical because you have never once ever been able to point out even one sentence from his GTR book that was wrong. When you finally did attempt to prove he was wrong about something, you picked his reference to Nabopolassar's years mentioned in the "Chronicles," you ended up inadvertently showing that COJ was perfectly accurate. That must have been embarrassing. As you know, COJ has nothing to do with this discussion. From now on, instead of referring to COJ directly, I think we should just refer call him, "the person that George88 has shown to be accurate." In fact, until you can show even one inaccurate sentence, that's how I will refer to "COJ, the person that George88 has shown to be accurate."
    • Try not to manipulate my words with your usual tactics. I said: "I’m sure you know by now that there is absolutely nothing in the diary indicating the year 588." I said this in direct response to your claim that the events on the tablet indicated 588. You said that the events on the tablet indicated 588. You said: "You can reference VAT 4956." . . .  "Why is this so significant? Pay extremely close attention to the language inscribed on this tablet" . . . "Year 37 of Nebukadnezzar, King of Babylon. Month I," . .  "Additional reports in this Diary include . . . Borsippa, . . . .This indicates that the conflict in that region in 588 . . . " No, you didn't actually say that. Besides I have no argument about 587. I only point out that ALL the astronomical evidence from the entire period shows that this was Nebuchadnezzar's 18th year. You have never made an argument (either valid or invalid) that "my argument about 587 can also be interpreted as 588."  Not that it matters in the least, but Borsippa is NOT way further in distance from Jerusalem. It's about 10 miles CLOSER "as the crow flies" and nearly the same distance using the usual travel routes of the time. Perhaps that's why no one mentioned it before. However, even here, I have already posted the entire contents of the tablet, including the reference to Borsippa. Not that it matters.  I certainly hope so!
    • That's completely false. You invariably attempt to weasel your way out of your false statements by claiming that someone has distorted your words. You make false claims about them and claim that they are the ones in the wrong. Then you bluster with some barely-related material hoping it impresses someone (or yourself) into thinking you are some kind of expert or authority. That barely-related material you make use of invariably says nearly the opposite of what you had claimed, which you should have known had you just read the context, or understood what you were reading.  I'll get to the specifics at a later time on this particular point, but it is nearly the same as with almost all these matters. I have learned to expect you to NEVER admit an error, no matter how much evidence is shown. I don't expect you to admit your error on these recent points, but your "style" provides a revealing display of the lengths people will go to, in order to support a pseudo-chronology.   
    • In response to your email, it is important to note that the Watchtower chronology begins at 4026, adhering closely to the numerical indications in scripture. The significant distinction lies in the fact that not everyone begins at 4026; some might commence their chronology at 4004, for instance. Consequently, this creates a noticeable gap between those who employ different starting points for their chronologies. Consider that the new Bible Students have rejected Russell's starting point and instead adjusted it to align with Modern Israel. They have suggested a year around 3954, or something like that, I can't remember, but it seems unfounded. Some of their sects started Criticizing Russell about this matter, and it appears unjustified, as their own knowledge may be limited. Following the Watchtower's guidance is straightforward: align events with their corresponding numerical values. It is important to remember that the Watchtower does not view its chronology as an absolute, unlike secular chronology which seeks to impose its perspective. According to the Watchtower, the pivotal date for the divided kingdom is 997. Look it up in our archives and publications.  The Watchtower's chronology will always diverge from conventional chronology due to its distinctive starting point. The organization holds steadfast to the numbers in the Bible, guided by faith in scripture rather than human interpretations. Despite persistent challenges, the unwavering stance of the Watchtower remains unchanged, as it is grounded in divine guidance, not the opinions of anonymous and faithless individuals.
    • Consider this: if we assume that the tablet dated back to 568 refers to Nebuchadnezzar, and that the king issued an order for Borsippa, a city 12-15 miles from Babylon, then it suggests that King Nebuchadnezzar might have been in his palace giving that order, since logically it would have taken weeks or a month or so for a runner to dispatch such an order from Judah that was for Borsippa in 588/587, as historically suggested, since we can use the same date 588/587 for that event.
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