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How many people died during Noah's Flood?

Jack Ryan

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According to my calculations, derived from a mayonnaise jar, I keep on my from porch to catch "divine acorns", during Noah's Lifetime there were 26,942 people directly created by God... which I call "Homo Theocraticus"  on the Earth, before the flood .

There were  probably about 300 MILLION sub-"Homo Theocraticus", some classified as "Homo Sapiens", and some as "Homo Erectus", which had evolved over several billion years, but not considered "real" people with a spritual capability or destiny.

Think of them as Mankind Beta Version 1.0.

 Of course, trillions had been born, lived their lives and died before the generation that was alive at the time of the Flood, but had no more standing with God than Non-Israelites had, later.

There may be some slight allowance for error, and the "divine acorn collection jar" captures falling "divine acorns", but it also catches leaves, bugs, and an occasional squirrel that gets his head stuck in the jar.

One time I caught a black raven sitting on the edge of the Jar, looking inside, and wondered if it might have been an "Omen Pigeon".

Ya never can tell with Ravens .....

...... and don't even get me started on "Homo Stupido".


Homo Stupido .jpg

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