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JW.org Now Depicts Moses' Stone Tablets Correctly

The Librarian

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What is this idiocy? It is the most childish view that these louts have—as though anything spiritual should have been known from the getgo. When Columbus sailed the oceans blue and discovered Ame

Stone Tablets depicted corrrectly (plus).pdf In the past they were always shown with 5 items on each tablet which is wrong according to Exodus 32:15 Interesting!

Not quite 100 years. It's not so much a determination about the understanding as it is a decision based on one possible understanding of Exodus 32:15. This came up back in the 1970's, when I worked fo

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2 hours ago, 4Jah2me said:

A hundred years ?  It took One hundred years to be able to understand a simple scripture. 

Not quite 100 years. It's not so much a determination about the understanding as it is a decision based on one possible understanding of Exodus 32:15. This came up back in the 1970's, when I worked for the Art Dept at Bethel, and I had an idea about it that was considered acceptable at the time.  It was typical for "Christendom" to depict them as 5 on each tablet, and there was another brother, about my age, who suggested this same (current) change based on the "both sides" idea.

But I suggested that we could still leave them as they were. Here's why:

What if each tablet were a full tablet of the testimony written on both sides? Then the two copies could be held up or displayed so that people in front and people in back could all see the 10 commandments in order:



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5 hours ago, 4Jah2me said:

Oh dear is it really important though ?

No. I would agree it's not important. Also, I should mention that I don't believe there was ever any good evidence for the idea that the two tablets were merely copies of each other. The general impression I get, reading it since then, is that it's more likely that two tablets contained 10 commandments, meaning that there was an average of 2.5 commandments on each of the 4 sides. (Likely 3 + 3 + 2 + 2, or 3 + 2 + 3 + 2, assuming the tablets had about the same number of characters on each, and the tablets were about the same size.)

If there is anything important about this fact, it might be that it implies that the letters were of a large, highly visible size that a human like Moses would not normally be able to chisel. It might also imply the simplicity of the basic law, and yet the burden or weight it imposed on imperfect humans. Or it could imply not just the "weightiness" but the lasting character of the law covenant. (Larger inscriptions take longer to be weathered away.) Or the hand of Jehovah was not to be misinterpreted by trying to interpret small letters among small cracks and contours of natural stone. The interpretation of His words was "solid."

Anyway, those are just guesses, of course, about why it might have been important at the time. But these particular tablets didn't last long, and we don't know how perfectly Moses matched the copies.

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Oh wouldn't it be lovely if we could receive our instruction from God in that way. 

Or if we could all read Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.  And if it were all truly meant for all people to understand. 

Their lives may have been harder in a physical way, but I would think their lives were simpler in a spiritual way. 

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11 minutes ago, Matthew9969 said:

And it took Jehovah over 100 years to relay this truth to them...sheesh!

What is this idiocy? It is the most childish view that these louts have—as though anything spiritual should have been known from the getgo.

When Columbus sailed the oceans blue and discovered America, Queen Isabella said: “And it only took you 1492 years to find it...sheesh”

When Einstein revealed that E=mc2, the science community said: “And it only took you 6000 years to find it....sheesh.”

Ludicrous examples. But these immature “Christians” expect it to be just that way with respect to spiritual things—that Santa should deliver all the presents under the tree on Christmas Eve, and he had better not drag his rear end and be tardy with anything. The idea of research is abhorant to them—everything ought be handed them on a platter.

These yo-yos deserve each other.

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Don't wet yourself Tom. Like a baby in a pram jumping up and down there. 

The Librarian thought it was important enough to make a topic of, and it seems the GB / CCJW / 'Helpers', thought it was important enough to change. 

But note that Tom mentions worldly men, not guided by Holy Spirit, good examples as the GB et al are not guided by Holy Spirit either. 

I wonder when they will work on that picture of Jesus with ONE nail through His Wrists, on the stake.  There was certainly no spiritual guidance with that picture. 

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