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Man wearing a JW.org pin at a San Diego, CA Convention

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Great thing for so many if those afraid to ask a person about the truth of the bible and the truth about Jehovahs people and there purpose in the door to door ministry. It's amazing how many questions

Seems as if everyone is selling this pins nowadays. We used to be discouraged from identifying ourselves with Watchtower pins or logos in the past.  How do you feel about our modern wearing

I  would  wear  it,  but  not  buy  an  expensive  pin...

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19 hours ago, Nicole said:

And again these pants and dress shirt? 


That's pretty much how I dress every day ... except for meetings, when I dress up like a Penguin, ( see profile photo) except I have old Levis, and a dark blue long sleeve blue shirt, and muddy sports shoes (what is the generic name for those things .... we USED to call them "tennis shoes" ...).

As much as the Society disparages military thinking ... it seems we are headed towards military uniforms ... WITH JW.ORG INSIGNIA.

The Governing Body is constantly experimenting with new ideas for proper dress!


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