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What would you like offered on this website to make it more useful to you?

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Longer time period to edit a post.

Suggestions as to what you need as to reason for edit, maybe a pop up post of answers to click as, correct typo, insert  more info, etc.

Division of States in the U.S. as Topic title, as TEXAS NEWS, etc.

More topic titles with subtitle divisions since at present there are 8,491 total topics, with many in General discussion/Chit-Chat and Status updates. The first 10 or so topics are so nicely done and work well for me to locate posts.

Thanks for all your good hard work.


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@JAMMY I will see what I can do to accommodate you going forward.

Adding US States as I did countries seems like an obvious next move. 

Thanks again for the feedback.

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On 9.5.2016 at 07:31, Nicole said:

¿Les gustaría contribuir al Foro de la Comunidad? 

Pueden darnos sus sugerencias, sus ideas son bienvenidas. 

Muchas gracias de antemano, 

.... with  google  translater   ----  for  our  english  members....

Would you like to contribute to the Community Forum?
You can give us your suggestions, your ideas are welcome.
Thank you very much in advance,

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This site is very extensive, but a mental health section would be great, divided into subcategories each of different mental illnesses or a more basic format of major branches.

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It seems to me that a topic for ORGANIZATION, and  DO-IT-YOURSELF  might be useful as a subcategory listed under Tips to Save Money, Since I used to be employed by the State of Texas, people ask me where to apply for help for benefits that they need . Maybe a section for these phone numbers or addresses  for each locality would be useful . ( could be listed under the topic of each state for the U. S) . When people need help sometimes they are too embarrassed to ask ones they know for information, and in this day and age many do not have land lines anymore, and therefore do not receive telephone books . Some are not highly educated and do not know how to use a computer, or cannot afford one. They can go to the library and use one there, and this might be helpful info. for them.These are real situations that I encounter . 

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I would like to see a small box, like a small image (zoom in small size), next to each line, which means that small image would give you an idea of what the image of that article is like, or it will show the first image from the images of that article.

IF THAT IS POSSIBLE, speaking concerning the program/forum "possibilities" .

thank you very much for the hard work.

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@biddy2331@gmail.com Please see the site guidelines above. 

Not sure what religion you are... however can you see where the Catholics on here would also want me to ban their apostates?

That could get endless...

Facebook for example doesn't ban Catholic apostates (aka Protestants) and neither do I.


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8 hours ago, Queen Esther said:

I still want some different categories in German and English etc. Tell you very soon... thank you :)  Sometimes I wanted post, but not found the right one !  Good night for now from Germany??

.... good night ...

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I miss the format that showed photos. Now we need to open the subject one by one - takes too much time...

Would ou consider a mini pic next to each subject?

Thank you - great site to see bros and sis in other countries!!

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On 1/15/2017 at 11:26 PM, biddy2331@gmail.com said:

To ban apostates

That would be a bit difficult and unrealistic since they don't usually walk around with a big "I'm an apostate" label on their forehead! :)

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