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Prepare For The Coming War: “It’s Going To Obliterate The Global Financial System… Our Economy Will Not Survive”

Guest Nicole

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Guest Nicole

    Hello guest!

You know what’s so tragic about America? Despite all of the wars our nation gets involved in, we’re secretly one of the most peaceful cultures on the planet. We voted for George Bush, because he promised us a non-interventionist foreign policy. We voted for Obama, because he promised to bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. We voted for Trump, because he promised to end the nation building policies of his predecessor.

And that’s the real tragedy. We’ve been voting for peace for nearly 20 years now, and all we get is war.

That should really tell you something. It should tell you that our system doesn’t care about what the president stands for, or what the voters want. The system is never held accountable for anything, so there is nothing stopping it. One way or another, the deep state always gets its way. So if our government wants a war, then you can bet that we’re going to war.

That was made abundantly clear last week when President Trump ordered the bombing of an air base in Syria. The attack was so provocative, that the Kremlin went so far as to say that the US is now “only one step from war” with Russia. The man who was supposed to buck the system and drain the swamp; the man who promised to restore our relationship with Russia and pull back from brinkmanship, seems to have finally submitted to the warmongers in our government. The deep state’s plan to drag us into a horrible conflagration was only temporarily derailed by Trump, and now it appears that their plans are back on track.

But there’s a silver lining in all of this. Once you know that war is inevitable, and you accept that fact, you can have a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen next. You can finally take steps to prepare for it.

    Hello guest!

As for what to expect next, you can bet the farm that our economy is not going to survive the next major war, especially if it involves a conflict with Russia or China. Even if this war doesn’t turn into a nuclear slugfest, it’s going to obliterate the global economy and financial system.

For years Russia and China have been building an alternative to the dollar dominated financial system. They’ve built the BRICS financial bloc, they’ve been stocking up on gold, and they’ve been establishing trade agreements that don’t involve the dollar. When war breaks out, there’s going to be another system waiting in the wings to replace the dollar, which has been the world’s reserve currency for decades. The war will motivate China, Russia, and their allies, to pull the rug out from under the current economic paradigm.

Obviously that’s going to significantly weaken the value of the dollar, but it will be just the beginning. The cost of fighting this war will be astronomical. To give you an idea of how costly it will be, World War Two pushed our nation into the highest debt to GDP ratio that we’ve ever been in; a level we haven’t come close to again until very recently. Think about that. We have almost the same debt to GDP ratio as we had when we fought the most expensive and destructive war in our history. As the Wealth Research Group has already pointed out, the dollar is practically on life support. Our government is buried in debt and practically broke as it is, and the cost of fighting another world war would put us over the edge. We’d be bankrupt in no time at all.

When you consider all of this, one thing is absolutely clear. If Trump drags us into another major war, regardless of whether or not it is global in scope, the dollar is going to crash. It may not even survive in its current form. And when that happens, people are going to flee toward safe haven assets. You can rest assured that gold is going to make a comeback, the likes of which none of us have seen in our lifetimes.

The heavy hitters in the investment community have been predicting a dramatic change in the gold market for some time now. And unlike the general public, they weren’t persuaded into thinking that someone like Trump was going to save our country from collapse. For instance, Doug Casey of Casey Research; perhaps one of the most well-respected economic prognosticators, told Future Money Trends the following:

The one thing I feel very confident of is we’re going to have financial chaos in years to come and that’s going to drive people into gold and to a lesser degree into silver.

There’s absolutely  no reason from  fundamental point of view for bonds and stocks to be as high as they are right now… We’re in for a huge political, financial, demographic and military upset… these people might start World War III or seem like they’re trying to with the Russians… It’s a very dangerous situation.

He said that back in December, after Trump was elected but before he took office. Though he was optimistic about Trump, he clearly wasn’t convinced that he’d be able to prevent an economic collapse. Neither was Amir Adnani, the CEO of GoldMining Inc. Without even considering the possibility of war, he predicted that Trump’s policies would lead to a gold market rally.

So this is really an exceptional window and opportunity for us. We built a war chest with over $21 million of cash on hand, the very large resource base that we have, and that serves as a key point of drawing more companies to us who want to be part of the platform that we’re building. So this is a very interesting window for us; I believe this is a temporary window as well, because there’s no doubt in my mind that the policies of President Trump will prove to be very inflationary. And these very inflationary policies will drive real interest rates into the negative territory, and I really do believe that the stage is set for higher gold prices, but of course, these things take time to develop and manifest themselves.

But when you add war to the mix, it’s obvious that the dollar isn’t going to be able to maintain its current value. Our financial system is both fragile and under enormous pressure. It was already headed toward collapse, and the costs associated with another major war are going to expedite that process. When it happens, only the folks with real assets will be above water. Assets like land, weapons, food, and of course gold, will be the only things separating the haves from the have nots.

    Hello guest!

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Brazil and South Africa (junk status) who were part of the BRIX are both falling apart financially at present.  When Busch went into Iraq USA created severe debt  (I remember we were supposed to build 18 hospitals in Iraq and only 2 were completed - the rest of the money is unaccounted for.)   At the end of Busch's term we were trillions in debt with the financial crisis - very close to collapse.  Few people realize that Obama (whether you like him or not) had the banks tested for resilience and

There are new (and serious) economic  and financial  developments on the world stage. China has been lending vast amounts  of money to countries in Asia, Africa, South America. Under the guise of  "assistance to develop" they have lent vast amounts  to poor countries to build infrastructure such as airports and harbours.  When counties cannot pay - they take over the infrastructure under  a 100 year lease. Predatory lending. In this way they have acquired ports in Africa,  Sri Lanka, Philip

Arauna: It is quite clear to me that you have a solid grasp of geopolitics, and global integrated systems in general. You are wasting your time here for three reasons. 1.) None of us can do ANYTHING about any of it, and most of us just survive payday to payday, with trials and tribulations that are extremely local, and immediate, and crucial. 2.) 80% of Jehovah's Witnesses have no idea what you are talking about, and cannot grasp the nuances of what you know and relate.

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Brazil and South Africa (junk status) who were part of the BRIX are both falling apart financially at present.  When Busch went into Iraq USA created severe debt  (I remember we were supposed to build 18 hospitals in Iraq and only 2 were completed - the rest of the money is unaccounted for.)   At the end of Busch's term we were trillions in debt with the financial crisis - very close to collapse.  Few people realize that Obama (whether you like him or not) had the banks tested for resilience and many banks were closed for a day to find out 2 days later that they were taken over by some bigger bank as instructed by the government.  Disaster was averted. All happened quiet so as not to create panic.  And the FED printed a lot of money to get us out of the  sinkhole while the bigger companies were bailed out such as GM by this extra printed money.

Now that things were starting to improve- although we have not yet addressed the deficit and the checks and balances brought in by Obama have been nullified - we may be going to war again.  I agree with this article that this time we may be in too deep as many countries do not want to use the petro-dollar any more.  This could lead to US economic collapse. 

We know the end is close, as predicted by Jesus  - all the signs are here.  After the collapse of Babylon the great we see in revelation 17 + 18 how the merchants cry.   So yes, financial collapse of the world system (stock exchange etc.) will bring severe distress.  We will see the supply chains which bring in food from other countries collapse and people will kill to get their food.  It will not help to hoard food because there may not be law and order and people will do as they please and take food from those who have.

It is a dire picture - but it is realistic - because the worst of human nature appears when there is no law and order.  When the internet collapses (via warfare or otherwise) most bank balances will be obliterated.... and people can just as well throw their gold on the streets as the Bible predicts because the financial system as we know it today will be no more.

Do we still place too much value on our stuff? ....and the status that goes with it?  It is reality check time.

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There are new (and serious) economic  and financial  developments on the world stage.

China has been lending vast amounts  of money to countries in Asia, Africa, South America. Under the guise of  "assistance to develop" they have lent vast amounts  to poor countries to build infrastructure such as airports and harbours.  When counties cannot pay - they take over the infrastructure under  a 100 year lease. Predatory lending. In this way they have acquired ports in Africa,  Sri Lanka, Philippines, apart from building all those islands in the Asia sea.  They can suddenly put embargoes on trade in these seas - and have the capacity to enforce it.

In this  predatoty lending"  manner they have acquired ports, airports all over and then send  their "police" in to protect the new infrastructure they now own. All the countries on the silk road too!  They built the road - when Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan could not pay - the infrastructure became theirs.  They build fast and are organized - unlike anything you have seen. Their engineers work long shifts as the Chinese people work like slaves. They tried to take over a gold mine too in Uzbekistan but locals fought this.

Australia already feels threatened by China because they have financially taken over in their country - high rise cities have sprung up. 

By the way Russia has also done some of this. They already have Ukraine, want Gottland (the swedes are in alert), have a port in Syria and have allies in Turkey and Iran (Access to their ports to control the seas).

They have taken over many mines in Africa which produce rare metals for cell phones and batteries. It is therefore not a surprise that China, Russia and USA are vying to buy Greenland for its port possibilities as well as its  rare metals.

USA corporations moved their manufacturing to China and (inadvertantly?) gave them our top technology.   Google, Amazon etc working with China.  China has been getting rich while USA manufacturing is getting less. To crown it all they found that most high level Chinese students in USA and government have access to our military RND etc.

China has an extreme surveillance system on their people. The "social credit system" is so oppressive  that one cannot buy a coke, buy a plane or train ticket if you are perceived to  have the wrong attitude about the government.  Read up about the extreme credit system which the UN says is an example (a model to follow) in the West.

China has 1 million muslims in brutal re-training camps which no-one can film. Christian's and some Buddhists are persecuted.

Russia has financially started to block off Georgia.  China wants control of all the seas to block off trade or control trade. They can already do that to a large degree. Hence the financial "pushing" between USA and China. China is building many air craft carriers etc. These new measures by Trump is a last minute attempt to try to make China' s economy tank. So China is now using a new strategy to "lessen the perception of their "power". They are paying for many propaganda ads in USA newspapers. 

The NWO  (under control of UN) is close as UN is pushing a "digital" monetary system on the west with digital currency. They want this done by 2022. The Petro-dollar will go. 

When all people pay in digital currency then digital corporations will assist central UN federal government to monitor and punish any individual in the same way China is now doing. Fascism - the marriage between global organizations and world central government - the worst government ever!  Because at apex of human development and technology they have become Dr Evil. The new AI developments are frightening - the way they can now manipulate crowds and individuals.

It is no surprise that G5 (short wave cell phone and internet) is being installed everywhere despite warnings of severe impact on human health and animal /bird/ insect deaths. China's Huawei company has been installing it all over Europe and had contracts in USA which Trump now tried to stop.  They can steal all technology with this, have surveillance and even weaponize it to kill targets.....

So what is my point?  Read Daniel 11:40.  It is economic pushing.  Then read how the plan to control all wealth.... with sudden blockades if necessary. Read Daniel 11 from verse 41 to end.  Lydia and Egypt represent the south. The king of the north is the alliance between Russia and China and their other partners.  UN and EU  is using China as their model . They openly praise their system.

The UN (UNESCO) has been overseeing the school and university curriculims for the last 20 years. This is why we see the dividing in "minority groups" such as black minirity groups and LGBTQ to name two groups. Divide and conquer.  The new feminism has been politicized by communism and the new post modern philosophy comes from the Frankfort school. It is a subversive  cultural communistic teaching.  Communism teaches revolution and destruction of all spirituality and religion so the state can be worshipped. The communist manifesto is similar to Zionism and "religion of peace"  because it wants world dominion.  The youth is ready (via their free school indoctrination) and curricula at universities to accept the new morals which will be put on them under the NWO. 

Now read Daniel 11 from verse 36.   Worship of the state will be demanded or you will face the consequences. 

This is my take of the frightful events we can expect  soon.  The petro-dollar will make place for  digital currency..... it will bring much upheaval BUT the UN and the corporate and extreme rich in the world feel that this revolution is worth all the loss if life and the loss of individual wealth. They are materialists. They believe when all are equal and own the same the world will suddenly become an "utopia" where human behaviour will be managed collectively. 

As in previous communist regimes the revolution will go the same way. The educated (those who do not work with the government)  will be sacrificed for the sake of the revolution and millions will be starved to save the earth (meat production will stop as well as air flights etc.)

It is their plan to lessen the human population on earth as UN  is actively trying to lessen births. Hence the new abortion rules. So much more I can mention..... but that is it for now.




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It is quite clear to me that you have a solid grasp of geopolitics, and global integrated systems in general.

You are wasting your time here for three reasons.

1.) None of us can do ANYTHING about any of it, and most of us just survive payday to payday, with trials and tribulations that are extremely local, and immediate, and crucial.

2.) 80% of Jehovah's Witnesses have no idea what you are talking about, and cannot grasp the nuances of what you know and relate.

3.) If you weave what you know into a novel, you can make several million dollars just by putting words on paper. You have the skill and intelligence, and perspective to do it as good as anyone. 

THEN, when bread costs $122 a loaf, and milk $200 a gallon, you and yours will have bread and milk.

...and when it all hits the fan, you and yours will have the hundred thousand dollars each for plane tickets out of there.

I enjoyed these postings immensely ... don't waste it on me.

..... and make sure your Passports are always up to date.

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3 hours ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:


Thanks for your personal note.  My husband and I have lived in many countries.  And we are now in the republic of Georgia (between Turkey and Russia) because we are retired and it is cheaper here (we can survive).  We have decided to make our last stand here  and expect problems in future. (Russia is already boycotting Georgia. )

Europe is in a financial and immigration mess and one will face extinction there in future from hostile immigrants when food gets more expensive.   There are many dangerous areas where police and emergency vehicles cannot go in.  Daily  random stabbings with " Allahu akbar."  BUT  UN compact 2018 (signed by 176 nations) says it may not be published. 

America has been infiltrated by many front organizations (from Islamic ones funded by Qatar etc to those funded by foundations belonging to the super rich) and many NGOs furthering the UN objective of one world government on a so-called  "sustainable planet". Racial hatred is growing by the day as is the open hate of he Christian religion by the new minority groups.   Devide and destroy -heh?  So all the minority groups now have a loud voice which is the only one pushed in the propaganda (only 6 people own all the press too).. It is building up to a  situation which in future can ignite social forces.  If Trump wins again the hate of the left will be furious and we will see serious demonstrations and antifa  etc .  Police will not be able to curb this. I think more serious measures will be needed to keep law and order.  The dollar will fall because this has already been planned to bring in a digital currency system. 

If the Democrats win we will go into the one world government under UN sooner and the financial shenanigans will get worse and we will see cities become slums.  Much more poor people.  Weather (climate) is starting to impact food production all over the world and by end of next year we will see higher food prices.

South Africa (my country of birth)  is on the brink of financial collapse due to extreme corruption (despite financial bailouts from the West) and civil war is threatening. Black on black and also extinction of the whites. My heart goes out to friends who cannot leave (black and white). Africa is brutal . So there is really nowhere to go to. America is under severe subversive attack from all sides and the people are bickering over stupid stuff.  It will be too late before they wake up.

The "iron and the clay" is now really so irreconcileable in  all Western countries and  the financial situations so dire (debt) with restless populations  (this situation has been deliberately  engineered by the UN)  the only solution will be is to give full  power to the UN.  Many nations are now resisting to give up autonomy to the UN but as the divisions in populations are growing the social volatility will become so bad that they may willingly go along. How far this will go wee cannot foresee.  UN will bring some hope of unity and upliftment.

I started writing a book about the bible. I called it " Reality Check". Proving in an interesting way that it is the only true reality. It is a study of the intrinsic logic and continuity if the bible's main theme  It will answer many philosophical and scientific objections to the bible.... but I stopped because I doubt it will be published.  Not in the hostile world we are living in now.  Amazon removes books from their list which does not please the new agenda under far left pressure. This is the power  of the post modern way of thinking. 

We will stay here and await our inevitable future. We have had a good life. I thank Jehovah for it all.   I think it will be downhill from here with one highlight only - when UN declare "peace and security" then we know what will follow.  No time now to make money and be comfortable...... I do as much preaching as I can.  There are many tourists here from Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jews, Russians, etc.  .... a great field to do street work. I do a lot of streetwork


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6 hours ago, Arauna said:

Amazon removes books from their list which does not please the new agenda under far left pressure

If you put it on Smashwords where I have put mine, you will not have that problem. I will download it, too.

6 hours ago, Arauna said:

... I do as much preaching as I can. 

If I was to choose my own personal eternal year text, it might be: “Seek first the kingdom and all these other things will be added to you.”

6 hours ago, Arauna said:

No time now to make money and be comfortable.

If I was to choose another it might be: “Stop being anxious about your lives as to what you will eat and what you will drink.” I can hear Brother Morris reiterating it now—from the Atlanta Regional Convention of 2016: “Just...stop it!” like you would tell a child—planting the idea that it is not uncontrollable. 

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      Efforçons nous d’être humble pour plaire à Jéhovah le Dieu unique.
      « Recherchez Jéhovah, vous tous, humbles de la terre [...]. Recherchez l’humilité » (SOPH. 2:3).

      LA Bible dit que Moïse « était de beaucoup le plus humble de tous les hommes vivant sur terre » (Nomb. 12:3). Cela signifie-t-il qu’il était faible, hésitant et craintif face à l’opposition ? C’est ainsi que certains décriraient une personne humble. Mais c’est loin d’être exact. Moïse était fort, résolu et courageux. Avec l’aide de Jéhovah, il a affronté le puissant dirigeant de l’Égypte, a mené peut-être des milliers de personnes à travers un désert et a aidé la nation d’Israël à vaincre ses ennemis.
      Même si nous n’avons pas à surmonter les mêmes défis que Moïse, s'est peut être difficile de rester humbles face à certaines personnes ou dans des situations du quotidien. Cependant, nous avons une excellente raison de développer cette qualité : Jéhovah promet que « les humbles posséderont la terre » (Ps. 37:11). Dirais-tu que tu es une personne humble ? Et les autres, diraient-ils cela de nous même  ? Avant de pouvoir répondre à ces questions importantes, il nous faut savoir ce que signifie être humble.
      On peut comparer l’humilité à un beau tableau. En quel sens ? Pour peindre un tableau, un artiste associe plusieurs belles couleurs. Pareillement, pour être humbles, nous devons associer plusieurs belles qualités. Citons en particulier l’obéissance, la douceur et le courage. Pourquoi avons-nous besoin de ces qualités pour plaire à Jéhovah ?
       Seuls ceux qui sont humbles acceptent d’obéir à Dieu. Et Dieu veut entre autres que nous soyons doux (Mat. 5:5 ; Gal. 5:23). Quand nous lui obéissons, nous rendons Satan furieux. C’est pourquoi même si nous sommes humbles et doux, beaucoup de gens appartenant au monde de Satan nous haïssent (Jean 15:18, 19). Nous avons donc besoin de courage pour résister à Satan.
      À l’opposé d’un individu humble, il y a celui qui est hautain, qui ne maîtrise pas sa colère et qui n’obéit pas à Jéhovah. Voilà qui décrit parfaitement Satan ! Pas étonnant qu’il déteste les humbles... En effet, par leur belle personnalité, ceux-ci montrent à quel point il est méchant. Et, pire encore pour lui, ils prouvent que c’est un menteur. Pourquoi ? Parce que peu importe ce qu’il fait ou dit, il ne peut pas les décourager de servir Jéhovah ! (Job 2:3-5).
      Quand peut-il être particulièrement difficile de rester humble ? Et pourquoi continuer à développer l’humilité ? Pour répondre à ces questions, nous examinerons les exemples de Moïse, des trois Hébreux captifs à Babylone et de Jésus.
      Quand on a une certaine autorité sur les autres. Quelqu’un qui a une certaine autorité peut avoir du mal à rester humble, surtout si on lui manque de respect ou que l’on conteste ses décisions. Cela t’est-il déjà arrivé ? Comment réagirais-tu si un membre de ta famille te manquait de respect ? Voyons comment Moïse a géré une situation de ce genre.
      Jéhovah avait choisi Moïse pour guider Israël et lui avait accordé l’honneur de mettre par écrit les lois de la nation. Cela ne faisait aucun doute que Jéhovah le soutenait. Pourtant, la sœur et le frère de Moïse, Miriam et Aaron, se sont mis à parler en mal de lui à cause de la femme qu’il avait épousée. À la place de Moïse, certains se seraient mis en colère et auraient cherché à se venger. Moïse, lui, ne s’est pas vexé. Il a même supplié Jéhovah de guérir Miriam quand celle-ci a été frappée de la lèpre (Nomb. 12:1-13). Pourquoi a-t-il réagi ainsi ?
      Moïse supplia Jéhovah de guérir Miriam, qui était atteinte de la lèpre ; Aaron observa la scène au moment où Moïse supplia Jéhovah de guérir Miriam, car il voulait que Miriam soit pardonné des paroles qui fut adressé contre lui même.
      Moïse s’était laissé former par Jéhovah. Une quarantaine d’années plus tôt, quand il était membre de la famille royale égyptienne, il n’était pas humble. Il manquait tellement de maîtrise qu’il a même tué un homme qui, d’après lui, agissait injustement. Il s’était dit que Jéhovah serait d’accord avec cette initiative. Jéhovah a alors passé 40 ans à l’aider à comprendre qu’il ne devait pas seulement être courageux pour guider les Israélites ; il devait aussi être humble. Et pour être humble, il devait également être obéissant et doux. Il a su accepter cette discipline et il est devenu un excellent guide (Ex. 2:11, 12 ; Actes 7:21-30, 36).
      Chefs de famille et anciens, imitez Moïse. Quand on vous manque de respect, ne vous vexez pas trop facilement. Reconnaissez humblement vos erreurs (Eccl. 7:9, 20). Avec obéissance, suivez les instructions de Jéhovah sur la façon de régler les problèmes. Et parlez toujours avec douceur (Prov. 15:1). Ainsi, vous plairez à Jéhovah, vous favoriserez la paix et vous donnerez un bel exemple d’humilité.
      Quand on est persécuté. De tout temps, des dirigeants humains ont persécuté les serviteurs de Jéhovah. Ils peuvent nous accuser de différentes choses, mais la vraie raison de leur colère, c’est que nous choisissons d’« obéir à Dieu plutôt qu’aux hommes » (Actes 5:29). Il arrivera peut-être qu’on se moque de nous, qu’on nous envoie en prison ou même qu’on nous maltraite physiquement. Mais avec l’aide de Jéhovah, plutôt que de nous venger, nous garderons notre douceur.
      Considérons l’exemple des trois Hébreux exilés à Babylone, Hanania, Mishael et Azarias. Le roi de Babylone leur a ordonné de se prosterner devant une immense statue en or. Avec douceur, ils lui ont expliqué qu’ils n’adoreraient pas la statue. Ils sont restés obéissants à Dieu même quand le roi les a menacés de les jeter dans un four de feu ardent. Jéhovah a choisi de les sauver. Cela dit, les trois Hébreux ne s’attendaient pas à ce qu’il le fasse à coup sûr ; ils étaient prêts à accepter tout ce que Jéhovah permettrait (Dan. 3:1, 8-28). Ils ont ainsi démontré que les personnes humbles sont vraiment courageuses. Aucun roi, aucune menace ni aucune punition ne peut les décourager d’offrir à Jéhovah « un attachement sans partage » (Ex. 20:4, 5).
      Lorsque notre fidélité à Dieu est mise à l’épreuve, comment imiter les trois Hébreux ? En faisant humblement confiance à Jéhovah, certains qu’il prendra soin de nous (Ps. 118:6, 7) ; en répondant à nos accusateurs de façon douce et respectueuse (1 Pierre 3:15) ; et en refusant de faire quoi que ce soit qui mettrait en danger notre amitié avec notre Père aimant.
      Quand on est stressé. Il nous arrive à tous de ressentir du stress. Ce peut être avant de passer un examen scolaire ou d’accomplir une certaine tâche au travail. Ou alors avant de subir une intervention médicale. Quand on est stressé, c’est difficile d’être humble. De petites choses qui d’habitude ne nous dérangent pas peuvent soudain nous irriter. Nos paroles peuvent alors devenir dures, et notre ton aussi. Si cela t’est déjà arrivé, considère l’exemple de Jésus.
      Pendant les derniers mois de sa vie sur terre, Jésus a subi un stress énorme. Il savait qu’il serait exécuté et qu’il souffrirait terriblement (Jean 3:14, 15 ; Gal. 3:13). Quelques mois avant sa mort, il a confié à ses disciples qu’il était très angoissé (Luc 12:50). Et quelques jours seulement avant de mourir, il a dit : « Je suis troublé. » Il a alors exprimé des sentiments qui prouvent son humilité et son obéissance à Dieu. Il a dit : « Père, sauve-moi de cette heure. Toutefois, c’est pour cela que je suis venu jusqu’à cette heure. Père, glorifie ton nom » (Jean 12:27, 28). Le moment venu, Jésus s’est courageusement livré lui-même à ses ennemis, qui lui ont fait subir une exécution extrêmement douloureuse et humiliante. Malgré le stress et la souffrance, Jésus a humblement fait la volonté de Dieu. C’est certain, pour ce qui est de rester humble en situation de stress, il est le plus bel exemple qui soit ! (lire Isaïe 53:7, 10).
      Alors que ses disciples viennent de se disputer pour savoir lequel d’entre eux était le plus grand, Jésus reste doux et corrige calmement leur point de vue
      Jésus est le plus bel exemple d’humilité qui soit.
        Le dernier soir de sa vie sur terre, les plus proches amis de Jésus, les apôtres, ont mis à l’épreuve son humilité. Imagine le stress que Jésus ressentait ce soir-là. Il se demandait sans doute s’il resterait parfaitement fidèle jusqu’à la mort. La vie de millions de personnes en dépendait (Rom. 5:18, 19). Plus important encore, la réputation de son Père était impliquée (Job 2:4). Et là, au cours du dernier repas qu’il passait avec ses amis, ces derniers se sont mis à « se disputer vivement pour savoir lequel d’entre eux était considéré comme le plus grand ». Jésus avait déjà corrigé leur point de vue sur ce sujet de nombreuses fois, y compris un peu plus tôt dans la soirée ! Malgré cela, il ne s’est pas irrité. Il a plutôt réagi avec douceur. Gentiment mais fermement, il leur a de nouveau expliqué quelle attitude ils devaient avoir. Puis il les a félicités pour leur soutien fidèle (Luc 22:24-28 ; Jean 13:1-5, 12-15).
      Comment aurais-tu réagi dans une situation de ce genre ? Nous pouvons imiter Jésus et rester doux même quand nous sommes stressés. Pour cela, obéissons de bon cœur à ce commandement de Jéhovah : « Continuez à vous supporter les uns les autres » (Col. 3:13). Nous y arriverons si nous nous rappelons que nous disons et faisons tous des choses qui irritent les autres (Prov. 12:18 ; Jacq. 3:2, 5). De plus, félicitons toujours nos compagnons pour leurs belles qualités (Éph. 4:29).
        Nous prendrons de meilleures décisions. Quand nous avons des choix difficiles à faire, Jéhovah peut nous aider à prendre de bonnes décisions, à condition que nous soyons humbles. Il promet qu’il écoute « la requête des humbles » (Ps. 10:17). Il fait même plus qu’écouter nos requêtes. La Bible affirme : « Il guidera les humbles dans ce qui est juste et il enseignera son chemin aux humbles » (Ps. 25:9). Jéhovah nous guide au moyen de la Bible, de nos réunions, ainsi que des publications et des vidéos produites par « l’esclave fidèle et avisé » (Mat. 24:45-47). Mais pour en tirer profit, nous devons reconnaître humblement que nous avons besoin d’aide, étudier les matières que Jéhovah nous fournit et appliquer de tout cœur ce que nous apprenons.
      Nous éviterons de faire des erreurs. Repense à Moïse. Pendant des dizaines d’années, il est resté humble et a plu à Jéhovah. Puis, vers la fin des 40 années difficiles que les Israélites ont passées dans le désert, il ne s’est pas montré humble. Sa sœur, probablement celle qui avait contribué à lui sauver la vie en Égypte, venait de mourir et d’être enterrée à Kadèsh. C’est alors que les Israélites ont de nouveau critiqué la façon dont ils étaient dirigés. Cette fois, ils « s’en prirent à Moïse » au sujet d’un manque d’eau. Malgré tous les miracles que Jéhovah avait accomplis par le moyen de Moïse et malgré toutes les années où celui-ci avait guidé le peuple de façon désintéressée, les Israélites se sont plaints. Ils se sont plaints non seulement du manque d’eau, mais aussi de Moïse, comme si c’était à cause de lui qu’ils avaient soif (Nomb. 20:1-5, 9-11).
      Très en colère, Moïse a manqué de douceur et de foi. Plutôt que de parler au rocher, comme Jéhovah l’avait demandé, il s’est adressé au peuple avec colère et a laissé entendre qu’il allait lui-même faire un miracle. Puis il a frappé le rocher deux fois et de l’eau en a jailli en abondance. Poussé par l’orgueil et la colère, il a commis une grave erreur (Ps. 106:32, 33). À cause de son manque de douceur temporaire, il n’a pas été autorisé à entrer en Terre promise (Nomb. 20:12).
      Nous pouvons tirer de précieuses leçons de ce récit. Premièrement, nous devons lutter en permanence pour rester humbles. Sinon, l’orgueil pourrait vite réapparaître en nous, et nous faire parler et agir sans réfléchir. Deuxièmement, comme le stress peut nous rendre plus vulnérables, nous devons particulièrement nous efforcer de rester humbles quand on fait pression sur nous.
       Nous serons protégés. Bientôt, Jéhovah supprimera tous les méchants de la terre, et seuls les humbles continueront d’y vivre. Les conditions de vie seront alors vraiment paisibles (Ps. 37:10, 11). Feras-tu partie de ces personnes humbles ? Tu le peux si tu acceptes l’invitation chaleureuse de Jéhovah transmise par le prophète Sophonie (lire Sophonie 2:3).
      Pourquoi lit-on en Sophonie 2:3 que nous serons « probablement » cachés ? Cela signifie-t-il que Jéhovah n’est pas forcément capable de protéger ceux qu’il aime et qui cherchent à lui plaire ? Non, cela indique plutôt que nous avons quelque chose à faire pour être protégés. Si nous nous efforçons dès maintenant d’être humbles pour plaire à Jéhovah, nous pourrons survivre "au jour de sa colère" et vivre pour toujours !

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      Hello Misette, merci.

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      Hello Misette merci à toi  pour ce bon travail de recherches. Bonne journée et bonne semaine.
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