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Let's Talk About Evolution!

John 12.24to28

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Just read up about the Cambrian explosion and you will not believe in evolution.  This cambrian "explosion" is never talked about by evolutionists  because all animals suddenly appeared in one layer /

And did you know that over eons Fozzie Bear evolved into Yoda? (… albeit in a galaxy, far, far away ….) Proof? Listen to their voices! Look at the hair in Yoda’s ears! They BOTH sound

How evolutionary theory evolves...an illustrative short story:   So you've got a bunch of guys in khaki shorts running around with a few tiny pieces of what they think might be old human bon

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Many years ago my ex-wife, a truly fine theocratic sister, swelled up with righteous indignation and while objecting that I was watching the Muppet TV show, she exclaimed in a loud voice “well that’s just, just IMMORAL… the very IDEA!. A frog dating a pig! It’s .. its … UNNATURAL!”.

I was so stunned by that I was speechless.

The next day, at the office, I was explaining that to another engineer, and he said “Wait a minute … they are BOTH Muppets!”

…. I wish I had said that.

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1 hour ago, boyle said:
2 hours ago, AudreyAnnaNana said:

Good thing evolution isn't real

Oh! You really need to explain this comment. Are you saying a mammoth isn't an elephant? How about a fish that can walk on land?

Recently, someone found an elephant swimming in the ocean. Someone once said they can't figure out how kangaroos got to Australia. 

Life moves in mysterious ways for all sorts of reasons.


Walking fish? Not a mystery. Not every critter has been "discovered" yet.


Swimming elephants and mammoths? Not a mystery. Variation within a species and learned behaviors are not evolution. They are evidence of a Creator.


Kangaroos in Australia? Not a mystery. The beaches I've frequented in my short lifetime have changed drastically since my youth. Rivers change their course. Coastal areas don't stay the same. How much more so have they changed in the over 4,000 years since the Flood?


Here's are some mysteries I don't understand, perhaps you can help solve them for me...


Why do some people like to have different personalities on different forums with different stories about their life? I don't understand. To me it's a mystery, but I'm not that concerned with it. It doesn't change that there is only one heart behind the various masks, and I aim to speak to the heart, not the mask.


Why do some people like to have multiple profiles on the same forum in order to upvote or downvote extra? It's a mystery to me, but I'm not that concerned with it. I don't know who they are trying to impress. The whole voting business is just like a game. Jehovah sees all of it, and He must think it's really silly too. 


How many people noticed that the profile "Jean Michel Bellevue" doesn't speak Haitian Creole only cave-man and that the real Jean Michel Bellevue is a very well educated and conscientious young man on his other social media posts? I wonder how many people noticed that French doesn't translate grammatically on Google to English-cave-man-language? I wonder if the real Jean Michel Bellevue knows what is going on with his information? I wonder if anyone remembers when @Moise/@esd.../@GoodSoldier/etc was talking and I said "maybe next time you can come back as someone who speaks Lingala or New Zealander or ..." ? Maybe someone noticed, but I don't know. It's a mystery.


I wonder when @Adriahaisis or @natee or @Danaenae or the other numerous newer "personalities" will speak up? I wonder how many other profiles will "evolve" any time soon? We'll have to wait and see. It's a mystery.


Here is something that is not a mystery: what an opposer of Jehovah says in his inner bedroom...


"Now the king of Syria went to war against Israel. He consulted with his servants and said: “I will encamp at such and such a place with you.”  Then the man of the true God sent word to the king of Israel, saying: “Beware of passing by this place, because that is where the Syrians are coming down.”  So the king of Israel sent word to the place that the man of the true God had warned him about. He kept warning him, and he stayed away from there on several occasions. This enraged the king of Syria, so he summoned his servants and said to them: “Tell me! Who among us is on the side of the king of Israel?”  Then one of his servants said: “None of us, my lord the king! It is E·liʹsha the prophet in Israel who tells the king of Israel the things that you say in your own bedroom.”"


No mystery is too mysterious for the Revealer of Secrets, Jehovah. Praise Jehovah.

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Here's another mystery...


Once my kids had some Lego kits that were for a fire station and a treehouse and also some random other Legos and toys. 


Then this video of a Lego Nebuchadnezzar dream image just formed on its own. (Well, you didn't see anybody film it did you?)


Do you think it evolved? The Lego pieces look similar to the fire station pieces and the treehouse pieces. Do you think the fire station Legos and the treehouse Legos evolved into the Nebuchadnezzar dream image??? Or is it just that the Lego builders used similar pieces in different places for fun?


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1 minute ago, boyle said:

What college degree do you have? I don't believe I was referring to evolution, of man or God's creation. There are other forms of evolution, or have you seen a dinosaur in your backyard? If you have, don't let your kids play with it. To dangerous.


What are you talking about, @boyle? What "other forms" of evolution are you talking about? Dinosaurs are extinct. Death is not a form of evolution. We used to have chickens in our backyard, but they did NOT evolve from dinosaurs. That only happens in the movies.

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You know, there is this one time in the Bible that a man spoke of evolutionary theory. He said that these elements came together with the aid of a super-heated catalyst and formed a creature.


"And Moses said to Aaron: “What did this people do to you that you have brought a great sin upon them?”  Aaron replied: “Do not be enraged, my lord. You well know that the people are inclined to do evil.  So they said to me, ‘Make for us a god who will go ahead of us, for we do not know what has happened to this Moses, the man who led us up out of the land of Egypt.’  So I said to them, ‘Whoever has any gold must take it off and give it to me.’ Then I threw it into the fire and out came this calf.”


"Evolutionary theory" was a lie even back then. It didn't go so well for Aaron at that point in his life. It was fear that motivated him to make stuff up. He knew Jehovah was real. He saw all the plagues in Egypt. He knew the histories. He was just scared and didn't want to face the music after he made a mistake. He didn't make the same mistake twice, thankfully.



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Are you joking? Seriously?


29 minutes ago, boyle said:

So a big prehistoric lizard didn't turn into a modern day small lizard or a Komodo dragon? A giant bird didn't evolve to a small bird. A mammoth didn't evolve to our present day elephant or have you seen one? A saber tooth tiger isn't related to the tiger species?


I have a mouse shaped cookie jar in my kitchen. It didn't evolve from an ancient mouse.


Dogs have ears and a tail. So do pigs. So do hamsters. They didn't evolve from each other or a "common ancestor". They were actually formed from a common Creator. Imagine that.


I paint pictures sometimes or draw. If I draw a monkey one day on one piece of paper and then go draw a gorilla the next day on another piece of paper, did the monkey I drew evolve into the gorilla I drew?


I don't know if you've noticed, @boyle, but lizard skeletons and dinosaur skeletons are very different in size. Besides that, bones are just the skeletal part of an organism. If an engineer likes to use a certain pattern, is it surprising if you find the same pattern in other things he designed?

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