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Anti-Masturbation Training Video For Jehovah's Witnesses!

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This is all so incredibly FUNNY.

I know I should be outraged, but I just.... can't ... do it!

(slaps self in face several times ... but even THAT is funny!)

One thing we have to remember .... until we see the two ALLEGED full length, unedited videos ... AND have verified beyond a reasonable doubt that they were produced by the WTB&TS, and NOT UNTIL THEN .... we will have to assume ... and MUST ASSUME ... this is fake news.

It's STILL FUNNY, though, because I know the probability of it being real is very high ... I have seen the GB shoot themselves in the foot before ... and surprised at the effect, shoot themselves in the OTHER foot, just to be fair.

I sure hope for the sake of the Brotherhood's global reputation this is NOT real .... Outsiders know more about what is going on behind the scenes than the Brotherhood does ... and it's very, very cringeworthy.

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