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What does 666, the 'mark of the beast' really signify?

Queen Esther

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(Isaiah 55:6-8) 6 Search for Jehovah while he may be found. Call to him while he is near.  7 Let the wicked man leave his way And the evil man his thoughts; Let him return to Jehovah, who will have me

It's not new. The possibility that 616 might be correct, was already acknowledged by a person who was born between only about 15 to 30 years after the apostle John died. At such an early date, every k

I see the Mark of the Wild Beast as a symbolic mark that civilians will receive when they throw their support behind the Image of the Wild Beast. In the time of the end, the Satanic one-world governme

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On 1/17/2023 at 2:47 PM, TrueTomHarley said:

No. It takes 19.

I see the posters point of view about the number 7 being perfect, and the number 6 being imperfect. That ideology has been around since the AD second century. 

The number 616 in scholarly circles seems to be considered as scribal error in the MSS. However, around that century, some Scribs liked to use "gematria" to calculate the dictatorship of the emperor's name. For instance, Caligula, "Gaios Kaisar"  616 (g = 3 + a = 1 + i = 10 + o = 70 + s = 200 + k = 20 + a = 1 + i = 10 + s = 200 + a = 1 + r =100.

Some also consider the number to be associated with a person. Using this practice, initials of emperors from Julius to Vespasian total 666: K(Caesar), S(Sebastos/Augustus), T(Tiberius), G(Gaius/Caligula), K(Claudius), N(Nero), G(Galba), O(Oespasianos/ Vespasian) Yeatts

Since John was referring to a future tense scenario, then all those speculations are moot. We can continue to speculate with the name Nero-Ceasar.

In this case, I agree with St. Irenaeus, the only number that needs consideration is 666.

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