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Australia has activated Big Brother


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Something we Truthers talked about for years. Welcome to the Dystopia. Germany, Israel, United Kingdom, some most of the EU will succumb to come form of Authoritarianism. The Aussies also claimed New

When people are afraid of the government there is tranny, and the government is afraid of the people, there is freedom. Australia has been disarmed, and is galloping toward totalitarianism.

source https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-08-23/how-will-south-australias-home-quarantine-trial-work/100398878    

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Here's someone who related their experience in a Washington Post article :

Quote 1 : ''Few complain about the rubbery ­pillows, uncomfortable beds, limited furnishings or soggy sandwiches in a center that politicians call the gold standard.''

Quote 2 : ''The feeling is part trailer camp, part hospital, part prison.''

Quote 3 : ''The rules are detailed: no ­alcohol, no care parcels, no restaurant deliveries, no balls, no sunbathing, no metal silverware, no scissors or sharp implements, no cooking in the kettle, no putting food waste into the hand basin (who does that, anyway?), no electrical appliances, no stepping off your balcony ­except for garbage disposal and three allotted weekly laundry spots, no skateboards or inline skates, no ­swimming or playing in the drains when it rains, no noise ­after 9.30 p.m.''



"it’s a place for people to quarantine if they don’t have their own place to do so (i.e. anyone that doesn’t live alone). a hotel room would be another option. it’s a government provided service to limit the spread of a virus that they appear to be taking seriously. the reviews aren’t bad because the australian public sees quarantine as a necessity and they are being provided a relatively comfortable way to do so."

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Yesterday we saw news of a trial program being rolled out in Australia for quarantining people to have to send a picture with their location to the state within 15 minutes of a notification. Today, we have hints of a social credit score system to “crack down on online abuse.” Not really sure how anyone can defend this. The news video directly says “police will have access to your social media accounts.” Welcome to dystopia, Australia.

Here’s a link to the video mentioned: link

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And this is what I have been saying for years concerning Authoritarianism. When it hits the US, the United Nations will have their role to play for the 3rd time, granted Babylon is already doing it's thing.

Satanism has also increase in the Australia too, so 1984 like situations can be crazy.

  • violence up
  • civil dissidence up
  • Totalitarianism up
  • sex abuse up
  • government aggressiveness up
  • Status (those of a higher status are effective immune)

France, Germany and other countries already hit too as pointed out, and should this hit the US, all hell will break loose. Which goes back to some statements I made years ago.

In the Truther community, I was sent this.

As of late, one of our own lives there, his cousin was able to get out, but he remained, dealing with this. His last message was a few days ago, he talked about food rations.

The video mentioned can be found here - LINK


Our community has been bombarded with all the news around the world, some of us don't have time to gather up and spread the information.

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On 9/2/2021 at 10:37 PM, TheWorldNewsOrg said:

You have my utmost respect for bringing up this known Truther. I have met Luke Rudkowski before back in 2016, he got information from the people of my mother's country exposing what the US has been doing via siphoning resources, video of this linked. Those who worked with him were the reason I got involved with the Truther community to begin with when I aided with pressing matters.

That being said, for a few years now we've been trying to keep We Are Change alive, so far, YouTube has not stopped us yet.

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In Australia, NSW Health limits alcohol into locked-down tower block: “Residents are allowed to receive a ration of one of the following: 6 beers or pre-mixed drinks, 1 bottle of wine, or one 375ml bottle of spirits. Excess alcohol is being confiscated.”


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Something we Truthers talked about for years. Welcome to the Dystopia. Germany, Israel, United Kingdom, some most of the EU will succumb to come form of Authoritarianism. The Aussies also claimed New World Order, and attempt to make their own fact check of the term when all of us know what it entails.

When it hits the United States, all hell will break loose. Things we see today such as violence, stealing, sex abuse, rape, bribery, greed, etc will be amplified due to the various groups on the left and the right that roam.

The media such as Guardian, NYT, CNN, ABC, etc will play a role in influence, and before we know it, the United Nations may once again attempt to dent specific freedoms as they had attempted to do so twice already.

Truthers are always ready for these things, however, I can't speak for the rest of the people who are not.

Currency and Religion will eventually be on the menu for Authoritarianism, granted religious exemptions are under attack, which has and can break people of faith if not careful.

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