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Queen Esther

Should JW's count their time?

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PS. Forget  the  hours...   we  not  should  compare  us  with  other  Brothers  or  families !  Jehovah  is  always  knowing  what  we  can  do  and  what  NOT !   A  CO.  said  before  longer  time,  when  we  want  go  but  not  can :(   For  JAH  its  so,  as  we  were  gone....  thats  LOVE :x   YES,  thats  our  GOD !   HE  *IS*  LOVE...  always  seeing  our  positive  things !  We  humans  get  long  time  to  learn  that,  1000 years :)    May  Jehovah  bless  you  and  your  family,  Brother  RJ...  Greetings  from  Germany,  AGAPE !

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WoW!! Forget the Hours?! How is that Most Truly Being Supportive of Our Dear Brother...Our Dear Sister?! ;0(
He's Asking a Serious Question Here, and Although, We ALL Know It's NOT Always About "Counting Our TIME"...but, Instead... "Making Our Time Count".

That's Exactly What Our Dear Brother is Sharing in this Sense...
Still, He's in Question of Something That Many of US Father's Have Atleast a Few Times, Wondered...(Are WE Actually Counting the Most Accurately, as We Should be with Our Very Own Children's Study Times, as UnBaptized Bible Student's, too)?!

Just a Warm Suggestion Here...
But, I Would Strongly, Yet Still Lovingly Suggest, Dear Brother RJ...

As We ALL KNOW...We Really Should be Doing This Much More Often, Then Asking Anyone Else..."Especially ONLINE" in the First Place...That Having Been Said; "Ask Your Own Congregation Elder, and in this Case, My Brother...

Your Congregation's "Service Overseer".

Please, Do Most Humbly Forgive me, IF I was too abrupt here, because THAT was NOT My Own Intention...

Agape' to You Both as Well, My Dear Sister & Brother RJ, too!!


{Keep Your Eyes Upon The Real Prize, Jah's Promised Opportunity for US ALL...

A Life of Absolute Perfection, w/IMG_2355.PNGOur Loved One's, in The Real, Eternal Paradise}!!!!

~ Your Christian Brother in the Faith, ~ Stacy. d{;0)b~*



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You  was  NOT  abrupt,  Brother  @SirStacy White-Knight....  But  remember,  also  JW.ORG.  reduced  our  time !   And  never  forget,  not  good  we  lose  our  joy  bec. any  stress !  Many  JW  are  depressed  bec. such  of things...

Jehovah  wants  we  are  right - minded  in  all  what  we  can  do. 

NOT  forget  the  hours...  -   but  not  importend  the  counts...  We  must  have  joy  to  preach  the  kingdom  news,  but  not  under  daily  stress.  Think  about  our  distinctive  assets... :)   Greetings  from  Germany,  Agape

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