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Bible Thumpers on the Front Page of Newsweek featuring a New World Translation by Jehovah’s Witnesses

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2 hours ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

Hmmmm.... I don't ever remember thumping MY New World Translation.

What is "thumping", anyway?

An expression used for those who take the Bible 100% seriously. Others tend to take a Non-Christian approach by taking literal action of extreme proportions. In this case, it is following the bible's principles by means of lifestyle.

That being said, you have the serious Bible readers, mentioned above, and now we have the Extreme Bible action takers, most common and or majority originates with New Agers and Oneness believers or that of the KJV-Onlyist Movement. You never really know which one you will confront, you'd be surprise some people can and will beat you up with a Bible, literally, or even throw it at you while shouting a verse.

So when met with an extreme Bible thumper, prepare to shield yourself and or duck for cover, because they will use a bible as a mallet to, as they say, cleanse you.

Picture it this way, but literally as in, having a Bible thrown at you should they be in disagreement with you:





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6 hours ago, bruceq said:

only available hardcopy is U.S. edition, International is digital only. https://www.ebay.com/itm/392103187160

Wow! The person who sells this particular Newsweek on the account just pointed to has grossed over $345, so far, just by selling 9 copies of it.

  • 81.00 on June 23
  • 57.00 on June 30
  • 28.00 on July 7
  • 29.99 on July 17
  • 29.99 on July 19
  • 29.99 on July 21
  • 29.99 on July 25
  • 29.99 on July 27
  • 29.99 on Aug 15

. . . and has at least 2 more to sell.

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