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5 hours ago, Anna said:

Sorry for butting into your conversation, but I feel like I need to comment on this. I am assuming you are at a stage what ex JW's call "waking up" . This is very misleading though because it implies you have been asleep, and now, by finding out all the stuff they have to say, you are getting "real" facts, whereas really, all it is (in the majority of cases) is them letting go of spirituality, and embracing a me only attitude. If that is the way someone wants to go, then they will find many "excuses" which make this transition easier. These people are no longer concerned about what God thinks, this is why the large majority of them have become atheists, because that's so much easier; they don't have to take God into account in what they do in life at all. That's what it's really about. So don't be mislead in thinking you will find enlightment, unless of course you prefer to forget about God, in which case you will agree with everything they say. But if you are concerned about what God thinks, then do your research and you will find that Jehovah's Witnesses, despite their failings and mistakes, are the only true religion, or as even a die hard critic like JTR would say: "Jehovah's Witnesses are the only game in town". 

Your correct to a point, there are some who leave your governing body, and turn to God.

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As vitriolic as the spiteful crticisms of apostate opposers are, there is a remarkable tide of recognition of the integrity of Jehovah's Witnesses, even among those who do not share our beliefs.

That's true, but it would not attract as much attention. Rutherford had been a political marketer before following Russell/WT/Bible Students. This is why he would ADV/ADV/ADV. And why gimmicks like pu

Nobody but nobody has “apostates” like Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is almost as though I am proud of them. Every NT writer wrote about opposition and apostasy. If it happened then, it should happen now. W

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On 11/13/2019 at 12:34 PM, TrueTomHarley said:

I haven’t seen him in a long while. It may be that Foreigner banned him.

Same here, but the man is both broken and misguided, and tends to confuse himself at times, even though solutions and examples were given to him. But ill influence is what consumes him, and going about things as a blind man. But I do pity him, although he is as is he is, but the worse among all will have to be the Trinitarian, Cos, who spare lies and deception about the history of the church. Other than that, my concern was with his situation regarding the mentally ill person who he suspects to be succumbing to and or have dwelled upon pedophilac behavior. No information has come out and what he presented before wasn't a tab bit small. What is more worse than child abuse is child on child abuse, the worse kind due to the things involved.

That being said, every group has the someone or a collective group that either hates and or supports them. Likewise to ever hero having their own villain, vice versa, the same can be said for people of different groups, institutions, even race if it comes down to it, in addition, such persons tend to go into the realm of bigotry, if need be.

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