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Any comments on jw.org's Online Bible Study Lessons?

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The 144,000 is a yawner. Nobody cares. I never go there. To clarify a little, some care, but it is analagous to the wonks on media absolutely obsessed over the doings of government and all its ma

Yes and no. Yes, in that you can reach a point, per your own judgement, where you say: 'I've pretty much done all I can do as a teacher. The public Bible studies at the Kingdom Hall represent you

I think your astute encapsulation of my modus operandi is just about right when you include my bracketed edit. I suppose one could make a semi-scriptural case for holding back and another for not hold

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It is not that the Embassy in Bengazi was attacked .... not the issue AT ALL. 

Embassy attacks happen all the time..

It is the fact that the Hildabeast  represented the attack as a spontaneous riot that developed because of a Real Estate developer in California  made an anti-Muslim video that the Libyians took exception to ... and in actual fact it was a coordinated mortar attack where they had the sidewalks and buildings inside the American Embassy compound targeted in advance.

When the Ambassador and his Aide, and the two retired Navy Seal civilian operatives  bodies were brought home in caskets, the Hildabeast, meeting the caskets, and the families at the airport, swore to grieving relatives that the video producer would pay.   

For seven hours the rescuers both in country, and out of the country were told to stand down ... and they had aircraft and troops ready to go, on the runways.

The security operatives  at a "secret" compound miles way were directly ordered to stand down and NOT defend the Embassy and the Ambassador, and they disobeyed those orders in order to defend the Ambassador and staff ... and died.

The Ambassador had MANY dozens of times communicated to the Hildabeast that he needed more security, as an attack was imminent, but what security he actually had was reassigned, while in Germany, money was being spent for electric car charging stations in Embassy parking garages.

It is not that the Embassy was attacked ... it was the inconceivable gross strategic and tactical incompetence of the Hildabeast that led to the attack, the gross  deliberate, and complex web of lies, lies trying to cover that up, and blaming an innocent man in California that had NOTHING to do with the military operation against the Embassy, and his arrest and imprisonment that makes the State Department fiasco especially egregious..

I have told you about 10% of the details of what actually happened.  If you are coming late to the story, It would take you a year to catch up, and separate fact from fiction.

Why, is a whole different story of gross  incompetence, lies, and more lies.

The list of people caught in the Clinton webs of intrigue , lies and graft, and multiple deaths is quite extensive, to the point that it is the subject of many memes ... some funny, all tragic.


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NO ONE carries the complete truth ..... most of us are relegated to doing the best we can.

However,  every time several billion dollars a year of "free money" (contributions) is put in jeopardy by truth, the definitions get changed to fit the financial profile.

The Society is now run by lawyers and accountants, and money and real estate are the prime considerations.

... and it can be seen that the rank-and-file Brotherhood, being completely ignored, are voting with their wallets.

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23 minutes ago, AllenSmith34 said:

Yes, a cast of 1000’s that end up, only being 4. Then they have the gall when people have to take extra steps to regain entry.

That has to be an exaggeration, I have only counted about 28 "Allen Smith" aliases, and most of them don't even have "Allen" or "Smith" in any part of the name. ?

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