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For those who thought what happened in 1975 was the first time followers were encouraged to sell their homes...

Jack Ryan

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1 minute ago, Jack Ryan said:

@Space Merchant Debunked? Hardly..

"Souvenir notes from Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society's Convention", 1909, 1909_souvenir.pdf

Article "Stewardship", page 105 in book, 106 in PDF.

Nice image of you-know-who on page 2.

You way want to do a search on 1914 and 1975, one mention was regarding earthquakes and groups that exist or ceased in that time span.

One thing for certain, when you continue to post the same thing over and over again, you forget jaw-dropping responses with legitimate facts that backs of solidified proof stands over information that is lackluster.

That being said, you've checked out that box of cookies, one too many times, Mr. Ryan, some instances, by your own hand.

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