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How a Christmas song would lead me to believe that our 1914 teaching must be right after all.

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You are a VERY CONFUSED person, Walter.

May I call you Walter? Or would you prefer Wally?

I have never talked about banning anyone. I am a “free speech absolutist”, like Elon Musk …. but with a lot less money.

Speaking of money, dinero, dollars, moolah, sheckles, etc., I appreciate very confused people.

Can I interest you in a ten pound box of Pudgycoin?

Remember, it’s “the digital currency backed by hosed-down cardboard!”




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Sure. I have no idea who will be saved or not. Nor does it make any difference to my personal responsibility to make known the good news.

To me this is why I don't sweat it when someone says that I gave a "bad witness". I try not to, but it's going to happen and happen repeatedly. We all have patterns. I just keep trying and relax while

So here in Genesis 15 we have a verse of the Bible, which in context is about the Abrahamic Covenant and is also a very clear discussion of chronology. It points out the time, the actual number of yea

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3 hours ago, Pudgy said:

The fact that you demand that Tom (who is not JW Insider) ban himself

It is not a terrible idea. It was me who caused him to erupt, it was easily foreseeable (did I even do it for that reason?),and I have reverted to the same treatment I did for Dmitar in order to forestall additional temptation—but it is my own fault. 

To be sure, it takes almost nothing, but it was me who poked with feigned surprise that the ‘new guy’ doesn’t like JWI and who ever could have seen that coming? 

My own fault. If I had any sense I’d be repenting in sackcloth and ashes. But I don’t. But I do enough to ‘make my foot rare’ in the house of paranoia.

51 minutes ago, Pudgy said:

I am a “free speech absolutist”, like Elon Musk …. but with a lot less money.

Yeah, sure. So says you. :)

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Yeah! It’s Your Fault Tom!

…. And where were YOU December 7, 1941?

You SAY you are not a racist, but do you even KNOW what color Wally is?


You probably stole his Lithium to put in your stupid electric toothbrush batteries!

Yeah! That’s it….that’s it… you are a, a, BATTERY MANUFACTURER!


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@Pudgy, since no one is really all that interested in the specifics of the 1914/1915 angle of the original post here, I thought I would take note of something I found interesting in one of your posts. (And also acknowledge again how clever I found your leak/draft pun. Works on so many levels.)

What I found interesting is that potassium peroxide (K2O2) made a CAMEO* appearance in your cartoon. ( https://cameochemicals.noaa.gov/chemical/1374 )


At one time, I was intrigued by how some chemical reactions made liquids change their color. (In fact, one experiment we did in Earth Science when I was in Jr.High actually took two fairly clear liquids and mixed to change instantly into a bright yellow solid.) The three items on that chalkboard reminded me an experiment that could detect tiny levels of iodine in salt. In fact, if you mix those exact same 3 chemicals listed on the chalkboard, and add a splash of laundry starch, you can detect whether the salt (NaCl) was iodized or not. The iodized salt will turn the entire batch very dark (sometimes blue-black) while non-iodized salt will just continue to look like milky-white saltwater. You can add a crushed vitamin C tablet (ascorbic acid) to the mix and, because it's an anti-oxidant, the blue-black mixture turns milky white again.

* CAMEO is a database of dangerous chemicals and substances provided by the US Office of Emergency Management

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23 hours ago, TrueTomHarley said:

Here I know I will garner Pudgy’s sincere sympathy—one dog lover to another—when I reveal my own friend took that route not three weeks ago: 


So sorry Tom…we have buried a few…and the pain is real…I still debate with Jehovah at times about their resurrection….big hugs to you and family 

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1 hour ago, Pudgy said:

Yeah! That’s it….that’s it… you are a, a, BATTERY MANUFACTURER!

Wrong again. These days, at the urging my wife. I have become a dishwasher repairman. In fact, I am busy as a beaver (very clever animals, all of them graduates of Dam U.) reworking the Beatles’ Paperback Writer into something more personal:

’It’s a steady job but he’ll be a dishwasherrepairman…..


Did you know if the fill pump goes you might as well buy a new unit, since even with self-install you’ll pay over 40% of a spanking brand new machine that doesn’t require you to start and wait 12 minutes to add the soap in because the automatic dispenser doesn’t work and now you are vindicated in not fixing it like your wife wanted you to because if you had it would all be for naught?



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1 hour ago, JW Insider said:

since no one is really all that interested in the specifics of the 1914/1915 angle of the original post

No….bring it back. Really…just try…and see how long it lasts.   :)

All true prophets here. That’s what I’m talking about! Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don’t.


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Why do you tweet so much, they asked Elon Musk.

’Because tweeting is fun!’ replied. Nothing profound. Nothing analytical. Nothing eggheaded. I tell you, I like the guy.

Describe yourself in one tweet, someone else said. ‘I put the art in fart’ he replied. 

I love it. It is better than my own description of Pearlsnswine: “He puts the dog in dogmatic.”

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15 hours ago, JW Insider said:

Rutherford, as he did many times in the years 1916 to 1929, had to carefully acknowledge that Russell alone had been the one and only faithful and wise servant (faithful and discreet slave), and therefore the sole distributor of spiritual truths up until his death in 1916. Since Russell and/or the Watchtower was the one and only channel of truth in the minds of Watchtower readers, Rutherford had to be very careful when explaining how and why Russell got things wrong.

But it was all too obvious that Abraham had not inherited the land in 1915. Russell himself had already hinted that 1915 might be the new 1914. And after 1914, the Watchtower even began saying that the "end of the Gentile Times" was 1915, not 1914. After Russell's death in 1916, Rutherford even began emphasizing the "presence" of Jesus to a 40 year period that went, not from 1874 to 1914, but from 1878 to 1918, when Jesus would be fully "present" in his Temple. And by 1917, Rutherford had already gone ahead and started promoting a new date of 1925 for the "realized" end of the Gentile Times, i.e., when the Jewish (Hebrew) "ancient worthies" like Abraham would begin to rule, initially over fellow Jews who had migrated to Palestine. 

He very cleverly keeps the 3,960 years of the Genesis 15 "prophecy" intact, but he changes the starting date from 2045 BCE to 2035 BCE, ten years later. He uses the mention of something that appeared to happen 10 years later in Genesis 16:3 and says that this showed that the actual sacrifice of the animals had happened 10 years later, even though the context makes it appear that this had happened 10 years earlier. If Rutherford can redate the promise (covenant) to 10 years later, then this moves the 1915 date to 1925. Note especially the last two paragraphs below from the entire 1917 article on the topic.



But Russell himself never claimed to be the one  and only faithful and discreet slave…do you agree with that..and it was Rutherford that changed the understanding of the Ark from representing Jesus into representing  the organization….the ramifications which even today are huge…..even tho we have changed the understanding back to what Russell understood.

sorry I’m not saying anything about your calibrations…but I’m simply not qualified to answer….but I did read that Russell was not dogmatic on everyone believing 1914…one could choose to beleive it or not….I think it should have stayed that way…Rutherford made it a dogmatic doctrine…or so it seems to me.

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    • By the way, if you're into stuff like this, you might wanna check out https://thepythagoras.com/. They have some neat articles about ancient civilizations and their contributions to science and math. It’s really interesting how much we owe to these early thinkers.
    • The Dendera Zodiac is such an amazing piece of history. Imagine ancient Egyptians looking up at the same stars we do now and creating this detailed map. It's mind-blowing! So, what do I think about it? I think it's a fascinating blend of art and astronomy. Those ancient folks really knew their stuff. The way they incorporated their gods and mythologies into the constellations is just brilliant. And it's not just about the stars, it’s a glimpse into how they viewed the universe and their place in it.
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    • The partnership between FIFA and Algorand is a big step for blockchain technology. Algorand will be the official blockchain platform for FIFA, sponsoring events like the FIFA Women's World Cup in Australia and New Zealand in 2023 and the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022. This partnership will help FIFA with digital assets and provide advertising and promotional opportunities for Algorand. 
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