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How will the United Nations take control over the entire globe and finally the United States of America?


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The congres under obama (globalists on both sides of the isle) voted for the dollar to eventually be replaced by digital currency ( world digital currency).  It was sneaked in in 2015. This means the

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The question is based on a false premise.

But as a practical matter the USA has the strongest and most versatile military in the world, and it's citizenry are the most heavily armed in the world, as individuals.

The ONLY way the United Nations could take over the USA, and fully establish an extra-national tyranny is if the Democrats take over politically, and steal American Freedoms, not the whole salami at one caper, but thin slice by tiny thin slice, over a period of time.

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The congres under obama (globalists on both sides of the isle) voted for the dollar to eventually be replaced by digital currency ( world digital currency).  It was sneaked in in 2015. This means the petro- dollar will disappear and adjustments will be made to cover debt internationally. .... the american economy will not be as strong as before.  There is talk of a fedcoin.... but all digital money will be intigrated internationally...  they are planning a federation of blocks of nations. Euro is one and Canada, mexico and US together.... 

So the new world order will be a technocracy / oligarchy / plutocracy where digital companies will be doing the bidding of UN ( they are already doing the bidding of China and see China as the model to go forward)!.  All humans will have to buy food with digital money - so they will know everything about you.  What you buy and sell. What your opinions are etc.      in Europe people are being sent to jail for saying things agains islam online and there are 2 cases where a person wrongfully called a transgender man a man - 2 years imprisonment. 

In sweden JWs picked up problems from EU for the convention clip which indicated we will have opposition from LGBT activists.  I do not know the outcome of this.  

The world order is using google etc for tighter restrictions on speech. It is already Sharia compliant in many countries and transgender compliant in many countries.  If they do not comply - massive fines are given by EU

EU is good example of what is coming- UN behind the scenes and EU and operating in same way.  Verhofstad and Junker openly say that stalin and mao se Tung were efficient leaders..... first they remove trade borders, then  financial borders. And then political borders (possible without war) 

How are capitalists and communists working together towards one world order?   Super capitalistic companies are global companies such as Monsanto, google etc. together with bankers and oligarchs. Communism and super capitalism both have super rich people with the rest of the subjects  as pleps.  

These super rich are yearly meeting to  facilitate the progress of the plan and most olugarchs are now vying for positions in the new dispensation. Who will do banking, provide food Monsanto) water etc.  

NGOs are already operating in USA at local levels to implement local laws in line with the UN s "Agenda 21" . They work under the guise to be "sustainable planet" companies... 

there is more... but i think this gives idea of how they are doing it. 

china is buying up large parts of the earth , especially the minerals because it will give higher value to their digital money. 

The bible indicates that the seven headed beast will be replaced by eighth king. Governments willingly give it its power. This has been going on behind the scenes and at the right time they will go in full power.  The image of the beast is different to the previous 7 empires - do not think it has no teeth.  It is already behind this loss of free speech, the suppression of news regarding migrant crimes as agreed upon last year in UN Migrant compact  2018 - signed in december by most nations ( except trump, hungary, poland, Austria ) and behind the one digital maneuvering of currency, the destruction of borders and legal autonomy etc. 




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