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anytime, anywhere", children sing for 2013 special conv.

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      OK, I know some people will not like this and they will call it gossip but my wife and I are worried about it so it needs to aired out.
      We have one daughter that is still a JW. i will call her H.  She is married to a non JW. She has 4 children.
      This daughter does not seem to recognise any dangers at all about her children. She invites anyone to her house without really knowing who they are or anything about their past.
      3 of the children are girls and they attend ballet and tap dance lessons. They are only young, the oldest being around 8 years old. 
      Today they were in a performance /show in Exeter, a biggish show that their teacher was putting on for all parents, grandparents, etc. 
      I wasn't allowed to go of course as I'm a 'naughty boy' that left the Org.
      My wife went to the show and was surprised to find two 'brothers' there.
      One of the 'brothers' is a young single Elder and the other 'brother' is an old man that has recently been reinstated and moved into Honiton congregation.  
      This older man frequently visits H and her daughters at their home and the girls call him Uncle Phil. He seems very 'friendly' toward the girls.
      H does not know where this 'brother' is from but he is now part of the Honiton Congregation which H and her children attend, here in Devon. 
      It seems strange to me that this man has just arrived at Honiton Congregation and just been reinstated. My wife says he has a London accent. 
      If I were still a JW I would ask him bluntly why he was disfellowshipped and where he is from, but of course I cannot do that now.
      I have his full name, so is there any way i can run a check on him ? 
      Should i contact an Elder at Honiton Congregation and tell them of the concern my wife and I have ? 
      If this 'brother' had been involved in a child abuse accusation would they have told H about it so that she could be on her guard ? 
      Some on here may think I'm just trying to cause trouble, but my wife came home this evening and is looking very worried. 
      It seems that H had invited both 'brothers' to the meal afterward and my wife felt unhappy about the whole situation. 
      TTH will probably bring out the rule book again and say 'it never happens', but child abuse does happen and needs to be looked for all the time. 
      Our daughter H seems to have no idea about the situations that have taken place, and in honesty she doesn't want to know. So how can my wife warn her ?  
      I was going to add this to another topic but remembered we are told to start new topics, so I've done that.
      Hope this hasn't been added before but it would take me a month to go through all the topics to see if its on here.
      It is about the baptism of children, but I also thing it involves making children go on the ministry. 
    • By Anna
      Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that despite this informative document recently made available to download in several languages on the JW website, there is not too much of a mention of it by any of the opposers and "campaigners" against child abuse in the JW organization.
      Here is the entire document:
      Definitions: Child abuse may include neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or emotional abuse.
      Child sexual abuse is a perversion and generally includes one or more of the following: sexual inter-course with a child; oral or anal sex with a child; fondling the genitals, breasts, or buttocks of a child; voyeurism of a child; indecent exposure to a child; or soliciting a child for sexual conduct. It may include sexting with a minor or showing pornography to a minor.
      In this document, references to parents apply equally to legal guardians or other persons who hold pa-rental responsibility for a minor.
      1. Children are a sacred trust, “an inheritance from Jehovah.”—Psalm 127:3.
      2. The protection of children is of utmost concern and importance to all Jehovah’s Witnesses. This is in harmony with the long-standing and widely published Scripturally based position of Jehovah’s Witnesses, as reflected in the references at the end of this document, which are all published on jw.org.
      3. Jehovah’s Witnesses abhor child abuse and view it as a crime. (Romans 12:9) We recognize that the authorities are responsible for addressing such crimes. (Romans 13:1-4) The elders do not shield any perpetrator of child abuse from the authorities.
      4. In all cases, victims and their parents have the right to report an accusation of child abuse to the authorities. Therefore, victims, their parents, or anyone else who reports such an accusation to the elders are clearly informed by the elders that they have the right to report the matter to the authorities. Elders do not criticize anyone who chooses to make such a report.—Galatians 6:5.
      5. When elders learn of an accusation of child abuse, they immediately consult with the branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses to ensure compliance with child abuse reporting laws. (Romans 13:1) Even if the elders have no legal duty to report an accusation to the authorities, the branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses will instruct the elders to report the matter if a minor is still in danger of abuse or there is some other valid reason. Elders also ensure that the victim’s parents are informed of an accusation of child abuse. If the alleged abuser is one of the victim’s parents, the elders will inform the other parent.
      6. Parents have the primary responsibility for the protection, safety, and instruction of their children. Therefore, parents who are members of the congregation are encouraged to be vigilant in exercising their responsibility at all times and to do the following:
      • Have direct and active involvement in their children’s lives.
      • Educate themselves and their children about child abuse.
      • Encourage, promote, and maintain regular communication with their children. —Deuteronomy 6:6, 7; Proverbs 22:3.
      Jehovah’s Witnesses publish an abundance of Bible-based information to assist parents to fulfill their responsibility to protect and instruct their children.—See the references at the end of this document.
       7. Congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses do not separate children from their parents for the purpose of instruction or other activities. (Ephesians 6:4) For example, our congregations do not provide or sponsor orphanages, Sunday schools, sports clubs, day-care centers, youth groups, or other activi-ties that separate children from their parents.
      8. Elders strive to treat victims of child abuse with compassion, understanding, and kindness. (Colossians 3:12) As spiritual counselors, the elders endeavor to listen carefully and empathetically to victims and to console them. (Proverbs 21:13; Isaiah 32:1, 2; 1 Thessalonians 5:14; James 1:19) Victims and their families may decide to consult a mental-health professional. This is a personal decision.
      9. Elders never require victims of child abuse to present their accusation in the presence of the alleged abuser. However, victims who are now adults may do so, if they wish. In addition, victims can be accompanied by a confidant of either gender for moral support when presenting their accusation to the elders. If a victim prefers, the accusation can be submitted in the form of a written statement.
      10. Child abuse is a serious sin. If an alleged abuser is a member of the congregation, the elders conduct a Scriptural investigation. This is a purely religious proceeding handled by elders according to Scriptural instructions and is limited to the issue of membership as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. A member of the congregation who is an unrepentant child abuser is expelled from the congregation and is no longer considered one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. (1 Corinthians 5:13) The elders’ handling of an accusation of child abuse is not a replacement for the authorities’ handling of the matter.—Romans 13:1-4.
      11. If it is determined that one guilty of child sexual abuse is repentant and will remain in the congregation, restrictions are imposed on the individual’s congregation activities. The individual will be specifically admonished by the elders not to be alone in the company of children, not to cultivate friendships with children, or display any affection for children. In addition, elders will inform parents of minors within the congregation of the need to monitor their children’s interaction with the individ-ual.
      12. A person who has engaged in child sexual abuse does not qualify to receive any congregation privileges or to serve in a position of responsibility in the congregation for decades, if ever. —1 Timothy 3:1-7, 10; 5:22; Titus 1:7.
      13. This document is available upon request to members of the congregation. It is reviewed at least once every three years.
      Source: https://www.jw.org/en/news/legal/legal-resources/information/packet-jw-scripturally-based-position-child-protection/#?insight[search_id]=4022773a-67c8-48a8-ba04-eac2f426147e&insight[search_result_index]=0
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      A video has emerged apparently showing Libyan children enacting a mass execution, resembling those carried out by Islamic State, with one child shooting kneeling “prisoners” in the head with a toy gun. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/8ynr
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      Children who eat fish tend to sleep better and score higher on IQ tests, a new study has found.
      Using self-administered questionnaires, researchers collected information on fish consumption among 541 Chinese boys and girls ages 9 to 11. Parents reported their children’s sleep duration, how often they awoke at night, daytime sleepiness and other sleep patterns. At age 12, the children took IQ tests.
      Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/26/well/eat/fish-brain-iq-intelligence-children-kids.html?_r=2
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      Schoolchildren who read and write at home with their parents may build not only their academic literacy skills, but also other important life and learning skills, a recent study found.
      The project, a study by researchers at the University of Washington, followed children for five years, either grades one through five or three through seven. It looked at their reading and writing activities at home, their school progress and their skills, both according to their parents’ reports and according to annual assessments.
      In the study, published in May in the Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation by Nicole Alston-Abel and Virginia W. Berninger, parents were asked to rate their children’s ability to pay attention, set goals, control impulses and regulate their level of activity. Dr. Berninger, who is professor emerita of educational psychology at the University of Washington, said, “It’s not just the skills the parents teach at home, it’s also how they help their children’s self-regulation, sometimes called executive function.” Writing, she said, was just as important as reading, and the children in the study tended to struggle harder with writing, and to get more help with those assignments from their parents.
      Well over 20 years ago, when we started using books at pediatric checkups, we called it literacy promotion. Then for a while, “school readiness” was the buzzword and the byword, so, not unreasonably, we talked about school readiness. And as more and more attention was drawn to early brain development, it seemed clear, as we talked about getting books into children’s hands and children’s homes, that what we were really trying to do was help foster the language-rich parent-child interactions that build children’s brains.
      Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/16/well/family/literacy-builds-life-skills-as-well-as-language-skills.html
    • Guest Nicole
    • Guest Nicole
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      10+ yrs polar bear.pdf

      10+yrs bike by tree.pdf
      5-10 yrs kids_Africa.pdf
      5-10 yrs kids_Lorikeet.pdf
    • By Bible Speaks
      Children have been compared to “arrows in the hand of a mighty man.” 
      An archer has the arrow in his bow for only a relatively short time. To hit the target, he must quickly let it go. 
      Likewise, parents have only a relatively short period of time to develop in their children heartfelt love for Jehovah. 
      After what seems to be just a few short years, the children grow up and leave home. Will they hit the target—that is, will the children continue to love and serve God after they leave home? 
      Numerous factors influence the answer. Much depends upon the skill of the parent, the environment in which the children are raised, and the way the ‘arrow,’ or child, responds to the training he or she receives. - Psalms 127:4.
      1 GIF TAP ON FOR ACTION — Enjoy! 

    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      For example if  children are noisy during the meeting, parents may take them to the restroom or outside the Hall  and hit them with a belt or hand?
    • By ARchiv@L
      1 ΜΑΪΟΥ 2013ΓΕΡΜΑΝΙΑ
      Το Γερμανικό Κράτος Παρασημοφορεί Μάρτυρα του Ιεχωβά
      ΖΕΛΤΕΡΣ, Γερμανία—Στις 22 Φεβρουαρίου 2013, ο Πρωθυπουργός της Βαυαρίας, Χορστ Ζεεχόφερ, απένειμε σε μια Μάρτυρα του Ιεχωβά, τη Ματίλντε Χαρτλ, το παράσημο του Τάγματος της Αξίας. Το συγκεκριμένο παράσημο είναι η μεγαλύτερη τιμητική διάκριση σε πολίτη από πλευράς της Ομοσπονδιακής Δημοκρατίας της Γερμανίας για την προσφορά του στο έθνος.
      Η κ. Χαρτλ, η οποία ζει στη Βαυαρία, τιμήθηκε για την πολυετή φροντίδα του ανάπηρου γιου της, του Μάρτιν, ο οποίος τώρα είναι 26 χρονών. Από παιδί ο Μάρτιν υποφέρει από τη μυϊκή δυστροφία του Ντουσέν, μια ασθένεια που οδηγεί στη σταδιακή εκφύλιση και εξασθένηση των μυών. Ως εκ τούτου, η κ. Χαρτλ πρέπει να σηκώνεται πολλές φορές τη νύχτα για να τον φροντίζει επειδή μεταξύ άλλων χρειάζεται να παρακολουθεί και να ρυθμίζει την αναπνοή του, καθώς επίσης να καθαρίζει την αναπνευστική οδό του από τα φλέγματα για να μην πάθει κάποια λοίμωξη ή πνευμονία. Η κ. Χαρτλ είχε έναν ακόμη γιο τον Μαξ, ο οποίος έπασχε από την ίδια ασθένεια, καθώς και από νοητική υστέρηση. Δυστυχώς, ο Μαξ πέθανε το 2008, σε ηλικία 19 χρονών. Η κ. Χαρτλ φρόντιζε ταυτόχρονα με αγάπη και τα δυο της παιδιά επί πολλά χρόνια.
      Όταν τη ρώτησαν πού βρίσκει τη δύναμη να παρέχει τόσο επιμελή φροντίδα, η κ. Χαρτλ απάντησε: «Παίρνω δύναμη από την πίστη μου. Ως Μάρτυρας του Ιεχωβά, θεωρώ τη ζωή ιερή. Θέλω να κάνω τη ζωή του γιου μου πιο γλυκιά παρά την αναπηρία του, και θα συνεχίσω αυτή την προσπάθεια όσο ζω και μπορώ».
      Ο πρωθυπουργός επαίνεσε την κ. Χαρτλ και τα υπόλοιπα πρόσωπα που τιμήθηκαν σε αυτή την περίσταση λέγοντας: «Ο καθένας σας συνέβαλε στο να γίνει ο κόσμος μας λίγο καλύτερος».
      Πληροφορίες για τα ΜΜΕ:
      Διεθνές Γραφείο Ενημέρωσης: J. R. Brown, τηλ. +1 718 560 5000
      Γερμανία: Wolfram Slupina, τηλ. +49 6483 41 3110
      Το Γερμανικό Κράτος Παρασημοφορεί Μάρτυρα του Ιεχωβά (2013)
    • By ARchiv@L
      1 MAJA 2013NIEMCY
      Niemka będąca Świadkiem Jehowy otrzymuje order za zasługi
        SELTERS, Niemcy — 22 lutego 2013 roku Mathilde Hartl, będąca Świadkiem Jehowy, otrzymała z rąk premiera Bawarii Horsta Seehofera Order Zasługi Republiki Federalnej Niemiec. Jest to najwyższe odznaczenie państwowe przyznawane osobom zasłużonym dla społeczeństwa.
      Mathilde Hartl, która mieszka w Bawarii, została wyróżniona za długoletnią opiekę nad niepełnosprawnym synem Martinem, mającym teraz 26 lat. W dzieciństwie rozpoznano u niego dystrofię mięśniową Duchenne’a (DMD), która objawia się postępującym osłabieniem i zanikiem mięśni. W związku z tym matka co noc kilkakrotnie sprawdza, jak syn oddycha, oraz usuwa mu z dróg oddechowych zalegającą wydzielinę, żeby nie doszło do jakiejś infekcji lub do zapalenia płuc. Jej drugi syn, Max, również chorował na DMD i był przy tym upośledzony umysłowo. Mathilde Hartl przez wiele lat z miłością troszczyła się o Martina i Maxa. Niestety, w roku 2008 Max zmarł w wieku 19 lat.
      Kiedy ją zapytano, skąd bierze siły do zapewniania takiej wszechstronnej opieki, odpowiedziała: „Pomagają mi moje przekonania religijne. Jako Świadek Jehowy, wysoko cenię życie. Dopóki będę mogła, pragnę przyczyniać się do tego, żeby mój syn cieszył się życiem mimo choroby”.
      Premier pochwalił Mathilde Hartl i innych odznaczonych słowami: „Każdy z państwa sprawia, że świat jest trochę lepszy”.
      Kontakt dla dziennikarzy:
      J. R. Brown, Office of Public Information, tel. +1 718 560 5000
      Niemcy: Wolfram Slupina, tel. +49 6483 41 3110
    • By Jack Ryan
      You read that right. There is a whole talk on the topic.
      Outline: Safeguard Your Children From “What Is Evil” CO-tk17-26-E

    • By ARchiv@L
      Czy jest lepsze wyjście?

      Rozwiązanie problemu niesprawiedliwości, korupcji i ucisku można znaleźć w Biblii. Opisuje ona ustanowiony przez Boga niebiański rząd, który zastąpi zawodne systemy polityczne i ekonomiczne, będące przyczyną wielu protestów. W proroctwie dotyczącym Władcy tego rządu czytamy: „Wyzwoli bowiem biednego wołającego o pomoc, a także uciśnionego i każdego, kto nie ma wspomożyciela. Z ucisku i gwałtu wykupi ich duszę, a ich krew będzie drogocenna w jego oczach” (Psalm 72:12, 14).
      Świadkowie Jehowy głęboko wierzą, że właśnie Królestwo Boże jest jedyną realną nadzieją na ustanowienie pokojowego świata (Mateusza 6:9, 10). Dlatego nie biorą udziału w protestach. Ale czy idea, że rząd Boga wyeliminuje przyczyny niepokojów społecznych, nie jest zwykłą mrzonką? Mogłoby się tak wydawać. Jednak wiele osób nabrało przekonania, że rząd Boży naprawdę tego dokona. Czy nie chciałbyś przekonać się o tym osobiście?
      LIPIEC 2013
    • By ARchiv@L
      Czy protest to najlepsze wyjście?
      Dowiedz się, jakie są przyczyny nasilającej się fali protestów, i poznaj lepsze rozwiązanie.
    • By ARchiv@L
      Η ταπεινοφροσύνη περιλαμβάνει έλλειψη αλαζονείας ή υπερηφάνειας. Ο ταπεινός δεν θεωρεί τους άλλους κατώτερους. Κάθε ατελής άνθρωπος που είναι ταπεινός πρέπει να είναι και μετριόφρων, δηλαδή να ξέρει τους περιορισμούς του.
      Η δύναμη, η εξουσία ή οι φυσικές ικανότητες δεν πρέπει ποτέ να μας κάνουν να έχουμε μεγάλη ιδέα για τον εαυτό μας. Να θυμάστε: Για να είμαστε χρήσιμοι στον Ιεχωβά, η ταπεινοφροσύνη μας πρέπει πάντοτε να ξεπερνάει τις ικανότητές μας. (1 Σαμουήλ 15:17) Αν είμαστε πραγματικά ταπεινοί, θα αγωνιζόμαστε να εφαρμόζουμε τη σοφή συμβουλή της Αγίας Γραφής: «Να εμπιστεύεσαι στον Ιεχωβά με όλη σου την καρδιά και να μη στηρίζεσαι στη δική σου κατανόηση».—Παροιμίες 3:5, 6.
      Το παράδειγμα του Μωυσή μάς διδάσκει ακόμη να μη θεωρούμε υπερβολικά σπουδαία τη θέση ή την εξουσία μας.
      Ωφελούμαστε άραγε μιμούμενοι το παράδειγμα ταπεινοφροσύνης του Μωυσή; Και βέβαια! Όταν καλλιεργούμε γνήσια ταπεινοφροσύνη, διευκολύνουμε τη ζωή των γύρω μας και γινόμαστε αγαπητοί σε αυτούς. Το πιο σπουδαίο είναι ότι γινόμαστε αγαπητοί στον Ιεχωβά Θεό, ο οποίος εκδηλώνει και ο ίδιος αυτή τη θαυμάσια ιδιότητα. (Ψαλμός 18:35) «Ο Θεός εναντιώνεται στους υπερηφάνους αλλά δίνει παρ’ αξία καλοσύνη στους ταπεινούς». (1 Πέτρου 5:5) Αυτός είναι επιτακτικός λόγος για να μιμούμαστε την ταπεινοφροσύνη του Μωυσή.

      Η ΣΚΟΠΙΑ 
      ΦΕΒΡΟΥΑΡΙΟΣ 2013
    • By ARchiv@L
      Pokora wiąże się z brakiem pychy i wyniosłości. Osoba pokorna nie uważa innych za gorszych od siebie. Każdy pokorny człowiek jest też skromny, to znaczy pamięta o swojej niedoskonałości i ograniczeniach.
      Nigdy nie chcielibyśmy z racji władzy, autorytetu czy też wrodzonych zdolności wywyższać się nad innych. Pamiętajmy: Jeśli Jehowa ma nas użyć do jakichś zadań, przede wszystkim musimy się wyróżniać pokorą (1 Samuela 15:17). To właśnie ta cecha pomoże nam stosować się do biblijnej rady: „Zaufaj Jehowie całym sercem i nie opieraj się na własnym zrozumieniu” (Przysłów 3:5, 6).
      Z przykładu Mojżesza uczymy się także, by nie przywiązywać nadmiernej wagi do zajmowanej pozycji.
      Czy więc z naśladowania pokory Mojżesza odnosimy pożytek? Z całą pewnością! Gdy rozwijamy w sobie szczerą pokorę, ułatwiamy życie innym i budzimy ich sympatię. A co ważniejsze, zyskujemy przyjaźń Jehowy Boga, który również odznacza się tą piękną cechą (Psalm 18:35). „Bóg przeciwstawia się wyniosłym, lecz pokornych obdarza niezasłużoną życzliwością” (1 Piotra 5:5). Czyż nie jest to ważny powód, by naśladować pokorę Mojżesza?

      LUTY 2013
    • By Bible Speaks
      Children Bring Praise to Jehovah! Lessons From the Bible Teach Us How to Raise Responsible Children Today! -
      (Psalm 34:11) . . .Come, listen to me; The fear of Jehovah is what I shall teach YOU."
      (Zechariah 8:5) . . .And the public squares of the city themselves will be filled with boys and girls playing in her public squares.’” Young children in Israel knew the joy of relaxation and amusements, sometimes playing in the marketplace, imitating things they had observed while watching grown-ups.—Mt 11:16, 17; Zec 8:5
      The parents were the ones responsible for the education and training of their children, they themselves being the instructors and guides, both by word and by example. 
      The educational program was as follows:
      (1) Fear of Jehovah was taught. (Ps 34:11; Pr 9:10)
      (2) The child was admonished to honor his father and mother. (Ex 20:12; Le 19:3; De 27:16)
      (3)Discipline or instruction in the Law, its commandments and teachings, and education in the activities and revealed truths of Jehovah were diligently inculcated in the impressionable minds of the young offspring.
      (De 4:5, 9; 6:7-21; Ps 78:5)
      (4) Respect for older persons was stressed. (Le 19:32)
      (5) The importance of obedience was indelibly stamped on the youngster’s mind. (Pr 4:1; 19:20; 23:22-25)
      (6) Stress was put on practical training for adult living, such as teaching girls to do things around the home, or teaching boys the trade of the father or some other trade.
      (7) Education in reading and    writing was given.

    • By ARchiv@L
      New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures
      (2013 Revision)

      Azerbaijani (Cyrillic)
      Haitian Creole
      Portuguese (Portugal)

    • By TrueTomHarley
      "Most of the field service presentations she learned growing up will not work in their new territory, Brittany told me. They are considered rude. You can’t just launch into what you’ve come to talk about. First you must inquire about their family, and tell about yours. You have to tell about your children, for family is very important. When she tells them she doesn’t have children, they are concerned. Of course, part of hospitality is to find out why. They smile. ‘You married late in life;’ that is the reason. When they find that it is not, they realize you are on your second marriage. When that conclusion, too, proves false, they are very saddened: you lost your children in some tragic accident. Then they grow very still when you tell them you did not. They have finally discerned the true reason, but it is almost too delicate to bring up, though they do anyway - something is wrong with your equipment. Brittany’s student has drawn her a chart to help her understand how many children she should have at her age."
      From chapter 18 of Tom Irregardless and Me. 30% Free Preview
    • By Bible Speaks
      "Every man must be swift about hearing, slow about speaking, slow about wrath.”
      (James 1:19)
      Generally, children love their parents, and parents love their children. This is especially true among God’s people. 
      Some families agree to spend less time watching television or using the computer. 
      Others decide to eat at least one meal together each day. 
      Family worship is a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to get to know one another better as they study the Bible together. 
      The Bible says: “A person’s thoughts are like water in a deep well, but someone with insight can draw them out.” (Proverbs 20:5, Today’s English Version) 
      When anyone is replying to a matter before he hears it, that is foolishness on his part and a humiliation.” (Proverbs 18:13)
      If you stay calm and listen, you may be able to understand the reason for your child’s “wild talk.” (Job 6:1-3) 
      You can help your child only if you understand the whole situation. As loving parents, listen to your children and try to understand them so that you can say something that really helps them. 4 No greater joy do I have than this: that I should hear that my children go on walking in the truth." (3 John 4)
      We will make mistakes. So be quick to say “I’m sorry.” Forgive freely. “Be harmoniously joined together in love.” (Colossians 2:2) 
      Love has power. It helps us to be patient and kind. Love helps us to stay calm and to forgive. “It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” (1 Corinthians 13:4-7) 
      If you keep showing love, communication in your family will get better and better. This will make you happy and will honor Jehovah.

    • By Anna
      For anyone who is interested in reading the final report from the Australian Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      Children enjoying the convention in San Diego, California, USA
      by @Mva_Micky

    • Guest Nicole
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      This girl came up to the cart and was offered "My Book of Bible Stories",  an hour later she was still reading avidly. 

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