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Jack Ryan

So my group overseer just texted this to me. Can someone please explain? đŸ€Šâ€â™€ïžđŸ€Šâ€â™€ïžđŸ€Š

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22 hours ago, TrueTomHarley said:

If he truly fancies himself a shepherd of the sheep, that is exactly what a shepherd would do.

or an over-controlling busybody sticking their nose into business that doesn't pertain to them. 

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40 minutes ago, Shiwiii said:

or an over-controlling busybody sticking their nose into business that doesn't pertain to them. 

It is only because of the quick wording that the message might be taken that way. He scribbled it hastily to a handful of close people that he thought he knew well, people who would not take offense at his quirky way of phrasing matters. 

He had no idea that Jack was among them and was going to go squealing with it like a two-year old to the WorldWideMedia forum so that 1984-obsessed people could hoo-haw over it.

“How can the shepherd say to the Master that he doesn’t know where the sheep are?” one elder put it.


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Dear Brother Overseer:

My vacation plans now through September  include working a third job, to pay for my daughters medical bills, and try to keep an eviction notice from being posted on my front door, and having our electricity and water cut off.

Since I quit Pioneering I have found the competition for decent paying jobs is fierce, and unrelenting, and frankly, I do not have the skills to compete, or while in survival mode, have the time or money to acquire those skills.

I have a rotten molar on the left side of my face that feels like a bee sting, a heavy bruise, and that my face is being eaten by rats, and my heart does not feel like it can take the strain of all of this much longer.

As you know, Elder Brother B_______________  dropped dead in mid-step in his living room, with problems similar to mine.  He did have a nice memorial service, however,  my thought was that he was now RESTING, in peace.

Thank you for asking, though, but in my entire life, I have only had one, two day "vacation", but I saw a movie about one with Chevy Chase, and he did not look like he was having a real good time.


Brother ________________



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44 minutes ago, TrueTomHarley said:

It is only because of the quick wording that the message might be taken that way. He scribbled it hastily to a handful of close people that he thought he knew well, people who would not take offense at his quirky way of phrasing matters. 

He had no idea that Jack was among them and was going to go squealing with it like a two-year old to the WorldWideMedia forum so that 1984-obsessed people could hoo-haw over it.

“How can the shepherd say to the Master that he doesn’t know where the sheep are?” one elder put it.


So what?

So what if he knew them.

What purpose does this supposed shepherd need to know the vacation plans in the first place? My own parents do not request such things, and I'm pretty sure their concern for my well being is much more warranted. Of course Tom, I know you request this of your family, right? 

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7 minutes ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

As hard as it is to understand ... some people "at the bottom", actually prefer a totalitarian system.



 I've also found that some people just can't allow themselves to admit, when someone they normally don't agree with, is correct. 

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On 4/13/2019 at 10:18 AM, Jack Ryan said:


“Canada” - John

“Florida” - Sam

“Boise, Idaho - I have family there I visit”. - Sam

“Spain. The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain. Thanks for your concern” - George

“The Adirondacks. We like to camp with the family. - Howie

”It’s none of your “G*****M” business where I am going on my vacation! What an invasion of privacy! Does your desire for control know know bounds?” - Jack

1 hour ago, Shiwiii said:

I'veï»ż aï»żlso found that some people just can't allow themselves to aï»żdmitï»ż, when someone they normally don't agree with, is correct. 

For whatever it’s worth, I don’t think I have ever received such a request, but I would not lose my cookies if I did. I have been asked where I might go in the event of an emergency. Unfortunately, I am not sure just who would put up with me. Maybe the ol pork chop.

“Be obedient to those who are taking the lead among YOU and be submissive, for they are keeping watch over YOUR souls as those who will render an account; that they may do this with joy and not with sighing, for this would be damaging to YOU.” - Hebrews 13:17

Whole lotta sighin over there in Jack’s congregation.

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Dear Brother Overseer:

June and July our Family is going Camping on our private Island in the American Virgin Islands, as soon as our Chinook CH-3 Winnebago helicopter landing pad is completed on our 189 foot SuperYacht.

We are trying to simplify our lives, as recommended, by havin' the house servants go ahead of us and set everything up, and get our Villa ready for occupancy.

We plan on witnessing at least 6 hours a day, by having an aircraft fly over Miami Beach, towing a JW.ORG banner .

Even though we will be having entertainment from Las Vegas, this will be a "working" vacation for our guests, who will be down by private jet from Warwick, for their usual Wednesday's coordination meetings. One requested a large quantity of Scotch, so we have ordered several cases of transparent adhesive tape.


Brother _____________


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  • Similar Content

      I've often thought of this point of reproof from the platform. It does nothing positive at all, it just leaves people wondering why the person was reproved.
      And it certainly does not protect the congregation.  
      2019 “Shepherd the Flock of God”: The Problem With Public Reproofs for Child Sex Abuse
      by Alexandra James In January of 2019, elders in the congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses were issued a new version of their confidential handbook, "Shepherd the Flock of God." This handbook covers, among other topics, when a person should be "reproved."
      For those unfamiliar with the their practices, Jehovah's Witness elders might determine that someone guilty of a serious sin is repentant and will be "reproved" rather than disfellowshipped [excommunicated]. This reproof might be administered privately, or it might include a very brief announcement to the congregation.
      Public Reproofs Are Not a Protection
      The "Shepherd" book makes the claim that a public reproof serves as a "protection" to the congregation against certain dangerous behaviors, such as child sexual abuse; note this statement from chapter 14, "Child Abuse::

      However, this announcement of reproof includes no information about the person's "sinful" behavior, as instructed in chapter 16, "Procedure for Judicial Hearings":

      The "Shepherd" book even outright instructs that a person's sinful acts should not be connected to their reproof, such as when a "warning" talk is given regarding their behavior; also from chapter 16:

      This statement alone demonstrates that the entire "public reproof" arrangement protects no one from congregation members who might pose a danger to others, including children. Simply stating that someone has "been reproved" doesn't warn a congregant of that person's specific behavior, and especially when there is a long list of reasons why someone might be publicly reproved, including:
      Smoking Fornication, adultery Theft Lying, slander Various forms of "apostasy" Severe fits of temper, fighting Drunkenness Using narcotics Taking up boxing After hearing a rather generic announcement that someone has been "reproved," without knowing the actual reason for that reproof, how would congregants know to keep their children away from them? Another congregant might assume that a person being reproved was caught smoking or fornicating with an adult; child sexual abuse might be the last thing they would consider when they hear of someone having been reproved!
      Your Conscience Shouldn't Be Clean
      This begs the question of why Jehovah's Witnesses think that their consciences can be clean in these cases. Elders honestly think that making an announcement of so-and-so having been "reproved" protects the congregation and so they've done their job of keeping people and children safe?
      Nothing can be further from the truth, especially when it comes to child sexual abuse. This "public reproof" arrangement purposely conceals the action that warranted the reproof, so it warns no one about a congregant who might be a danger to their children.
      This announcement does not take away from an elder's complicity in hiding allegations of abuse. Any elder who hears of such a credible allegation and doesn't notify authorities, cooperate with their investigations fully, and then do everything possible to keep a potentially dangerous person away from children shares guilt and blame if that person goes on to molest another child.

      The bottom line is that Jehovah's Witnesses and elders especially have no problem lying to themselves and to the general public about their supposed "protections" for congregants. They shield alleged molesters by purposely ensuring that no information about a particular act is associated with "reproved" persons, and then tell themselves that this passive-aggressive "hinting around" is going to somehow alert congregants to the need to keep their child away from him or her.
      While the authors of these practices and the elders charged with enforcing them might go to bed with a clean conscience, remember it's not them who suffer the consequences of their actions; the elders are not being raped and abused, the men who wrote this "Shepherd" book are not the ones who will be the next victims of these "reproved" persons.
      Their complicity in this horrific act is bad enough, but their smug self-righteousness in thinking that they've somehow done enough to protect children with a generic "reproof" is just another slap across the face of those same children.
    • By Anna
      When a judicial committee is formed, why does it only consist of three elders (usually) but does not involve the whole body of elders? And is there a scripture this is based on?
    • By The Librarian
      "We do not have a paid clergy in our organization. Instead, as was done when the Christian congregation got its start, qualified overseers are appointed “to shepherd the congregation of God.” (Acts 20:28) These elders are spiritually mature men who take the lead in the congregation and shepherd, “not under compulsion, but willingly before God; not for love of dishonest gain, but eagerly.” (1 Peter 5:1-3)"

      Each congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses has a body of unpaid elders, who are responsible for teaching the congregation. Elders maintain general responsibility for congregational governance, pastoral work, selecting speakers and conducting meetings, directing the public preaching work and creating "judicial committees" to investigate and decide disciplinary action for cases that are seen as breaching scriptural laws.

      There are no secular educational requirements for Witness elders. Elders are considered "overseers" based on the biblical Greek term, áŒÏ€ÎŻÏƒÎșÎżÏ€ÎżÏ‚ (episkopos, typically translated "bishop"). 

      "The word "overseer" is translated from the Greek word episkopos, which literally means "one who visits and inspects." It applies in Jehovah's organization to one who watches out for and takes care of the interests of God's flock. The apostle Paul says, at 1 Timothy 3 :1 (NW) :"If any man is reaching out for an office of overseer, he is desirous of a right kind of work." " - Qualified to be Ministers(1955)

      Before 2014 prospective elders were recommended from among ministerial servants and former elders by the local elder body for appointment by the branch; Now the Circuit Overseer appoints and deletes elders.(
      branch offices may also approve appointments to local Congregation Service Committees. As of September 2014, it will be the responsibility of circuit overseers to appoint the elders and ministerial servants, similar to how described by the Bible in Acts. This is in an April 2014 letter to congregations. Previously they were recommended for appointment by the local body of elders and then appointed by the Service Desk at HQ. Before that a congregation or company servant was appointed by the branch office. Before October 1932 (watchtower citation needed) such brothers were elected by the local congregations.
      Qualifications for Overseers
      The Apostle Paul set down the qualifications for overseers at 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9

      Service Committee roles include:
      Coordinator of the Body of Elders: (previously known as the Presiding Overseer) chairs elders’ meetings, assigns duties and speakers for most congregation meetings, and oversees financial matters. (as of Sept 2014 he must be less than 80 years of age)
      Service Overseer: organizes matters related to public preaching, and oversees those handling Witness literature and territories.
      Congregation Secretary: maintains congregation records, reports congregation activity to the branch headquarters, advises the congregation about conventions and assemblies, and oversees those handling accounts.[1]
      Additional roles within the body of elders include:
      Watchtower Study Conductor: leads the weekly study of The Watchtower.[2]
      Theocratic Ministry School Overseer: conducts the Theocratic Ministry School, assigns student assignments, counsels students with a goal to improving their preaching skills, and conducts bi-monthly question-and-answer reviews.[3][4]
      Auxiliary Counselor: responsible for providing private counsel, as needed, to elders or ministerial servants that handle meeting parts.
      Operating Committee Members: responsible for the care of the building and property of Kingdom Halls that are shared by two or more congregations.
      Group Overseers: oversee groups for public preaching and pastoral care.[4]
      Public Talk Coordinator: schedules speakers and talks for the public meetings and co-ordinates traveling speakers from his congregation.
      Literature Coordinator: responsible for inventory, ordering, and distribution of literature for Kingdom Halls that are shared by two or more congregations.
      Additional roles outside the body of elders include:
      City Overseer
      Convention Overseer
      Rooming Overseer
      Headquarter's Representative (formerly Zone Overseer) (sometimes referred to as a Traveling Overseer)
      District Overseer (position deleted) (sometimes referred to as a Traveling Overseer)
      Circuit Overseer (sometimes referred to as a Traveling Overseer)

      (1 Timothy 5:17) 17 Let the older men who preside in a fine way be reckoned worthy of double honor, especially those who work hard in speaking and teaching.
      In Watchtower Publications elders are sometimes biblically referred to as:
      Glorious Ones
      Capable Men
      Stars in the right hand of Jesus (See Revelation)
      Gifts in men
      Princes (Not all elders, only GB Helpers, and Circuit Overseers)
      "Hiding place from the wind"
      Committee Chairman (or member)
      Zone Overseer (Term has been retired from use)
      Branch Committee member
      Presiding Overseer (Term has been retired from use)
      Coordinator of the Body of Elders COBE
      Congregation Servant (Term has been retired from use)
      "Spiritually qualified older men"
      Pillars in the truth
      "Those keeping watch over your souls.."
      Mighty men
      Historical Publications Referencing Elders
      The New Creation, Watch Tower, 1904, pages 289-290, "The administration of discipline is not the function of the elders only, but of the entire [congregation]. ... If the reproved one fails to clear himself, and continues in the error or sin, then two or three brethren without previous prejudice should be asked to hear the matter and advise the disputants. (Elders they may or may not be, but their eldership would add no force or authority in the case except as their judgment might be the riper and their influence the more potent.) If this committee decide unanimously with either party, the other should acquiesce and the matter be wholly at an end--correction, or restitution, so far as possible, being promptly made. If either of the original disputants still persists in the wrong course, the [accuser, a committee member] or, preferably, all of these together, may then (but not sooner) exercise their privilege of bringing the matter before the [congregation]. Thus it is evident that the Elders were in no sense to be judges of the members—hearing and judgment were left to the [congregation]. The two preliminary steps (above mentioned) having been taken, the facts being certified to the elders, it would be their duty to call a general meeting of the [congregation], as a court--to hear the case in all of its particulars, and in the name and reverence of its Head to render a decision. ... if the transgressor refuse to hear (obey) the decision of the entire [congregation], ... the [congregation] is to withdraw from him its fellowship and any and all signs or manifestations of brotherhood. [emphasis retained from original]
      Talks Regarding Elders
      Are We Really Spiritual Shepherds? - Timothy Pappas
      See also

      Kingdom Ministry School for the 2015 Service Year

      List of JW Terminology
      Bethel Elder (no longer used) 
      Traveling Overseer
      Kingdom Ministry School
      School for Congregation Elders 
      2011 Manual - School for Congregation Elders 2014 “School For Christian Couples” Graduation - Audio
      Publications referencing Elders
      2015 Amendments included in this 2012 printing of the "Shepherd the Flock of God"
      2014 Letters to Bodies of Elders

      July 13, 2014 Letter to Body of Elders (regarding appointment and deletion of elders and ministerial servants)
      2005 - Organized to do Jehovah's Will
      2013 Kingdom Ministry School Videos (Elders only viewing please)
      1991 - ks-91E * "Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock"
      2010 - ks-10E * 'Shepherd the Flock of God' (Revised version)
      1977 - "Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock"
      1961 - Kingdom Service Questions
      1955 - Qualified to be Ministers
      1961-2010-Elder-Manuals-Combined-R.pdf References
      Our Kingdom Ministry 10/98 p. 7 par. 1-2 Overseers Taking the Lead—The Secretary, "As a member of the Congregation Service Committee, he cares for the congregation’s communications and important records. ... He directly oversees those handling accounts and subscriptions as well as all convention-related matters." Our Kingdom Ministry 12/98 p. 8 Overseers Taking the Lead—The Watchtower Study Conductor Our Kingdom Ministry 11/98 p. 8 Overseers Taking the Lead—The Theocratic Ministry School Overseer Our Kingdom Ministry'10/07 p. 3 Theocratic Ministry School Schedule for 2008' The Congregation Book Study—Why We Need It, Our Kingdom Ministry June 2004, p. 4 pars. 4-5.
    • By Jack Ryan
      If it was a crime can you imagine a judge saying "well nobody found out you robbed the bank because you covered it up. Well done you can continue as the bank manager and not go to prison."
      "evidence of God's blessing" IS not getting caught - lmao đŸ˜‚đŸ€Ł
    • By James Thomas Rook Jr.
      FSB starts detaining Jehovah’s Witnesses on Kola, dozens flee to Finland
      Criminal cases are initiated after FSB and Rosgvardia raided six addresses in the closed navy town of Polyarny.
      By Thomas Nilsen - The Independent Barents Observer
      April 20, 2018
      Last April, a ruling by Russia’s Supreme Court banned all Jehovah’s Witnesses organizations throughout the country, arguing the religious group to be extremist.
      On Friday, Murmansk regional authorities’ newspaper Murmanski Vestnik reports about raids made by FSB and the National Guard of Russia (Rosgvardia) in Polyarny on the Kola Peninsula.
      Two local residents were detained under suspicions of being members of the administrative centre of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia, organizing teaching and meetings where reading of banned religious literature took place. Searches were carried out at six addresses in Polyarny.  
      The town is home to a naval yard and several of the diesel-powered submarines and other warships of the Northern Fleet have Polyarny as homeport.
      The extremist law banning Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia provides for a maximum sentences of 6 to 10 years in jail.
      Meanwhile, a wave of practicing Jehovah’s Witnesses are fleeing Russia. More than a thousand people are now seeking asylum in several European countries, including Finland, the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat reported earlier this winter.
      It all started last summer, and that’s when the first Witnesses sought asylum in Finland, spokesperson Veikko Leininen with the organization’s Finnish branch told the newspaper.  Many dozens at least are still to come, he said.
      Press adviser Therese Bergwitz-Larsen with the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) can’t go into details about particular reasons for asylum seekers coming to Norway.
      Unfortunately, we can’t say anything in general on the background for reasons to apply for asylum, since the number [from Russia] is so small, Bergwitz-Larsen tells the Barents Observer.
      Statistics from UDI show that 15 persons came from Russia the first three months this year. In 2017, 58 Russian asylum seekers came to Norway.
      In Russia, the number of Jehovah’s Witnesses are estimated to about 175,000. That be, before the organization was declared extremist. Viewed with skepticism for denying military service, voting and refusal to take blood, the members are seen as both a threat to themselves, their children and public safety.
      Also during Soviet times, the Witnesses were persecuted.   
      Human Right Watch recently called on Russian authorities to drop charges against Danish citizen Dennis Christensen adherent for practicing his faith. Christensen has been in pretrial custody for 11 months in the town of Orel. Human Right Watch argues that Russia is a member of Council of Europe and  a party to the European Convention on Human Rights, and therefore is obligated to protect the rights to freedom of religion and association.
      My note: Russia passed a law in 2015 that basically stated that any CE or ECHR resolution or ruling they disagreed with could be ignored. I think it is a very good idea when governments start rounding up people for gas chambers, concentration or slave labor camps, or prison ... just be somewhere else.
      You may have to abandon everything you and your family ever worked for, with the clothes on your back, but at least when they upholster the living room furniture you left behind ... it won't be with YOUR SKIN.
    • By Srecko Sostar
      According to this text in "Shepherd book", page 84,85 woman in JW congregation are viewed as minor children, not entitled to hear information that are important for her marriage and family life and her life at all. JW elders look at them as a people of the second rank. Even a male underage child or teenager or young male/man, who is baptized, has a higher status than any sister, young or old, single or married, publisher, pioneer or missionary or anointed.
      Meeting With Marriage Mates
      11. If the accused is a married sister, it is best
      to have her believing husband present for the hearing.
      He is her head, and his efforts to restore her and
      direct her can be very helpful. (1 Cor. 11:3) If unusual
      circumstances are involved or the elders feel it would
      be best not to invite the husband because of their
      concerns for the safety of the wife, the elders should
      call the branch office.
      12. If the accused is a married brother, his
      wife would normally not attend the hearing. However,
      if the husband wants his wife to be present, she
      may attend a portion of the hearing. The judicial
      committee should maintain confidentiality.
      13. If the husband committed adultery, he
      has an obligation to inform his wife of the facts. The
      judicial committee should promptly inquire of the
      Christian wife as to what her husband has told her. If
      he refuses to inform her of his adultery, the elders
      should inform her that because of her husband’s
      conduct, it is up to her to decide whether to pursue a
      Scriptural divorce or not. Furthermore, they should
      inform the innocent mate that her resuming sexual
      relations with the guilty mate would negate any
      claim to Scriptural freedom. But they should not give
      her further details. On the other hand, the elders
      may find that while the husband did confess adultery
      to his wife, he did not tell her the full extent of his
      wrong conduct and left out important information
      that the wife should know. The elders should not pro-
      84 “Shepherd the Flock of God”—1 Peter 5:2
      vide this confidential information to the wife, but
      they can suggest that she speak with her husband
      again. Even if he does not tell her anything more, this
      will alert her to the fact that he is withholding information
      from her, and this may help her to determine
      whether to forgive or not.
      Chapter 6                                                                    85
    • By Srecko Sostar
      According introductory words in "Shepherd book", this publication is "congregation property". What would be your answer on question -What is congregation? Who are members of congregation? By normal logic all JW members are congregation and by their membership (legality of membership come through baptism) in congregation are entitled to read this book and  to get to know the content of this book. But this is not how reality looks. Many, almost all "ordinary" members even doesn't know that this book or similar written instructions exist.
      Another shocking fact from the 2010 Letter to the elders come to daylight. Instruction to elders given by GB (or from some WT Department that is under direct supervision of GB) shows us once again how this "theocratic" organization treats women's at all, and sisters as members of the congregation. Sisters are compared with unbelievers and working stuff of outsides companies. Shameful!
      This publication is congregation property. A
      copy is issued to each appointed elder. If an elder
      is deleted for reasons other than moving to
      another congregation with a favorable recommendation,
      he should turn over this handbook
      to the Congregation Service Committee. The
      secretary should keep the book in the congregationÂ’s
      file so that it may be returned to the
      brother if he is reappointed as an elder. No
      copies are to be made of any part of this publication.
      Neither is it to be converted into any
      electronic format.
      All Rights Reserved
      Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
      2012 Printing
      This publication is not for sale. It is provided as part of a worldwide
      Bible educational work supported by voluntary donations.
      Unless otherwise indicated, Scripture quotations are from the modern-language
      New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures—With References.
      “Shepherd the Flock of God”—1 Peter 5:2
      English (ks10-E)
      Made in the United States of America
      Chapter 1
      page 6 quote
      2. “Shepherd the Flock of God” has been designed
      as a handbook for elders to supply vital information
      that will help them care for congregation matters.
      page 7 quote
      Because of efforts to simplify this publication,
      it does not cover every aspect of our work as elders.
      At times you may need to consult other publications
      and letters to the body of elders for detailed
      information. Be alert to future direction and adjustments
      so as to stay up-to-date on theocratic direction.

    • By Srecko Sostar
      According to this text in "Shepherd book", page 38,39 elders are allowed to hide their own sins or sins of colleagues, elders.  
      19. If it comes to light or an appointed
      brother confesses that he has committed a disfellowshipping
      offense years in the past:
      The body of elders may determine he can continue to
      serve if the following is true: The immorality or other
      serious wrongdoing occurred more than a few years
      ago, and he is genuinely repentant, recognizing that
      he should have come forward immediately when he
      sinned. (Perhaps he has even confessed to his sin,
      seeking help with his guilty conscience.) He has been
      serving faithfully for many years, has evidence of
      God’s blessing, and has the respect of the congregation.
      20. If the sin occurred before he was appointed as
      an elder or a ministerial servant, the elders will need
      to take into consideration the fact that he should
      have mentioned this possible impediment to his being
      qualified when elders interviewed him just prior
      to announcing his appointment. Moreover, the nature
      of the sin may reflect greatly on his qualifications
      to serve. For example, the sin may involve past
      child abuse, and this would likely disqualify him for
      many years.—w97 1/1 pp. 26-29; w77 pp. 697-698.
      38            “Shepherd the Flock of God”—1 Peter 5:2
      21. If the wrongdoing occurred within the past few
      years while he was serving as an elder or a ministerial
      servant, he is disqualified from serving as such, not
      being “free from accusation.” (1 Tim. 3:2, 10; Titus 1:
      6, 7) Depending on the circumstances, the situation
      may also need to be handled by a judicial committee.
      —See 5:43-44.
      Chapter 3                                                                     39
    • By James Thomas Rook Jr.
      This is a three part question with THREE related answers:
      I saw a movie about a year ago about this Cowboy, driving his jeep through the desert, and he comes upon about six cars and pickup trucks grouped together, out in the middle of nowhere ... with bodies all around and in the vehicles. Apparently a drug deal had "gone bad", and the buyers and sellers had killed each other.. The pickup trucks are full of bales of drugs, and the cars are full of suitcases full of money. The Cowboy puts gasoline on the drugs, burning them up, and goes home with the money.
      Did he STEAL the money ... and  does he have a moral responsibility to return it to the people who were going to buy the drugs?
      Bear in mind, he has broken NO LAW ... and he is not legally REQUIRED to report the criminal activity ..... much like the Society's position that they will not turn JW child sex abusers over to the police unless legally REQUIRED to do so.
      Using the principles long established by the WTB&TS .... I would be inclined to keep the money !
      Of course I would check for hidden tracking transmitters in the suitcases ... and take other evasive precautions.
      .Question 1.) Did the Cowboy STEAL the money ... ?
      Question 2.) Does he have a moral responsibility to return it to the people who were going to buy the drugs ... ?
      Question 3.) What would YOU do?
      EXTRA CREDIT:  Was it immoral for the Cowboy to deliberately destroy the drug dealers' property?
    • By James Thomas Rook Jr.
      My wife and I are planning to see the movie  "DUNKIRK" this weekend, and I have seen "Saving Private Ryan", and "Schindler's List", all very violent war movies, and in my opinion very IMPORTANT movies to see. 
      The list of incredibly important movies could fill a notebook.
      I could probably list 10 off the top of my head .. some important for very different reasons.
      "The Notebook" comes to mind.
      Some, merely cultural icons, like the entire STAR WARS and STAR TREK franchises, etc.
      What has been your actual experience about what kinds of movies the Brotherhood actually sees ?
    • By James Thomas Rook Jr.
      SCENARIO:  You are at a packed Kingdom Hall on Memorial night, and ten minutes into the remembrance talk, six masked people with weapons enter the Kingdom Hall and begin shooting everyone they can, without any conversation.  
      You are shot in the left side of your face and most of those teeth are gone.
      Before you know what is going on twelve Brothers and Sisters have been shot, screaming and panic ensues, and there is blood and bodies and brains all over, and the shooting continues.
      Would it be fitting for a Brother  to use his handgun to return fire on the murderers to try and save his own life, or the lives of his Brothers and Sisters?
      Or, in PubSpeak ... "Would it be fitting for a Christian to keep a firearm, such as a handgun or a rifle, for protection against other humans?" ( July 2017 Watchtower )
      This raises MANY Theocratic, moral, ethical, legal, and Societial policy questions ... all of which have REAL answers. 
      What is the RIGHT thing for a responsible Christian to do?
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      A WOMAN  who was molested by her father over 5 years and afterwards by a Jehovah’s Witnesses she asked for assistance has oral out about her ordeal.
      Terrified Angie Rodgers, from Ayrshire, was abused weekly by her perverted Jehovah’s Witness father Ian Cousins from a age of 11.

      Angie Rodgers was 11 years aged when her father started abusing her
      The dauntless teen eventually plucked adult a bravery to disclose in a Jehovah’s Witness elders, who took small action and she was after abused by one of them too, Harry Holt.
      Angie, now 36, said: “I incited to a church for assistance and we was abused a second time.
      “I was a child and they should have helped, though they incited on me. They make me feel sick.
      “I don’t consider I’ll ever get over what happened. I’ve usually schooled to live with it.
      “I have nightmares and flashbacks all a time and been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress.”
      Angie’s father was detained for 5 years in 2002 for his crimes, while Holt was usually jailed final year for Angie’s attack along with 7 others he molested.
      Now aged 36, Angie, a mother-of-four, has bravely waived her anonymity in a wish her story will assistance other people.
      She said: “Dad did it whenever he got a chance, even when we was ill.

      Angie Rodgers poses here with others in a Jehovah’s Witness community
      “Once, we was throwing adult with gastric influenza when father brought me home a feathery bunny, with a organic white floral dress and bloomers.
      “My wordless went to a Kingdom (church) and my father scooped me adult in his arms from a couch, took me to his room and molested me.
      “I prayed my wordless would come and save me though she never did. After that he used to try to hold me whenever we were alone. It got worse and worse.
      “We went to a Jehovah gathering when we was about 14 and he attempted to rape me in a tent. He was usually interrupted when an elder shouted him from outside.”
      At a age of 15 Angie confided in a friend, whose father led a opposite church, in a wish that they would be means to stop a abuse.
      While her father Cousins was called in for a “judicial meeting” no movement was taken, as Jehovah’s Witness elders can't act opposite suspects unless “there is a admission or dual convincing witnesses”.
      Angie was afterwards subjected to an talk by 3 masculine elders including Holt, where she was done to plead insinuate sum of a abuse.
      She explained: “They even asked what I’d been wearing, as if it was my fault. It was excruciating. we was so genuine we was still personification with toys and Lego during 18.”
      As Cousins showed plea for his sins he was authorised behind into a church after being reprimanded – and a abuse stopped.
      A brief while after in 1997, Holt done a pierce on Angie when pushing her home following a event door-knocking for members.
      She said: “On a approach home in a automobile he grabbed my leg and felt his approach adult towards my underwear.”
      Shocked, a immature lady told her relatives about a occurrence and a explanation led to Holt journey to Edinburgh.
      It was suggested in justice final year that he went on to abuse some-more children.
      Angie motionless to make a censure to a military about her father when she found out he had also abused another dual girls.
      She also incited her behind on a Jehovah’s Witnesses during 19 in a wish of starting fresh.
      The sacrament is pronounced to inspire members to reject people who leave, and Angie claimed that she didn’t see her mom for 6 years after she left.
      In 2014 a censure was done opposite Holt, and Angie concluded to come brazen and pronounce about her horrific experience.
      In Feb 2016, 71-year-old Holt was condemned to three-and-a-half years in jail for a abuse of 8 girls between 1971 and 2004.
      Angie said: “If what happened to me helps usually one immature lady – or child – go to a military it will have been value it. What happened to me is horrible though I’m perplexing to pierce on, differently my abusers have won.
      “The sacrament is zero though a cult. Children are kept wordless by fears of Holy condemnation and Armageddon if they move a church into ill repute.
      “It’s that fear and a fear of being shunned by friends and family if we leave that stops victims from stating to police. It’s primitive and it has to stop.”
      When contacted, a Jehovah’s Witnesses wouldn’t criticism on Angie’s box though they did criticism on their position in general.
      The matter said: “Jehovah’s Witnesses detest child abuse and perspective it as a iniquitous crime and sin. Safety of a children is of a pinnacle importance.
      “Elders do not defense abusers from a authorities. Anyone who commits a impiety of child abuse faces exclusion from a congregation. Any idea Jehovah’s Witnesses cover adult abuse is false.
      “We are doing all we can to forestall child abuse and to yield devout comfort to any who have suffered from this terrible impiety and crime.”
    • Guest Nicole
    • By Bible Speaks
      "Let him call the older men of the congregation to him, and let them pray over him."—Jas. 5:14.
      "And the prayer of faith will make the sick one well, and Jehovah will raise him up. Also, if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. Therefore, openly confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, so that you may be healed. A righteous man’s supplication has a powerful effect." James 5:15,16

    • By JAMMY
      Are elder's wives privy to info that is transferred via the electronic site for elders, either by reading it themselves or being informed of it before, or even if, it is announced to the congregation?
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    • The story has also been told that it was a "black boy" who offered him the newspaper for free: https://mylife-chapter.blogspot.com/2017/08/who-is-richer-than-bill-gates.html When my wife was a school principal, teachers were always putting up posters about, for example, the "Ten Things Bill Gates Says about School" or "What Bill Gates Said Were the Most Important Things in Life" etc. He may have told a story like this, but usually people create such stories so that their own moral lesson comes across with more authority.  
    • RECHERCHONS DES PERLES SPIRITUELLES - SEMAINE DU 9 DĂ©cembre 2019 - RĂ©vĂ©lation 10-12.docx RECHERCHONS DES PERLES SPIRITUELLES - SEMAINE DU 9 DĂ©cembre 2019 - RĂ©vĂ©lation 10-12.pdf Recherchons des perles spirituelles (8 min) : RĂ©vĂ©lation 10-12 RĂ©vĂ©lation 10:9, 10 : En quel sens le message donnĂ© Ă  Jean Ă©tait-il Ă  la fois « amer » et « doux » ? (it-2 821 § 1). « Je suis donc allĂ© vers l’ange et lui ai demandĂ© de me donner le petit rouleau. Il m’a dit : « Prends-le et mange-le. Il sera amer pour ton estomac, mais dans ta bouche il sera doux comme du miel. » 10 J’ai pris le petit rouleau de la main de l’ange et je l’ai mangĂ©. Dans ma bouche, il a Ă©tĂ© doux comme du miel, mais une fois avalĂ© il est devenu amer pour mon estomac. » Emploi symbolique. Le mot “ rouleau ” est employĂ© plusieurs fois dans un sens symbolique dans la Bible. ÉzĂ©chiel et Zacharie virent chacun un rouleau Ă©crit des deux cĂŽtĂ©s. Puisque d’habitude on se servait d’un seul cĂŽtĂ© d’un rouleau, le fait que les deux cĂŽtĂ©s soient utilisĂ©s est peut-ĂȘtre l’indice du poids, de l’étendue et de la gravitĂ© des jugements consignĂ©s dans ces rouleaux (Éz 2:9–3:3 ; Zach 5:1-4). Dans la vision de la RĂ©vĂ©lation, celui qui Ă©tait sur le trĂŽne tenait dans sa main droite un rouleau portant sept sceaux qui empĂȘchaient de voir ce qui Ă©tait Ă©crit, jusqu’à ce que l’Agneau de Dieu les ouvre. Plus tard dans la vision, Jean lui-mĂȘme se vit prĂ©senter un rouleau qu’il reçut l’ordre de manger. Son goĂ»t parut doux Ă  Jean, mais il rendit son ventre amer. Le rouleau Ă©tant ouvert et non scellĂ©, il s’agissait de quelque chose qui devait ĂȘtre compris. Il parut “ doux ” Ă  Jean de recevoir le message contenu dans ce rouleau, mais il s’y trouvait selon toute apparence des choses amĂšres Ă  prophĂ©tiser, ce qu’il reçut l’ordre de faire. ÉzĂ©chiel vĂ©cut Ă  peu prĂšs la mĂȘme chose avec le rouleau qui lui fut prĂ©sentĂ© et dans lequel se trouvaient “ des chants funĂšbres, des gĂ©missements et des lamentations ”. Éz 2:10. - it-2 821 § 1 Il lui est doux de se nourrir de ce rouleau, parce que celui-ci vient de Dieu. Mais il lui semble amer de le digĂ©rer, car ce rouleau annonce des choses dĂ©sagrĂ©ables pour les humains rebelles. A notre Ă©poque, les membres de la grande foule proclament  avec zĂšle la bonne nouvelle en utilisant des paroles douces et accompagnĂ©es de charme pour parler des dispositions merveilleuses prises par JĂ©hovah en faveur des chrĂ©tiens comparables Ă  des brebis. Mais pour les humains qui s’y opposent, il s’agit d’une mauvaise nouvelle. Pour quelle raison ? Elle signifie que le systĂšme dans lequel ils se confient, et qui leur procure mĂȘme peut-ĂȘtre une satisfaction Ă©phĂ©mĂšre, doit disparaĂźtre. Pour eux, la bonne nouvelle signifie donc la mort – re p158 RĂ©vĂ©lation 12:1-5 : Comment ces versets se sont-ils rĂ©alisĂ©s ? (it-1 673 § 4-6). «  Puis un grand signe est apparu dans le ciel : Une femme Ă©tait revĂȘtue du soleil, et la lune Ă©tait sous ses pieds, et elle avait sur la tĂȘte une couronne de 12 étoiles.  Elle Ă©tait enceinte, et elle criait dans les douleurs et les tourments de l’accouchement.  Un autre signe est apparu dans le ciel. Regardez ! Un grand dragon couleur de feu, avec sept tĂȘtes et dix cornes, et un diadĂšme sur chaque tĂȘte ; 4 et sa queue traĂźne le tiers des Ă©toiles du ciel, et il les a jetĂ©es sur la terre. Et le dragon se tenait devant la femme qui Ă©tait sur le point d’accoucher, prĂȘt Ă  dĂ©vorer son enfant lorsqu’elle accoucherait.  Et elle a donnĂ© naissance Ă  un garçon, oui Ă  un fils, qui va mener toutes les nations avec un bĂąton de fer. Et son enfant a vite Ă©tĂ© emportĂ© vers Dieu et vers son trĂŽne. » Dans la vision rapportĂ©e dans la RĂ©vĂ©lation, l’apĂŽtre Jean vit une femme cĂ©leste qui criait “ dans les douleurs et les tourments de l’accouchement ”. L’enfant qui naquit Ă©tait ‘ un fils, un mĂąle, qui ferait paĂźtre toutes les nations avec un bĂąton de fer ’. MalgrĂ© les efforts du dragon pour le dĂ©vorer, “ son enfant a Ă©tĂ© emportĂ© vers Dieu et vers son trĂŽne ”. (RĂ© 12:1, 2, 4-6.) Le fait que ce fils serait emportĂ© par Dieu montrerait qu’Il le reconnaĂźtrait comme le sien, de mĂȘme que la coutume voulait jadis qu’on prĂ©sente un nouveau-nĂ© Ă  son pĂšre pour que celui-ci le reconnaisse . Il s’ensuit que la “ femme ” en question est la “ femme ” de Dieu, la “ JĂ©rusalem d’en haut ”, la “ mĂšre ” du Christ et de ses frĂšres spirituels. — Ga 4:26 ; HĂ© 2:11, 12, 17. La “ femme ” cĂ©leste de Dieu serait Ă©videmment parfaite, et la naissance n’occasionnerait pas de douleur rĂ©elle. Par consĂ©quent, les douleurs indiqueraient symboliquement que la “ femme ” sentirait venir la naissance ; elle l’attendrait pour trĂšs bientĂŽt. — RĂ© 12:2. Qui serait ce “ fils, un mĂąle ” ? Il devait “ faire paĂźtre toutes les nations avec un bĂąton de fer ”. C’est lĂ  ce qu’annonçait Psaume 2:6-9 Ă  propos du Roi messianique de Dieu. Mais Jean contempla cette vision longtemps aprĂšs la naissance du Christ sur la terre, sa mort et sa rĂ©surrection. Il s’avĂ©rerait donc que cette vision se rapporte Ă  la naissance du Royaume messianique confiĂ© par Dieu Ă  son Fils JĂ©sus Christ qui, aprĂšs avoir Ă©tĂ© relevĂ© d’entre les morts, “ s’est assis Ă  la droite de Dieu, attendant dĂ©sormais jusqu’à ce que ses ennemis soient placĂ©s comme un escabeau pour ses pieds ”. RĂ© 12:10. - it-1 673 § 4-6 La RĂ©vĂ©lation, livre fortement symbolique, dĂ©peint le Diable sous les traits d’un “ grand dragon couleur de feu ”. (RĂ©vĂ©lation 12:3.) Pourquoi ? Non pas parce qu’il a littĂ©ralement un corps hideux, effrayant. En fait nous ne savons pas quel genre de corps possĂšdent les crĂ©atures spirituelles, mais sous ce rapport Satan ne diffĂšre probablement pas des autres, et “ un grand dragon couleur de feu ” est une image appropriĂ©e de l’état d’esprit vorace, effroyable, puissant et destructeur de Satan. - TG2001  1/9 p6 Pour la premiĂšre fois Jean voit une femme dans le ciel. Il ne s’agit Ă©videmment pas d’une femme rĂ©elle. Cette femme est plutĂŽt un signe, ou un symbole. Que symbolise-t-elle ? La femme que Jean voit ici est mariĂ©e, et elle est sur le point d’accoucher. Qui est son mari ? Eh bien, la suite du rĂ©cit nous apprend que son enfant est “ emportĂ© vers Dieu et vers son trĂŽne ”. (RĂ©vĂ©lation 12:5.) JĂ©hovah revendique ainsi la paternitĂ© de cet enfant. Par consĂ©quent, la femme que Jean voit doit ĂȘtre la femme symbolique de JĂ©hovah. L’apĂŽtre Paul apporte un dernier Ă©lĂ©ment d’information quand il dit : “ La JĂ©rusalem d’en haut est libre, et elle est notre mĂšre. ” (Galates 4:26). La “ femme ” vue par Jean est donc “ la JĂ©rusalem d’en haut ”. Mais qu’est-ce exactement que la JĂ©rusalem d’en haut ? Puisque Paul dit qu’elle est “ d’en haut ” et que Jean la voit dans le ciel, il est clair qu’elle n’est pas une ville terrestre ; elle n’est pas non plus Ă  confondre avec la “ Nouvelle JĂ©rusalem ”, car cette organisation-lĂ  est l’épouse de Christ et non la femme de JĂ©hovah. Notez que la femme en question porte une couronne de douze Ă©toiles. Le chiffre douze se rapporte Ă  ce qui est complet dans le domaine de l’organisation. Par consĂ©quent, ces 12 étoiles semblent indiquer que cette femme est une organisation dans le ciel, de mĂȘme que la JĂ©rusalem antique en Ă©tait une sur la terre. La JĂ©rusalem d’en haut est l’organisation universelle de JĂ©hovah, composĂ©e de crĂ©atures spirituelles, qui, telle une femme, le sert et met au monde des enfants. Jean voit cette femme revĂȘtue du soleil avec la lune sous ses pieds. Si nous ajoutons Ă  cette description la couronne d’étoiles, elle est totalement enveloppĂ©e de lumiĂšres cĂ©lestes. La faveur divine l’éclaire jour et nuit. Quel symbole appropriĂ© de l’organisation cĂ©leste de JĂ©hovah qui est resplendissante ! Cette femme est Ă©galement enceinte et dans les douleurs de l’accouchement. Ses cris, implorant l’aide divine, indiquent que son heure est venue d’accoucher. Dans la Bible, les douleurs de l’accouchement symbolisent souvent le dur travail qu’il faut accomplir pour arriver Ă  un rĂ©sultat important. L’organisation cĂ©leste de JĂ©hovah a sans doute Ă©prouvĂ© ces douleurs de l’accouchement alors qu’elle se prĂ©parait Ă  cette naissance historique. C’est “ un fils, un mĂąle ”. Pourquoi Jean utilise-t-il ces deux termes ? Pour souligner que l’enfant a les aptitudes et les compĂ©tences requises pour dominer les nations avec la puissance qui convient. Ces termes soulignent aussi combien cette naissance est un Ă©vĂ©nement mĂ©morable et joyeux. Elle joue un rĂŽle capital pour ce qui est de mener Ă  son terme le saint secret de Dieu. En effet, cet enfant mĂąle ne va-t-il pas “ faire paĂźtre toutes les nations avec un bĂąton de fer ” ? La naissance vue par Jean a un rapport Ă©troit avec JĂ©sus Christ. Non, pas avec sa mise au monde par une vierge avant le Ier siĂšcle de notre Ăšre, ni avec le moment oĂč il a Ă©tĂ© relevĂ© pour la vie spirituelle en l’an 33 de notre Ăšre. Et il n’est pas davantage question de transmigration. Jean parle plutĂŽt de la naissance du Royaume de Dieu en 1914 comme d’une rĂ©alitĂ©, JĂ©sus — dans les cieux depuis prĂšs de vingt siĂšcles maintenant — ayant alors Ă©tĂ© intronisĂ© comme Roi. Jamais JĂ©hovah ne permettrait Ă  Satan de dĂ©vorer Sa femme ou Son fils nouveau-né ! À sa naissance, l’enfant mĂąle est “ emportĂ© vers Dieu et vers son trĂŽne ”. Il est ainsi placĂ© entiĂšrement sous la protection de JĂ©hovah, qui va prendre le plus grand soin de ce Royaume nouveau-nĂ©, l’instrument par lequel il sanctifiera son saint nom. Dans le mĂȘme temps, la femme s’enfuit dans un lieu que Dieu lui a prĂ©parĂ© dans le dĂ©sert. Suivront de plus amples explications Ă  ce sujet. Pour ce qui est de Satan, tous les Ă©lĂ©ments sont maintenant rĂ©unis pour que se produise un Ă©vĂ©nement capital qui l’empĂȘchera Ă  jamais de menacer le Royaume dans les cieux. – re p178   Qu’est-ce que la lecture biblique de cette semaine t’a appris sur JĂ©hovah ? JĂ©hovah confie une autre mission Ă  Jean. AprĂšs que les sept tonnerres ont retenti, l’ange vigoureux prend de nouveau la parole : “ Et l’ange que j’ai vu se tenant debout sur la mer et sur la terre a levĂ© sa main droite vers le ciel, et par Celui qui vit Ă  tout jamais, qui a crĂ©Ă© le ciel et les choses qui s’y trouvent, et la terre et les choses qui s’y trouvent, et la mer et les choses qui s’y trouvent, il a juré : ‘ Il n’y aura plus de dĂ©lai. ’ ” (RĂ©vĂ©lation 10:5, 6). Par qui l’ange vigoureux jure-t-il ? JĂ©sus glorifiĂ© jure, non pas par lui-mĂȘme, mais par la plus haute AutoritĂ© qui soit : JĂ©hovah, le CrĂ©ateur immortel des cieux et de la terre (IsaĂŻe 45:12, 18). Par ce serment, l’ange donne Ă  Jean l’assurance que Dieu n’accordera plus de dĂ©lai. Comme le mot “ dĂ©lai ” traduit ici le grec khronos, qui signifie littĂ©ralement “ temps ”, certains pensent que cette dĂ©claration de l’ange doit ĂȘtre rendue comme suit : “ Il n’y aura plus de temps ”, comme si le temps tel que nous le connaissons devait disparaĂźtre. Cependant, dans ce verset, le mot khronos est utilisĂ© sans l’article dĂ©fini. Il ne dĂ©signe donc pas le temps en gĂ©nĂ©ral, mais plutĂŽt “ un temps ” ou “ une pĂ©riode de temps ”. En d’autres termes, JĂ©hovah n’accordera plus une pĂ©riode de temps (ou un dĂ©lai) supplĂ©mentaire. Un verbe grec dĂ©rivĂ© du terme khronos apparaĂźt Ă©galement en HĂ©breux 10:37 oĂč Paul, citant Habaqouq 2:3, 4, Ă©crit que “ celui qui vient [...] ne tardera pas ”. – re chap24 p157 §10,11 JĂ©hovah Dieu vit depuis des temps indĂ©finis et pour des temps indĂ©finis, Ă  tout jamais RĂ©v. 10 :6. Il est le Roi d’éternitĂ©, incorruptible, invisible, le seul vrai Dieu. Il n’existait pas de dieu avant lui et il est aussi sans fin dans les temps Ă  venir. – it-1 p637 JĂ©hovah rĂšgne. Par le moyen de son Royaume messianique il exerce sa souverainetĂ© sur l’humanitĂ©, de merveilleuse façon. C’est ce que confirme la vision suivante de Jean : “ Et le temple-sanctuaire de Dieu qui est dans le ciel a Ă©tĂ© ouvert, et on a vu l’arche de son alliance dans son temple-sanctuaire. Et il y a eu des Ă©clairs, et des voix, et des tonnerres, et un tremblement de terre, et une grande grĂȘle. ” (RĂ©vĂ©lation 11:19). C’est ici la seule mention de l’arche de l’alliance de Dieu dans la RĂ©vĂ©lation. L’Arche avait Ă©tĂ© le symbole visible de la prĂ©sence de JĂ©hovah au sein d’IsraĂ«l, son peuple. Dans le tabernacle, et plus tard dans le temple construit par Salomon, l’Arche Ă©tait dans le TrĂšs-Saint. Quelque 2 600 ans plus tard, l’arche apparaĂźt une fois encore. Mais dans la vision de Jean, cette arche ne se trouve pas dans un temple terrestre. Elle est dans le sanctuaire cĂ©leste de Dieu. À nouveau JĂ©hovah domine par l’entremise d’un roi de la lignĂ©e royale de David. Mais cette fois, le Roi, Christ JĂ©sus, est intronisĂ© dans la JĂ©rusalem cĂ©leste, la position Ă©levĂ©e et avantageuse d’oĂč il exĂ©cute les jugements de JĂ©hovah – re p175 §12 Le saint nom de Dieu a Ă©tĂ© attaquĂ©, sali par le mensonge et la calomnie. En Éden, Satan a diffamĂ© JĂ©hovah, le faisant passer pour un Souverain injuste. Le chef du monde impie a veillĂ© depuis Ă  ce que les mensonges sur Dieu se multiplient  - RĂ©vĂ©lation 12:9. Les religions ont dĂ©peint un Dieu despotique, distant, cruel, un Dieu qui, affirment-elles, soutient leurs guerres sanguinaires. Quant aux prodigieux actes de crĂ©ation, on les met souvent dĂ©sormais sur le compte du hasard et de l’évolution. IndĂ©niablement calomniĂ©, le nom de Dieu a besoin d’ĂȘtre sanctifiĂ©, de se voir restituer sa gloire lĂ©gitime. Il nous tarde que JĂ©hovah sanctifie son nom et justifie sa souverainetĂ©, et nous sommes heureux de collaborer de prĂšs ou de loin Ă  ce grand dessein. – cl chap3 §13 Chacun de nous doit prouver sa fidĂ©litĂ© Ă  JĂ©hovah. Rappelons-nous que Satan a mis en doute l’intĂ©gritĂ© et la fidĂ©litĂ© de tous les serviteurs de JĂ©hovah. Il a prĂ©tendu que nous ne lui resterions pas fidĂšles dans les Ă©preuves (Job 1:9-11 ; 2:4 ; RĂ©v. 12:10). Si JĂ©hovah nous protĂ©geait d’épreuves qu’il estimerait trop difficiles pour nous, cela ne donnerait-il pas du poids Ă  l’accusation de Satan selon laquelle nous servons Dieu par intĂ©rĂȘt ? – TG2017/2 p30 Notre amour pour JĂ©hovah nous a poussĂ©s Ă  nous vouer Ă  lui et Ă  nous faire baptiser. Nous dĂ©sirons du fond du cƓur lui rester fidĂšles. Toutefois, notre ennemi Satan le Diable est dĂ©terminĂ© Ă  briser notre intĂ©gritĂ© (RĂ©v. 12:17). Or nous avons pris la dĂ©cision de servir JĂ©hovah et d’observer ses commandements. Alors, qu’il serait triste de revenir sur notre vƓu ! Ce changement d’avis pourrait nous coĂ»ter la vie. – TG2014  15/12 Quelles autres perles spirituelles as-tu dĂ©couvertes dans la lecture biblique de cette semaine ? Satan et les dĂ©mons utilisent aussi la fausse religion et le systĂšme commercial pour Ă©garer « la terre habitĂ©e tout entiĂšre » (RĂ©v. 12:9). Au moyen de la fausse religion, Satan rĂ©pand des mensonges sur JĂ©hovah. Il essaie mĂȘme de faire disparaĂźtre le nom de Dieu. À cause de cela, des personnes sincĂšres qui pensent adorer Dieu adorent en fait des dĂ©mons. Pour rĂ©pandre des mensonges, Satan se sert aussi du systĂšme commercial. Par exemple, il fait croire aux gens que le meilleur moyen d’ĂȘtre heureux est de possĂ©der beaucoup d’argent et de biens matĂ©riels. Ceux qui croient ce mensonge passent leur vie Ă  servir « la Richesse » plutĂŽt que Dieu (Mat. 6:24). MĂȘme si au dĂ©part ils aiment Dieu, leur amour pour les choses matĂ©rielles finit par devenir le plus fort – TG2018/5 §7 La Bible appelle Satan “ l’accusateur de nos frĂšres, qui les accuse jour et nuit devant notre Dieu ”. (RĂ©vĂ©lation 12:10.) Ces frĂšres accusĂ©s faussement sont les chrĂ©tiens oints qui vivent sur la terre durant les derniers jours. Nous devons ĂȘtre particuliĂšrement prudents quand nous entendons des choses sur les TĂ©moins de JĂ©hovah. C’est pourquoi JĂ©sus nous a avertis que des opposants diraient « toutes sortes de mensonges malveillants » contre nous (Mat. 5:11). Si nous gardons Ă  l’esprit cet avertissement, nous ne serons pas surpris d’entendre des choses choquantes sur les TĂ©moins. – TG2018/8 §6 La Parole de Dieu dĂ©clare au sujet des frĂšres oints du Christ : “ Ils l’ont vaincu [Satan] Ă  cause [...] de la parole de leur tĂ©moignage. ” (RĂ©vĂ©lation 12:11). Il y a par consĂ©quent une relation directe entre le fait de vaincre Satan — l’auteur du mal — et la prĂ©dication du message du Royaume. Rien d’étonnant donc que Satan lutte avec acharnement contre le reste oint et la “ grande foule ” en leur suscitant de l’opposition ! — RĂ©vĂ©lation 12:17 L’opposition peut revĂȘtir la forme d’attaques verbales ou de menaces de violence physique. Mais elle peut prendre d’autres formes, plus subtiles encore. Quoi qu’il en soit, le but de Satan est toujours le mĂȘme : arrĂȘter l’Ɠuvre de prĂ©dication. Toutefois, il Ă©chouera lamentablement. Les serviteurs de Dieu d’aujourd’hui sont dĂ©terminĂ©s Ă  “ continuer Ă  vaincre le mal par le bien ”. Ils le feront en poursuivant la proclamation de la bonne nouvelle jusqu’à ce que JĂ©hovah dĂ©clare l’Ɠuvre achevĂ©e  -TG2007/7 p31 Plus la fin de ce monde mauvais approche, plus Satan est en colĂšre parce qu’il ne lui reste que trĂšs peu de temps pour agir. (RĂ©vĂ©lation 12:12) À l’approche d’AmarguĂ©don, il tente de nous affaiblir spirituellement par toutes sortes d’épreuves et de pressions. À cela s’ajoutent les tensions du quotidien Attendons-nous Ă  ce que Satan intensifie ses attaques Ă  mesure que la fin de ce monde approche Les gens qui sont influencĂ©s par le Diable deviendront certainement de plus en plus malhonnĂȘtes. Et ils essaieront surtout de tromper les adorateurs de JĂ©hovah. Il arrive que des articles de journaux, des Ă©missions de tĂ©lĂ©vision ou des sites Internet parlent des TĂ©moins de JĂ©hovah et de leurs croyances. Parfois ils ne disent qu’une partie de ce qui est vrai. Parfois aussi ils mentent. Certaines personnes sont choquĂ©es ou se fĂąchent parce qu’elles croient ces mensonges et ne vĂ©rifient pas les faits. Heureusement, nous pouvons nous dĂ©fendre contre les mensonges du Diable. – TG2013  15/12 §2,3 Les attaques intenses. L’apĂŽtre Jean a dĂ©claré : “ Le monde entier se trouve au pouvoir du mĂ©chant. ” (1 Jean 5:19). Ces paroles comportent un avertissement pour tous les vrais chrĂ©tiens. Puisque Satan a dĂ©jĂ  dĂ©vorĂ© dans son entier le monde des humains Ă©loignĂ©s de Dieu, il peut Ă  prĂ©sent concentrer, et mĂȘme intensifier, ses attaques sur ceux qui ont rĂ©ussi Ă  lui Ă©chapper jusqu’à maintenant : les serviteurs de JĂ©hovah (RĂ©vĂ©lation 12:12, 17). Satan Ă©prouve une grande colĂšre parce qu’il sait qu’il ne pourra plus agir bien longtemps. C’est pourquoi il accentue ses pressions. Aujourd’hui, nous subissons sa rage destructrice, dans un ultime dĂ©chaĂźnement de sauvagerie. De ce fait, il nous faut plus que jamais “ discerner les temps afin de connaĂźtre ce que nous devons faire ”. – lv chap16 §7
    • Jackson was a pugilist and history always finds a place for one like him, He was know to “lose it” over any insult to his wife. Returning victorious from somewhere, he decided to invade Spanish-held Florida, pretty much without pretext. He figured his country would thank him for it later.
    • Thanks for respond and for your understanding.  I would like to add also this about WT Society "warnings" and strong recommendations through publications and public talks about "higher education". We have young people who going to High school of some sort. WT Society not giving explicit "warnings" about this level of education. Perhaps because WT think how young "worldly" people of that age are not big "risk" for young JW members. :)) Also, we have young people who going to Universities and similar educational level. But WT consider how young "worldly" people of that age is very "dangerous" and are big "risk" for young JW members. :)) But, have in mind also this. Many of this young "worldly" people from both level of educations ended....where?? At some working place, on some job. And now we have big surprise. Where young and not young JW members working, on what working place, on what job? At same place with all those "worldly" people who JW members try to avoid when were younger, when were in similar/same age. And now they are all together ....despite all efforts JW members done in previous years. Some JW member working at place as janitor and his school colleague (known or unknown)  is Principal or Manager or Boss who giving him orders what and how to do something. JW members avoid to be with him at University but spend with him cca 8 hours a day in same Firm. Well, what is so special to be benefit of that?    To be in Line, to be Consistent  in "warnings and advice" about issue how to avoid this sorts of "risk" to be near "worldly" people,  WT Society should have to warn JW people not to looking for "secular" job because it is big "risk" to put yourself in such a godless society/environment.  Bible shows how old and young can be caught in same sort of "trap". :))
    • VidĂ©o par Ă©crit nos frĂšres corĂ©ens libĂ©rĂ©s de prison.docx VidĂ©o par Ă©crit nos frĂšres corĂ©ens libĂ©rĂ©s de prison.pdf https://www.jw.org/fr/bibliothĂšque/videos/#fr/mediaitems/pub-jwb_201812_16_VIDEO   VidĂ©o par Ă©crit : « Nos frĂšres corĂ©ens : libĂ©rĂ©s de prison » Geoffrey Jackson   Bienvenue dans cette Ă©dition spĂ©ciale. Comme annoncĂ© le 30 novembre 2018 dans la rubrique « Salle de presse » de JW.ORG, le gouvernement sud-corĂ©en a fait libĂ©rer 57 frĂšres qui Ă©taient emprisonnĂ©s pour objection de conscience. Le CollĂšge central et les TĂ©moins de JĂ©hovah du monde entier partagent la joie de ces frĂšres et de leurs familles. Le ministĂšre de la Justice a accordĂ© une libĂ©ration anticipĂ©e Ă  nos frĂšres qui avaient dĂ©jĂ  purgĂ© au moins 6 mois de leur peine de 18 mois. Nous espĂ©rons que huit autres frĂšres seront libĂ©rĂ©s eux aussi quand ils atteindront six mois de prison. Ces huit frĂšres sont les derniers des plus de 19 000 TĂ©moins emprisonnĂ©s en CorĂ©e depuis 1953. Mais qu’est ce qui a conduit Ă  cette libĂ©ration historique ? En 2018, plusieurs hautes instances judiciaires de CorĂ©e ont reconnu que l’objection de conscience est un droit fondamental. La CorĂ©e du Sud fait donc maintenant partie des nombreux pays du monde qui considĂšrent que le refus du service militaire pour raisons religieuses n’est pas un dĂ©lit. Ainsi, les portes des prisons se sont ouvertes pour nos 57 frĂšres. DAE-IL HONG, ComitĂ© de filiale de CorĂ©e : « RĂ©cemment, notre filiale a reçu un rapport encourageant des anciens dĂ©signĂ©s  pour soutenir nos frĂšres en prison. Les frĂšres ayant purgĂ© au moins six mois de peine pourraient obtenir une libĂ©ration conditionnelle. »   Une mĂšre : « Cette nouvelle Ă©tait si extraordinaire que j’avais du mal Ă  y croire » Un pĂšre : « Mon fils va ĂȘtre libĂ©rĂ© deux mois plutĂŽt que prĂ©vu. J’ai entendu dire que deux mois en prison, ça paraĂźt trĂšs long ; et mĂȘme un jour, d’ailleurs. » DAE-IL HONG : « Avant, nos frĂšres n’obtenaient une libĂ©ration conditionnelle qu’au bout de 14 mois, c’était donc une magnifique surprise, et beaucoup Ă©taient fous de joie. » Un pĂšre : « ça fait plus d’un an que je n’ai pas pu serrer mon fils dans mes bras. Alors demain, la premiĂšre chose que je vais faire c’est le serrer trĂšs fort, et lui dire que je suis fier qu’il ait tenu bon en prison. » Une mĂšre : « Mon fils s’occupait des dĂ©tenus malades, ce qui peut ĂȘtre dangereux Ă  cause des maladies transmissibles par le sang. Alors, je regardais toujours s’il n’avait pas de plaies ouvertes sur les mains et les pieds. Demain, je vais pouvoir lui tenir les mains, et je ne vais pas les lĂącher de sitĂŽt. » En tout, 57 frĂšres ont Ă©tĂ© libĂ©rĂ©s de 16 prisons en mĂȘme temps. C’est incroyable. La dĂ©cision rendue par la Cour suprĂȘme le mois dernier a jouĂ© un rĂŽle capital dans la libĂ©ration anticipĂ©e de nos frĂšres. La Cour a affirmĂ© que ceux qui « refusent le service militaire en raison de convictions profondes, fermes et sincĂšres devraient ĂȘtre protĂ©gĂ©es ». C’est le magnifique rĂ©sultat de tout ce qui a Ă©tĂ© fait ces derniĂšres annĂ©es. Par exemple, depuis 2007, le CollĂšge central a apportĂ© de l’aide et du soutien Ă  nos frĂšres pour qu’ils prĂ©sentent une dĂ©fense solide devant les tribunaux. Plus de 120 d’entre eux ont Ă©tĂ© dĂ©clarĂ©s non coupables par des juridictions infĂ©rieures. La Cour qui avait examinĂ© cette question pendant de nombreuses annĂ©es, a rendu une dĂ©cision historique en dĂ©clarant inconstitutionnelle l’absence de service de remplacement. De plus, des organisations internationales des droits de l’homme ont prĂ©conisĂ© la libĂ©ration des objecteurs de conscience. Et puis, les TĂ©moins de JĂ©hovah du monde entier prient constamment pour leurs frĂšres emprisonnĂ©s. Nous sommes convaincus que ces priĂšres ont largement contribuĂ© Ă  ce revirement de situation. Ils ont aussi envoyĂ© Ă  la filiale de nombreuses lettres d’encouragement. Elles ont toutes Ă©tĂ© transmises Ă  nos frĂšres emprisonnĂ©s. Ces lettres les ont sans aucun doute aidĂ©s Ă  endurer. Nos frĂšres vont maintenant retrouver leurs familles, aprĂšs plusieurs mois de sĂ©paration. Un frĂšre libĂ©ré : « J’attendais ce jour avec impatience ; je suis si heureux de retrouver ma famille. » Un pĂšre : « GrĂące Ă  la protection de JĂ©hovah notre fils est en bonne santĂ© et nous pouvons enfin le serrer dans nos bras. » La dĂ©cision de la Cour et la libĂ©ration anticipĂ©e de nos frĂšres nous remplissent de joie. Nous avons hĂąte de les voir profiter de leur libertĂ© pour louer JĂ©hovah. Pendant ces 65 derniĂšres annĂ©es, notre Dieu bienveillant a prĂ©servĂ© nos frĂšres qui sont restĂ©s intĂšgres. Merci Ă  JĂ©hovah pour son attention pleine d’amour. 1 Pierre 2 :19 dit : « Quand quelqu’un endure des Ă©preuves et souffre injustement pour garder une bonne conscience devant Dieu, c’est quelque chose de bien ». Cela s’applique parfaitement Ă  vous, chers frĂšres de CorĂ©e. Par la foi et l’endurance que vous avez montrĂ©es, toutes ces annĂ©es, vous avez donnĂ© un excellent exemple d’intĂ©gritĂ© et un puissant tĂ©moignage. Soyez certains que vous avez rĂ©joui JĂ©hovah. Merci Ă  vos familles et Ă  tous ceux qui, dans le monde entier, n’ont cessĂ© de prier pour vous. Les paroles de Romains 10 :11 nous rappellent que « quiconque fonde sa foi sur JĂ©hovah ne sera pas déçu ». Nous voulons donc louĂ© JĂ©hovah et lui rendre gloire.   La terre « a avalĂ© le fleuve » À diverses Ă©poques de l’Histoire, des autoritĂ©s gouvernementales sont venues en aide au peuple de JĂ©hovah (Esdras 6:1-12 ; Est 8:10-13). MĂȘme Ă  l’époque moderne, nous voyons « la terre » (les Ă©lĂ©ments modĂ©rĂ©s de ce monde) avaler « le fleuve » de persĂ©cution que suscite « Le dragon », Satan le Diable (RĂ©v.12:16). JĂ©hovah, le « Dieu qui sauve », peut parfois inciter des dirigeants humains Ă  apporter du soulagement Ă  ses adorateurs (Ps 68:20 ; Pr 21:1). Et si tu es emprisonnĂ© en raison de ta foi ? Ne doute jamais que JĂ©hovah veille sur toi (GenĂšse 39:21-23 ; Psaume 105:17-20). Sois sĂ»r que ta foi sera rĂ©compensĂ©e et que ton intĂ©gritĂ© encourage tes frĂšres et sƓurs du monde entier (Philippiens 1:12-14 ; RĂ©v. 2:10). ˙ Pourquoi, en CorĂ©e du Sud, des milliers de frĂšres ont-ils Ă©tĂ© emprisonnĂ©s au fil des annĂ©es ? ˙ Quelles dĂ©cisions de justice ont menĂ© Ă  la libĂ©ration anticipĂ©e de certains de nos frĂšres ? ˙ Comment pouvons-nous soutenir nos frĂšres et sƓurs de diffĂ©rents pays actuellement emprisonnĂ©s en raison de leur foi ? ˙ Comment devrions-nous profiter de toute libertĂ© que nous pouvons avoir aujourd’hui ? ˙ En rĂ©alitĂ©, Ă  qui devons-nous toutes nos victoires juridiques ?       jwb_F_201812_16_r240P.mp4
    • If he is present, you know that he will be slapping everyone else down at absurd length. Witness, an ally in some regards, has called him a “juggernaut.” There is no way he could restrain himself from hitting back if he were here. He is not capable of it. It may be that he has moved on to another place where he is being obnoxious,  and not here. Mixed feelings on my part. I mean, the first is “Good riddance.” However, a writer needs more than a muse. He also needs a villain, and few fill that role as capably as he.  
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