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The "new light" never extinguishes the old "light", but adds to it - C.T. Russell, WT February 1881

Srecko Sostar

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@Srecko Sostar As I see it, a large part(not all) of those who claim to be Christians, including JWs, and the lady of the video you shared (JW Research Rose) all work under the same principle. The pri

Of all the religions on Earth, it is my long and carefully considered opinion, based on what I consider to be irrefutable facts, that as a group, Jehovah’s Witnesses have the best chance of all of the

1.)   How do you define “progressiveness”? The general society seems to have an evolved definition that changes daily. And does the truth of God REALLY coincide with the truth proclaimed by the W

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in a debate anybody challenges anybody .

If someone proposes some sort of silly crap, and chooses not to defend it when challenged because there is no defense possible, the rebuff automatically becomes a reproof.

No “authority” is assumed, needed, expressed, or implied.

It’t is just plain common sense, which among the doppelgänger sock puppet brothers, is sorely lacking.

The fact that you cannot focus on defending your silly theological indefensible world views, and ALWAYS… ALWAYS … revert to slanderous and malicious ad-hominem attacks instead of defending your own fantasy based assertions clearly shows where the frustration is.

AND where the real truth is.

I find you both sad, and funny.

For a change, why not reach out and try to back up your silly wish list with actual FACTS.

Everything you think you know is currently based on your warped malicious opinions … not facts.


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8 hours ago, Errikos Tsiamis said:

To truly grasp Russell's perspective as someone discovering new ideas beyond the accepted boundaries of Christendom, the answer will become clear to those who seek understanding rather than questioning the entirety of Christendom.

In the search for understanding, it cannot be done without questioning!

Knowing this, GB does not allow their "understanding" to be questioned by followers. Well, they say that GB should be trusted because, supposedly, Jesus and YHVH trust them.

Really, who in their right mind can dare to question such a statement and claim and other blahblah of GB?

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Of course, anyone with a half-ounce of common sense would cringe, roll their eyes in astonishment, and reject outright ANYONE who would make such an embarrassing presumptuous statement.

Unless of course it could somehow be proven. 

Otherwise the “cringeworthy” factor on that sort of statement approaches 90%.

I forgot … why did Lett even make such a statement?  Was he asking for money?

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Again Fausto, all you have to support your blind agenda is irrelevant piles of words, and ALWAYS ad-hominem attacks.

If that were not true, you would have spent your considerable effort dissecting and disproving the posted video proving that, with their own words, with their own printed publications!, the Society is in fact deliberately involved in temporal politics!

The reason, the REAL reason you did not do that, is that the documentation is crystal clear, and unassailable, both in content and authorship.

You already know this instinctively, and like the “overlapping generations” doctrine, cannot be explained or defended.

THOSE are the facts that are unassailable, because they so clearly are true.

You have ONLY opinion to counter the hard historical, and unimpeachable record that you refuse to address.

…. and of course your desperate attempt to “kill the messenger”., as if that would rewrite the Society’s published record.

As Bro. Russell said in the referenced article “What is Truth”, …. “ If Satan himself tells you the Truth, it is still the  truth.”

… and with that I will leave you and your multiple personalities to stew in your own juices.



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Just because Charles Taze Russell wrote those words... it doesn't make it "gospel" so to speak.

Obviously there have been many changes over the last century of which we are all well aware.

And obviously... CT Russell was mistaken. Not the first time. Doesn't make his work, ministry and contributions any less important.

Just my 2 cents

p.s. - it is always unfair to judge the people of past decades and centuries using current knowledge. In that time period he was revolutionary and turning over quite a number of entrenched beliefs and eccliesiastical structures that were in place.

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On 9/28/2023 at 12:32 PM, Pudgy said:

The theocratic implications of THAT truth are staggering!

I have absolutely no problem with the Governing Body being wrong, and correcting itself as time goes on

This happens in all areas of human endeavor, including physics, chemistry, astronomy … and the list goes on and on and on.

I temember when no one knew anything about Plate Tectonics, and everyone “knew” Mars had an advanced global system of canals, and Venus was a hot, humid jungle.

But no one quoted many dozens of Scriptures to support those ideas, which were wrong, or represented to their audience that they knew that by “Special and Exclusive Revelation from God”.

And for their benevolence bathed daily in a waterfall of free, never ending money. 

Or destroyed the lives and families of those heretics that did not believe them.


1.) All “Truth”, about ANYTHING, is of necessity progressive and changable.  We learn as we go.

2.) Don’t burn at the stake innocent people who are heretics to the current view.  It will change.

3.) For whatever faults CTR had, he preached Matthew 18, not today’s witch hunt.

On 9/28/2023 at 10:49 AM, Pudgy said:

I just have one question …..

The answer will tell us the truth about many things.

If a Brother or Sister does their research and takes a theocratic position different than “current light”, and is disfellowshipped for apostasy, and later, as “new light” is revealed, it turns out they were correct …. do they get reinstated with an apology and reparations?


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