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Organ Harvesting, Falun Gong, Tibet, etc. (The WEST vs. CHINA)

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1 hour ago, César Chávez said:

The question shouldn’t be, China VS West but how accurate the reports are about organ farms in China or any other country that doesn’t value human life as God intended.

This is a good point. The real issue here is whether reports are accurate or not. To me it never was a question of China vs the West, in a sense of deciding whose side one should take.

It's about recognizing how a propaganda war is the real context of MANY questions about accuracy. Currently, it seems that the people on the offensive are mostly in the West, and the people on the defensive are mostly in China. And it really is about a barrage of questions, not a single one like "organ farms." If the question of Uyghurs wasn't there, it would be about Covid19, or currency manipulation, or theft of corporate secrets, or Tibet, or Tiananmen Square, or South China Sea fishing rights, or murderous famines under Mao Zedong. This will invariably morph into Russia and the USSR and opinions about Communism/Marxism/Socialism. Therefore, the idea that ties all these together, imo, is the usual war of words between China and the West. (Of course, this also allows for a certain slipperiness for those who might not wish to deal with problems of propaganda; if one topic gets muddy, one can just throw out another bit, and another bit, and another bit. The effect is supposed to be additive, even if individual bits don't hold up to evidence.)

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I have learned to live with it, and perhaps even acquiesce that it must be that way. Of course, I don’t know what examples you may have in mind, but... Do you think I can persuade anybody that the (largely) atheist anti-cult movement is behind our woes in Russia? No. It is all the machinations of Babylon the Great is all anyone wants to hear. We are so hung up on Babylon the Great that we do not recognize that she is mostly licking her wounds these days, and a powerful atheist faction has a

Not quite having the resources just yet to plow through all of the above, just skimming it quickly instead, understand that what I say are but preliminary impressions. I know next to nothing about FG. Are they secretive? Are they uncomfortably effective in spreading their message? Do they withdraw from “normal” society? Do they learn to lead “double-lives?” Do they mislead the regular people as to their true mission? Do they have some offbeat (and therefore ‘dark’) beliefs about what the fu

This is more and more true as the world gets more divided, more partisan, and more nationalistic. Pride in one's own cause, nation, religion or ideology causes one to be more apt to defend one's POV with bias, and condemn, with bias, those of an "opposite" POV . It happens to the best of us, and by that I mean that there have been several documented examples even within and among our own religion.  Even sites that rarely say anything good about JWs have acknowledged

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I may have mentioned it before, but there is a subtext that the "West" has worked into this type of conversation more often than most people seem to notice. Even in reading some articles while looking for some information on Wikipedia, I noticed a bias in the rejection of footnotes on a couple related topics. I thought, OK, they want better footnotes on a topic about Mao which is fine. And another one on Stalin which is fine, too. But then I noticed that a more blatantly incendiary footnote was right there among them without any question or hint of rejection:

  • Who Killed More: Hitler, Stalin, or Mao? by Ian Johnson

It's not the first time I've seen this injected into conversations. As if the "West" would just love to re-invent Hitler as only the lesser of three evils. The "maidan" and other Nazis in Ukraine have promoted this thinking for years. And under Shinzo Abe in Japan, there has been an obvious push for the complete erasure of the Rape of Nanking, and some of these same history re-writers are apt to push the same Nazi holocaust denial.

But there is also a definite subtext of holocaust denial in the United States that pops up among the same people who promote that Stalin and Mao and Xi are behind actual genocides. In fact if you type in "China surpasses" in Google while removing the economic standings and coronavirus reports, you will start to see "China surpasses Hitler" (regarding extermination of Uyghurs vs Jews).

For that matter, based on a similar "us-vs-them" theme, the US had many media outlets for a while that claimed that China was over-reporting Covid-19 numbers as a scare tactic to get other countries to overspend and overreact, I guess. Then when the US surpassed their numbers, suddenly China became a villain that had vastly under-reported their numbers.

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I am not a 'us versus them' kind of  person because I do not take sides.  I watch only for trends.....  You inadvertently are taking sides because you do not understand subversion..... that I can see in your contributions.

Here is an Indian man seeing exactly the same things in India which are going on in USA.  

I do not think you watch anything I put out on here or read anything I suggest but other people here may be interested to watch this very old video made by an ex-KGB officer.  The tactics of subversion are discussed.  Why fight a war when one can do it better with subversion of culture, identity, morality etc etc. .  America has been subverted and most people  do not have clear lines of MORALITY of right and wrong any more.  Many of their leaders and organizations are so morally compromised but no one asks the questions and longer.  They are politically correct and do not ask the right questions - this is why I say USA have been sleeping for 20 years.

I do not agree with all that he says ... but if you watch long enough (closer to the end) you will start to understand - you will see everything happening with ANTIFA, and general moral breakdown, family breakdown, religious breakdown, media subversion - all this going on in USA right now. ... all the subversion tactics. With foreign money flowing into subversive organizations and churches taken over by immorality and doubt. NGOs operating independent of government with foreign money etc. 

This is why we are leading to Armageddon - no more morality and values in the western countries. Commies such as Russia is using religion for nationalism and china is outright atheist with no morality. Their citizens are fodder which clandestinely can be killed




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What Yuri Bezmenov said about "subversion" being the primary activity of KGB rather than "cloak and dagger" cliche spying fits exactly into the claims about the CIA and KGB in those books by Noam Chomsky and others, that make extended use of official government documents released after so many years of being classified, based of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. "Leaks" are a new source that can bring these ideas more up to date, and checked against claims from other sources, often fringe sources, or otherwise suppressed sources. But even old State Department documents are not to fully trusted, nor are leaks for that matter.

I also noticed that he said that subversion destructive aggressive aimed to destroy the nation or geographical location of your enemy. This is why where there are any conflicts at the borders of a nation, a country like the United States or USSR would take advantage of those conflicts, exaggerate them, try to foment civil unrest or even civil war in those areas where possible, and pump weapons and intelligence to the side that keeps the war most "even" resulting in ongoing deaths on both sides. When the unrest and economic collapse is great enough, the US can sweep in like a white knight and get away with a regime change more suitable to US "interests." A lot of people think that the chaos created around the world is because the US makes so many mistakes with unexpected consequences. In reality, chaos and destruction is the exact goal and the plans are working perfectly.

The fact that a "subverter" can be a journalist (Bezmnenov) or "exchange student" (or even a humanitarian aid organization) is well known on all sides. Chomsky, for example, also speaks of methods of demoralization through taking advantage of the nation's mistakes in education, religion, social life, power structure, labor and employee relations, law and order. Although Chomsky shows how Western powers have also used these goals not just on other nations, but also on their own people, historically and to a greater and greater extent since Kennedy and Reagan. It is quite observable, even though methods have become more sophisticated in some areas, and more blatantly obvious in other areas. The ability of the US government to keep secrets from most people, once so tight and successful up through Kennedy's time, has become nearly impossible after Johnson and Reagan due to the ideological divides among lawmakers, and between elites and the other 95% of the US population. Similar changes have shown up in other Western countries and, we'd have to assume, in many non-Western countries, too.

We could get into the details in another topic, but the most interesting movements in recent decades have been in the areas of American socialism vs privatization.

  • The USA is "socialist" in its education systems for example, so the current head of education must be for school privatization so that more profits can go to individual corporations, textbook makers, etc. (Subversion is easy here because overburdened public schools will attempt experiments that will often result in mistakes, and the higher tax burdens will be felt by poorer neighborhoods, due to the divide between rich neighborhoods who overwhelmingly use private schools, and the poorer ones that depend on thinly stretched tax dollars to cover all their children in public schools.)
  • The post office was "socialist" but moves to take away funding for further privatization to take over have been going on for years. (A generation of subversion by removing funding so that USPS prices go up.)
  • Even the USA's "socialist" armies have turned to privatization for more profits to go to various lobbying corporations and private contractors.
  • The US corporations have successfully lobbied lawmakers to weaken labor unions, using subversion by taking advantage of the mistakes and corruption in some of these unions' leadership. And, as the video shows, the mistakes of strikers and inability to get effective leverage, anyway.
  • The strong push in this country to socialize medicine is fought against by subversion, not just lobbying dollars to subvert the lawmakers, but also by highlighting mistakes and weaknesses of countries with socialized medicine.
  • Socialist "social media" platforms like Facebook and Twitter (and the Internet itself) have been subverted by the controls put into place by elites who wish to use such platforms to collect potential sales data, and even governments who wish to collect personal data for whatever other reasons under the guise of anti-terrorism, crime-fighting, etc.
  • The list goes on and on, including private companies exploiting major network media/news, national parks, preserves, highway toll collection & cleanup, special tax benefits to private companies, etc. Who knows, someday they may even names of private companies on sports arenas!

His views on religion are interesting and might even reveal a bit as to why Russia (China, Korea) and a few smaller nations have looked at proselytizing religions as if they are subversive American political operations, with some even branded as extremist. It's also fairly clear that his views that started out as incrimination of foreign subverters, especially of morals, are really local subversions without much help from the outside. KGB says their only push here was pushing literature and propaganda for "equality." People are not born equal, he says. Not a single word about equality in the Bible he says. Speaking of equality builds a house on sand and creates collapse. This appealed to his [mostly] white, 1984's audience (laughter), and he was able to do some standup comedy.

Funny that he thought these tactics would only work on the USA, and not on the USSR, but by 1989 had fully worked on the USSR to an even greater extent. Just a few short years or so after this speech.

I notice he uses Japan as an example of worker participation in corporate decisions and says it's the opposite in the United States. This is mostly true. Although it was not true of most Japanese companies, in China this is written into the law, and there are punishments for those companies that try to subvert it or defraud workers. In China, there have been several high-profile and low-profile cases of punishments for corruption that defrauds workers.

Anyway, thanks for this video. I had never seen it before. I have some comments on the second half that I may include later.

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Remember: I said I do not agree with all he said regarding the subversion but I watch for TRENDS! Communistic philosophies and subversion tactics are being used to destroy the current system globally (clay humanism) so everyone will want 'peace and security' out of chaos.  The UN is behind much of it supported by billionaire technocrats and corporations. 

China is already using digital algorithms and surveillance, DNA and medical technology to suppress their people and they are doing this with the help of Google and large western corporations.... who are present everywhere.  Billionaire charities  (which are not really charities - but  front organizations gifting money to tech corporations and buying up health organizations, most patents of DNA-altered seeds, DNA-altering medicines, as well as synthetic viruses etc.... ; also gifts to front organizations which further this extreme subversion and chaos) will get many countries to be part of the new world order --- which will be a technocracy. 

UN supports this - part of the plan to save the earth - and control every bit of what people use in terns of energy.  Once everyone is on a digital grid and face recognition you will face rations of food, water, waste allowed, electricity, cars and plane travel will be only for the privileged, etc etc. Every one will be checked for the energy units they use as a person.  Police will not really be needed because all movements will be tracked, all payments and withdrawals monitored by digital surveillance.  Most of the population will become like fodder because AI, algorithm and automated tech will be able to do labor.  People will become units of energy users. technocrats already speak of us as energy-using units.

Science and tech is the new God of this system and I suspect a future science dictatorship will take over which includes digital tracking of everyone and a few more other frighting technologies. As before the flood, I think they will mess with our DNA because there are ample indications of it already.   How far this will go I cannot say - all I know that this is the dreams of a lot of the new leaders and the sick youth of today that already make science a God.

The communistic subversion is part of the plan to create chaos to bring a much tighter control on everyone.  We are already moving in this direction with Corona measures and the destruction of most small businesses - so people lose their independence and become dependent.  Health controls are just part of the DNA-control with databases and other things which are in store for the earth.

The subversion is clear and china atrocities are on-going and a blind eye is turned because this is the mindset of the new leaders to be...... time will show up what is in store.   Even the journalists of today are not trained as in the days I was young.   Their moral values and research capacity is diminished.  There are very few good investigative journalists out there.

 I am sure - if Jehovah does not step in - no life will be saved.  Jehovah will have proved beyond reasonable doubt that at the apex of human development we are a threat to ourselves.  We cannot rule ourselves successfully.

 I  think of Daniel 11.   The god of the fortresses........ everyone will be locked into this highly secure digital system and you will have to obey or be locked out.  If you are in the system you will be protected but only if you comply with the system and its religion.  If you choose a different religion or do not cooperate ...... you will not be able to buy or sell ... or eat. 

It sounds like science fiction - watch programs about high tech and you will start to realize things are moving very fast in a direction we never thought possible.


I see headlines like this every day - how come you do not see them?

A journalist for the Los Angeles Times was detained and expelled from China’s Inner Mongolia while covering a controversial policy aimed at reducing the use of the Mongolian language in education, the outlet reported Friday.


The Los Angeles Times reporter, who was covering a controversial policy aiming to replace Mongolian with Mandarin in the region’s schools, was interrogated, grabbed by the throat and forced into a cell for over four hours before being forced from the region, the LA Times reported.


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15 minutes ago, Arauna said:

China is already using digital algorithms and surveillance, DNA and medical technology to suppress their people and they are doing this with the help of Google and large western corporations.

Or, one could argue that China is already using digital algorithms and surveillance, DNA and medical technology to help their people. Whenever I looked into claims that China was already overusing surveillance, it turned out that these were small-scale experimental attempts to test for useful surveillance technology -- and nothing like the larger-scale use by law-enforcement in Western countries, like the United States. And, I'm not saying that it has not or will not be abused in China. I just found it funny that so many people were anxious to create a fear-mongering scare out of something that was implemented at a much smaller scale than the USA.

And I have not seen evidence for the use of DNA and medical technology to suppress. I suspect this comes from more racist sources who argue that: "Well, they're using medical technology AND they are Chinese, therefore it must be to suppress their people."

On several of your more general points about the ominous direction of technocracy, I agree fully. I have long agreed with the dangers of billionaire charities and philanthropy. This one is harder to explain to most people since "philanthropy" always sounds like such a good thing.

44 minutes ago, Arauna said:

The communistic subversion is part of the plan to create chaos to bring a much tighter control on everyone.  We are already moving in this direction with Corona measures and the destruction of most small businesses - so people lose their independence and become dependent.

Anytime there are big mistakes made and chaos comes to the fore, there will always be people who say, this is Maoist, Marxist, Stalinist, etc. It's the idea of not letting any good crisis go to waste. Besides, Corona was handled very swiftly and efficiently in China so that it did not result in the destruction of most small businesses, or so that people lost their economic independence. If it happens that more Western countries will take advantage of the circumstances and force a trend in that direction, it will not be a reflection of "communistic" suberversion, but should be identified for what it is, instead.

1 hour ago, Arauna said:

The subversion is clear and china atrocities are on-going and a blind eye is turned because this is the mindset of the new leaders to be...... time will show up what is in store.

I can give you excellent examples of how the Western media, and Western readers are turning a blind eye to false claims regarding these "ongoing atrocities." I see that you tend to take any defense with respect to the excesses and exaggeration of claims as a complete denial of problems in China. Or that I am saying that China must therefore be dealing with their issues in the most humane way possible. I'm not. What I'm saying is that there is plenty of evidence that the exaggerations are always in the direction of existing propaganda, and that revealing this can bring us to a more reasonable and more probable account of what is going on.

In another post, I'll give you some good examples of this based on the reporting in the Times and recently in FP (ForeignPolicy.com) on the Uyghur situation. By their own words and mistranslations of source material they condemn themselves. As you say about journalists, it's very true . . . and good journalism is being ruined on purpose by the former sources of good journalism.

2 hours ago, Arauna said:

Their moral values and research capacity is diminished.  There are very few good investigative journalists out there.


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2 hours ago, Arauna said:

I see headlines like this every day - how come you do not see them?

For all I know, I've seen many more of them than you have. But I will happily assume that you have seen more. But very often these stories appear to be a part of an ongoing story that has already been discussed elsewhere. It's just another outcropping of an ongoing feud. And you can't always tell who started it. Even If a story follows a typical line of propaganda that has already been satisfactorily refuted or bolstered elsewhere, then all I can do is assume it is either right, wrong, or in between. (Until I have some time to look further into it.)

Here's how I see that recent version of the newspaper headline discussing the mistreatment of journalists.

I start it with a consideration of a February 2020 story found here https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/feb/19/china-bars-wall-street-journal-reporters-over-derogatory-column

  • China to expel WSJ journalists over 'malicious’ coronavirus column

  • Three journalists told to leave within five days after paper declined to apologise for opinion piece
  • China is expelling three Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reporters from the country, a move with no recent precedent, marking a sharp escalation in pressure on foreign media in the country.

Obviously, some look at this and see: "a sharp escalation" so it sounds very bad and typical of Western media. But I also see the admission that it has no recent precedent. In fact, the article admits:

It has been more than two decades since China directly expelled foreign reporters . . .

That admission is helpful, because they are admitting that I don't need to go back and find a back and forth for years and years like a Hatfield and McCoy feud. Perhaps I can even start from this point in February 2020, just a few months ago. But I also notice that the article admits something else:

  • The expulsions come . . . the day after Washington announced it would tighten controls on Chinese state-owned media operations in America.

So something happened the day before to Chinese media operations in the United States, and China apparently fights back by kicking out 3 journalists. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/feb/18/us-chinese-media-propaganda-state-department

  • US tightens rules on Chinese state media over 'propaganda' concerns

  • State department told five Chinese outlets they would need approval to buy property, and must submit lists of employees
  • The US justice department has already pushed Chinese media outlets to register as foreign agents under separate regulations that require detailed filings of their activities.

And two weeks later, the United States effectively kicks out at least 60 journalists. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/02/washington-slashes-chinese-journalist-quota

  • Washington slashes Chinese journalist quota after Beijing expels US reporters

  • State department [Pompeo] says decision based on leveling numbers between the countries rather than retaliating over content
  • The United States has slashed by nearly half the number of Chinese nationals allowed to work for their state-run media in the United States, vowing reciprocity as Beijing restricts foreign press.
  • A state department official said that five media outlets, which last month were reclassified by the United States as foreign missions, would be allowed to employ a maximum 100 Chinese nationals as of 13 March, down from around 160 now.
  • Last year the United States issued 425 journalist visas to Chinese citizens, including family members, according to official data.
  • The organization most affected by the order will be the state news agency Xinhua, which will be allowed to keep 59 Chinese staff in the United States, according to a state department official
  • The China Global Television Network will be permitted 30 nationals. The China Daily can have nine Chinese employees and China Radio International will be permitted two.

So now we have a timeline:

  • As of 2020, China hadn't kicked out an American journalist from China in over 20 years. (And this is in spite of the fact that Western sources often admit that some American journalists for major US news/media outlets are simply spies, and I would therefore assume that some Chinese journalists are, too.)
  • Then on February 18, 2020, the United States decided to clamp down on all the major Chinese outlets, especially ones that publish in English, and ask them to file as "foreign agents." (aka, spies). Secretary of State, Pompeo, admits that this will likely result in retaliation. The primary examples of propaganda were that China had emphasized terrorist activities of the Uyghurs and had claimed that HK protesters were armed. (Both of these items of propaganda turned out to be very true, of course. But these truths worked against American propaganda.)
  • Then on February 19, China asks three WSJ journalists to leave China over racist remarks about China in the WSJ. (Of course, if anyone looks more closely, this had been only one of the latest articles of many WSJ articles for YEARS that misrepresented China. But the Coronavirus epidemic had allowed the level of rhetoric and lies about China to rise to a nearly daily occurrence.)
  • Then, two weeks later, around the first of March, the US Government "slashed by nearly half the number of Chinese nationals allowed to work for their state-run media in the United States, vowing reciprocity as Beijing restricts foreign press."
    • An interesting aside should be added here. https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/26/politics/maria-butina-sentencing/index.html By April, the United States had begun allegedly "torturing" Maria Butina who had pleaded guilty to being a "foreign agent" which in her case meant trying to improve relations between Russia and the United States, by using her enthusiasm for guns and the NRA to get into contact with people in the Republican Party. Butina may very well have been a dangerous foreign agent, but there was no specific accusation of actual improper influence, just influence. It was nothing like the direct levels of influence claimed for Paul Manifort who was in trouble for not registering as a foreign agent in support of Ukraine. The alleged "torture" refers to months of solitary confinement with limited food.
    • Another interesting aside during this time period were claims coming out of Norway, France, Japan, Washington [state], and Italy that these coronovirus pneumonia cases were likely seen as early October and November, more than a month before the first case was seen in China. I have my doubts that this was actually true, but note how this report from NPR comes through qz.com: https://qz.com/1823417/italy-now-key-to-china-coronavirus-origin-propaganda-efforts  :
      • The article in question, published by NPR on March 19, examined the impact of the current pandemic on Italy’s health care system. What caught the attention of people in China, however, was the final line in the report, where an Italian medical expert called Giuseppe Remuzzi said, citing doctors: “They remember having seen very strange pneumonia, very severe, particularly in old people in December and even November… This means that the virus was circulating, at least in [the northern region of] Lombardy and before we were aware of this outbreak occurring in China. . . . The NPR article has also been translated by state media outlets including broadcaster CCTV (link in Chinese). Another interview (link in Chinese) Remuzzi did with Italian broadcaster La7 Attualità, in which he said some doctors told him about seeing strange pneumonia cases as early as October, was also translated and published by state-owned TV station CGTN on Weibo, where the video has been viewed more than 7 million times.
  • The United States had a single, simple message about the virus. It was the "China virus." No one was allowed to interfere with that message, and if something came up that did, it had to be blamed on Chinese propaganda. I believe the bigger fears were about the conspiracy that many members the US military had been in Wuhan in October: https://prospect.org/coronavirus/did-the-military-world-games-spread-covid-19/:
    • WASHINGTON – Less than a month before data shows the first Chinese citizen became ill with coronavirus, nearly 300 members of the U.S. military, Department of Defense, and support personnel attended the 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan, China. When the games ended, they returned to at least 219 home bases in 25 states, without ever being screened for possible COVID-19 infection.
    • [The US admits that the US military was there, of course, but the conspiracy could easily morph into the idea that the military TOOK it to Wuhan, not just that the military could have spread it FROM there. I personally don't buy the idea that it was from Italy or the United States military, but I find it odd that China is blamed for taking an interest in these stories.]

You may not agree, but all of this provides more context to me about the report that an LA Times reporter was grabbed by the neck, and detained for four hours, before being sent from Mongolia to Beijing while reporting on a new Mandarin textbook being used Mongolia. I notice that the claim is not clear that the detaining was actually even related directly to the reporting about Mongolia. Also, the original article in the LA Times is not nearly so ominous as all of the repetitions of the issue in other papers. The LA Times shows one of the bilingual signs and discusses, not the supposed outlawing of the Mongolian language, but the fact that China has begun a bilingual program there:


  • Their grandson had participated in a region-wide school boycott, they said, sparked by the sudden news last week that elementary and middle-schoolers across Inner Mongolia — a region . . . twice the size of California . . .  — would begin a program to transition half their classes from Mongolian to Mandarin.

It's a bilingual issue, and we've had protests here in the United States on both sides of bilingual education issues. Whether the reporter was grabbed by the neck and interrogated, and detained for four hours, I can believe it. But I can also believe that a reporter knows how to report a situation in the worst possible way, and make a situation sound like something it wasn't.

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This is an article based on a report by a human rights group called Safeguard Defenders. Every day I see REPORTS  like this (not written by Americans who have a propaganda motive) but according to some people on the forum, all these atrocities are for the 'benefit' of the Chinese people.....  How blind can a person be!

Please NOTE:  this is a REPORT from a human rights group.

Journalists, lawyers etc are the kind of people who are being disappeared.




This following article on YouTube explains agenda 21 and agenda 2030 very superficially but has some good points.  It indicates that we should not take sides with China or the West - why?   They are all part of the future science technocracy which will take over the hegemony of the world. Most of the governments of the world signed up for this in 1992......(176 out of 190 countries). Everything will be monitored - use of food, waste, use of water, electricity, fuel  etc etc. They are doing this under the guise of climate change (climate change is real but they want to secure the future of the earth - for those who are worthy.  They are also using health-security as a reason to monitor everyone and use DNA etc to manipulate humans. The synthetic DNA will change us. 

This reminds me of the mixing of DNA before the flood and how Jehovah stepped in because hybrids cannot produce children.

This has been their dream for a long time but it is now with the advent of mega-databases  that this has become possible.

Watch until the end to get a full understanding.  She just touches on the education system and the 4th industrial revolution...... but it is this 4th industrial revolution which is scary and crazy ... if you want to do more research on this..... and yes it is people who do not believe in god and believe in science for the future. Most of the oligarchs and mega-rich technocrats are involved with this and moving things along the way they want it - as planned.  Using their charity foundations to support mega-corporations, military and pharmaceutical industrial complex to get this completed.  

it is a Dutch website but the content is in English:  


On 9/5/2020 at 1:54 AM, JW Insider said:

it seems that the people on the offensive are mostly in the West, and the people on the defensive are mostly in China.

No - the people on the defensive is the CCP state apparatus.  I feel sorry for the Chinese people under the oppressive regime.  I do not mind if a regime is oppressive - as long as they allow freedom of religion in your own home.  But this is no longer a choice allowed the Chinese people.... which makes them an ally of the King of the North.



another news item from Hong Kong:   Police said that 289 people had been arrested, mostly under suspicion of unlawful assembly. One woman was arrested in the Kowloon district of Yau Ma Tei on charges of assault and spreading pro-independence slogans, the police department said on its Facebook page. It said such slogans are illegal under a newly enacted national security law.

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10 minutes ago, Arauna said:

This is an article based on a report by a human rights group called Safeguard Defenders.

Actually, it's an article by Falun Gong, through one of their primary media arms, The Epoch Times. They started an NGO in 2016 called the Safeguard Defenders to make it look as though independent organizations were making the same claims. Of course, there will be many persons who are adding this claim to the agenda of their own human rights organizations. 

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here is another one for you - but I guess this is also American propaganda:

According to Amnesty International, victims of the Iranian regime's systematic torture include children as young as 10 years old. "[V]ictims were frequently hooded... punched, kicked and flogged; beaten with sticks, rubber hosepipes, knives,... suspended or forced into holding painful stress positions for prolonged periods; deprived of sufficient food and potable water..." (Image source: iStock. Image is illustrative and does not represent any person in the article.)


The Iranian regime has significantly ratcheted up its human rights violations. The United Nations and the European Union, which preach about human rights, completely turn a blind eye to the regime's abuses."


......So we must ignore amnesty international because it is propaganda - depending on the news outlet which takes the time to report on it.  'Tabloid press' does not take the time report on such things.... and with tabloid press I mean most of the media that belongs to one oligarch..... 


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8 minutes ago, Arauna said:

here is another one for you - but I guess this is also American propaganda:

Amnesty International has been caught in promoting much more American propaganda than Human Rights Watch, for example, but this does not mean that any one story is either true or untrue.

For example, the YouTube video you just showed about Agenda 21/2030 relied partly on Sputnik/ANI for presentation of sources that fit the agenda of the interview. One can find all kinds of claims that Russia's Sputnik news, for example, is full of fake news: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sputnik_(news_agency)

Lee Stranahan was hired by Sputnik News after his departure from Breitbart News and, according to The Washington Post, he is Sputnik's most visible Trump supporter".[37][38][39][40] In early 2020, at the time of the Impeachment of President Trump, Stanahan stated "the entire impeachment is a lie.”[25] The Washington Post stated that "many Sputnik hosts profess skepticism that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election," in contradiction to the assessment of the US intelligence community.[37]

But that doesn't mean every article is false. It doesn't mean that every article that Falun Gong prints is false. In fact, Falun Gong (Epoch News) must also print many good, true, reasonable articles that the public will agree with, in order for its false and mostly-false articles to be believed. One mistake that Falun Gong made was to once brag about their strong media presence through the Epoch News, and then later decide to be quiet about that connection so it could seem to be quoted as independent. It's the same way that Epoch News personnel have set up a presentation at the UN, and NGO meetings and sites and then called them "independent."

That's similar to the way that you see Adrian Zenz quote articles that were reports that came from Adrian Zenz. He has been caught writing mistranslations to produce fake additions to Chinese reports about Uyghurs and Chinese policy, and then, when those fake reports get picked up by other news media, he will quote those sources to bolster his "conclusions" based on his own fake reports.  People who read Chinese, or even users of Google translate, can see what he has often done. But by mixing it up with bits of truth, and tickling the ears of his listeners, he gets away with it.

BTW, your Agenda 21/2030 video is a well orchestrated interview that might have a lot of things right, and is based on telling us to fear things that we really should fear. But it also pretends that the original UN documents say things that just simply aren't there in those original documents. And those documents are in English!! Almost anyone can detect the fear-mongering agenda.

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  • Member

Below is a fascinating interview with a woman who knows Tibet and all the rivers, glaciers, forests in the whole area occupied by China.  I found the interview with her very informative right to the end.  She is frustrated because the west pleases China and does not publish anything about the use of water and destruction of forests by China - actua;;y they protect China. 


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  • Similar Content

    • By LNN
      “Beijing has tested expiration dates to encourage users to spend it quickly”
      This is why we need Bitcoin
      Governments and economists salivate over this kind of manipulation and control
    • By JW Insider
      By now, most people have heard about the "Weeger" issues in China. There are supposedly concentration camps, torture camps, medical experiments, thousands imprisoned, etc. When someone changed thousands to "for all we know, there might even be millions" the new number changed to "millions" without Western media even batting an eyelash. 
      So here's an opinion about it, which focuses on Xinjiang Province (also known as the “Uyghur Autonomous Region”)...

      There’s a lot of background to this, but the basic problem is geopolitical: The US wants to sabotage the growth of China as a world power in favor of the Western model of capitalism and imperialism.

      What imperialist Western elites see as China’s weakest links are its new Belt & Road Initiative (BRI: an infrastructure project to expand high-speed rail, telecommunications, and both dirty and renewable energy worldwide) and its relations with other Asian and Muslim countries (which are increasingly friendly). There has been a “New Cold War” against China since Obama’s/Hillary’s “Pivot to Asia” strategy (of which the TPP and the deployment of THAAD in Korea were a part), but especially renewed now since Trump’s propaganda and trade war. China is threatened by HUNDREDS of US military bases and nukes surrounding it (and Russia, Iran, etc.)!

      The basis for the propaganda has always existed, of course: “Tiananmen Square was a heartless massacre proving the unpopularity of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP),” “Hong Kong is being brutalized by Beijing,” “China is genociding Tibet,” and so on. I think most of these issues are lies — completely fabricated — or distortions of reality not presenting the whole story. The CCP, for example, is one of the most (perhaps THE most) popular political parties in the world, which hilariously perplexes international polling agencies and Harvard researchers time and time again.

      [See “Understanding CCP Resilience” by Harvard University. The writing is biased, but the researchers are forced to admit the fact that the Chinese people — and particularly underprivileged minorities — are in love with the Party.]

      This claim — “China is genociding Muslims” — is no different. The “1 million Uyghurs in concentration camps” and “forced to eat pork” are complete fabrications. They were alleged by one US official, and then some Western diplomats went along with it. Most of the recent “reports” and “statistics” (which extrapolated numbers to ALL of Xinjiang from a localized study!) originate from US-funded think-tanks, usually involving a man named Adrian Zenz. Zenz is a right-wing Christian fundamentalist who believes that he has been “led by God” against the unspeakable evil of China. In Western media, when they write “reports show” such and such, find their source; it’s typically Adrian Zenz.

      [See: https://thegrayzone.com/2019/12/21/china-detaining-millions-uyghurs-problems-claims-us-ngo-researcher/ ]

      It has not merited an official statement by the UN. In fact, nearly every Muslim-majority country has praised China’s response to the rise of Islamic extremism and terrorism in Xinjiang Province.

      Speaking of which, how did this extremism arise in the first place? One answer is poverty and lack of adequate education. The other is the promotion and funding of Jihadist terrorist groups by the US and the West since the 1980s, first against the Soviet Union, and then again recently in Afghanistan, Pakistan, former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, and China — all of which have sizable Muslim populations. This includes some fundamentalist propaganda and especially weapons from U.S. allies in Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia (but which are now beginning to move closer to China).

      Everybody knows the history, how Obama expanded the wars into Syria and Libya by arming Jihadists, how Hillary admitted we aided Al-Qaeda, and how, going back even further, the New York Times praised Osama bin Laden himself on the cover as our “freedom fighter.” We also don’t need to review the aftermath. We all know how devastating it was, how many millions lost their lives due to the civil wars and US bombs. We also know how many lies we were told, about “weapons of mass destruction” and “chemical warfare.”

      China responded to Islamic extremism in Xinjiang Province — which shares borders with Pakistan, India, etc. — through poverty alleviation, education centers, and arrest/punishment for crimes (such as stabbing) or possessing incriminating materials (propaganda, knives, etc.). Most Muslim countries believed this response to be unprecedentedly good. Pakistan went so far as to say that this should be the “model for antiterrorism.”

      [See also: https://medium.com/@leohezhao/xinjiang-facts-vs-fiction-bdc2aa403c91 ]

      Another thing to research (with a skeptical eye of course) is the 2009 Urumqi Riots in China. These incidents, in which many ethnically Han Chinese people were arrested for retaliating against Muslim violence in Xinjiang, were ugly and brutal, and scarred the CCP and all the peoples of China, especially Muslims. Many Uyghurs also fled China to fight alongside ISIS and Al-Nusra “rebels” (Al-Qaeda) in Syria. This is well-documented! And these are typically the Uyghurs quoted in explosive “news reports” crying “My husband was murdered!!!”

      Some more facts: China has built thousands of mosques, both within China and throughout the Middle East and Africa. How can this be explained? The Uyghur population has nearly DOUBLED since 1990, as minority ethnic groups (like them) are guaranteed certain privileges and exemptions by the Chinese Constitution in order to (as the party states) “combat Han chauvinism.” How is this possible if they are being “genocided”? Road signs and schools use Arabic and Uyghur scripts along with Chinese. Many Chinese and Uyghurs intermarry! Do those sound like “genocide”?

      In short, there’s a real propaganda campaign ramping up. It’s very possible (and very stupid) that a war with China is brewing. The illegal actions against Huawei (the world leader in 5G technology) are yet another example. Unfortunately, our entire social media experience from the top-down is manipulated by elites, the ones who own it and all the other media we consume.

      It is extremely tempting to fall into peer pressure these days and deny real research about this issue because it makes one look like a "genocide denier." Revealing what the research shows makes one seem "evil" for not following what others think. And that is exactly how propaganda works in the modern age, all while the details and research required to become informed are increasingly in the hands of mega-monopolies like Google and CNN.
      Sometimes, one can learn from the mistakes of these same media companies, too. Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube can quickly ban someone who get complaints against them for showing evidence that goes against Western propaganda. SkyNews just ran a story about claimed Uyghur torture, and they used footage of prisoners in blindfolds. Embarrassingly, it turned out to be SkyNews' own footage from a few years earlier of a prisoner transfer of Han Chinese, not Uyghurs. It had nothing to do with torture, or Muslims. (Blindfolding prisoners during transfers is common practice in many countries.) The original report knew this, but the footage was re-used to fit Western propaganda. There have been many such examples. Another time it was footage of the U.S. capturing Muslims that had nothing to do with China or Uyghurs. Another time it was footage from Thailand or Indonesia repurposed to supposedly show Muslim Uyghurs in China. People have pointed out mistakes in claiming certain persons were Uyghurs just because they looked like they were wearing Muslim garb, which turned out to be a style from Muslims unique to other countries.
    • By Isabella
      The new flu strain is similar to the swine flu that spread globally in 2009
      A new strain of flu that has the potential to become a pandemic has been identified in China by scientists.
      It emerged recently and is carried by pigs, but can infect humans, they say.
      The researchers are concerned that it could mutate further so that it can spread easily from person to person, and trigger a global outbreak.
      While it is not an immediate problem, they say, it has "all the hallmarks" of being highly adapted to infect humans and needs close monitoring.
      As it's new, people could have little or no immunity to the virus.
      The scientists write in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that measures to control the virus in pigs, and the close monitoring of swine industry workers, should be swiftly implemented.
    • By admin
      As a person in China... your social credit "score" will go down if you interact with too many others who are in debt.
      This is a radar device for every citizen to avoid being around others or interacting with other citizens who are in debt.
      Scary Big Brother stuff going on in china
    • By admin
      President Trump and China President Xi Jinping were one belly-bump shy of a bromance during last month’s trade talks. But now, U.S. and China are back at each other’s throats. 
      U.S. hits first
      The Trump administration voted against recognizing China as a “market economy” in the WTO—a status that would allow China to export goods around the world at cheaper prices than competing countries. 
      What allows China to sell at cheaper prices? For one, government-backed subsidies that enable Chinese companies to trim expenses from their operations.
      But China’s up in arms about the U.S.’ opposition. That’s because after joining the WTO in 2001, it was guaranteed market economy status 15 years later. 
      So naturally, Xi kicked back
      As the world’s steelmakers gathered Thursday to discuss a global oversupply, China crossed its arms and refused to slow down production (or at least, to be the only one slowing down production).
      And that’s an issue, considering the country controls~50% of the world’s supply.
    • Guest
      By Guest
      Tesla is close to securing a deal with the city of Shanghai that would allow the Silicon Valley-based electric carmaker to produce vehicles in China, according to a newly published report by 
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. . Chinese regulations require Tesla to enter into a joint venture with a local company to manufacture vehicles in the country. Having a presence in the world’s largest electric vehicle market is a critical next step for Tesla as it seeks to scale production globally. Tesla has previously shared that it is looking to build vehicles and batteries in China which would allow the company to avoid a 25% tariff on vehicles it sold in the country. Last year, Tesla’s sales in China tripled to over $1 billion, or roughly 1/7th of its total sales.
      [Photo credit: Tesla]

      With China serving as a hotbed for plug-in vehicles and manufacturing, it would be an ideal location for Tesla to lay down the framework for its customers in Asia. China is also home to 1/6th of the world population, and with its ever growing middle class represents a large market for its upcoming affordable Model 3 sedan.
      The Chinese plug-in vehicle market is on the rise, as the country seeks to pivot away from smog producing internal combustion vehicles in favor of clean energy vehicles like Tesla’s Model S and Model X. To support these clean energy vehicles, China has exempted buyers from paying sales tax which can reach upwards of 115% of the purchase price of the vehicle.
      The report by Bloomberg comes on the heels of the announcement that more than 6% of Tesla’s global sales were in Hong Kong, of which 7% of all vehicles sold were Teslas. That will likely change if proposed changes to the EV incentives are put into effect which would nearly double the price of a new Tesla.

      Tesla currently builds all of its vehicles in its Fremont factory in northern California and ships them to customers across the globe, though the other half of its supply chain is firmly rooted in batteries. Production of its newest 2170 lithium ion battery cells – the same cells being used in Tesla’s Model 3 – is taking place exclusively at Gigafactory 1 in Sparks, Nevada. Contrary to early beliefs that Tesla would migrate the 2170 cell to its flagship vehicles, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. form factor. Building a Gigafactory in close proximity to Panasonic’s existing Chinese factories like its recently opened factory in Dalian, China would drastically cut the length of the supply chain and minimize potential disruptions.
      We have reached out to Tesla for comment and will update this story accordingly as we learn more.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.  
    • Guest
      By Guest
      Tesla has confirmed that it is now in talks with the Shanghai municipal government to build a Gigafactory and manufacture cars in the city’s tech sector, according to
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. . “While we expect most of our production to remain in the U.S., we need to establish local factories to ensure affordability for the markets they serve,” Tesla said in a statement.
       [Photo credit: Tesla]

      Chinese regulations require Tesla to enter into a joint venture with a local company to manufacture vehicles in the country. While Tesla hasn’t announced a partner yet, all eyes are on Tencent Holdings, the Chinese internet company that holds a 5% stake in Musk’s company.
      The EV company has not said which vehicles it plans to produce in China if and when the deal goes through, but the Reuters report cites a supplier source who says the company is considering Model 3 and Model Y production there.
      The company plans to release more finalized plans by the end of 2017.
      Tesla has previously shared that it is looking to build vehicles and batteries in China which would allow the company to avoid a 25% tariff on vehicles it sold in the country. Last year, Tesla’s sales in China tripled to over $1 billion, or roughly 1/7th of its total sales.
      The company currently builds all of its vehicles in its Fremont factory in northern California and ships them worldwide, though the other half of its supply chain is firmly rooted in batteries. Tesla produces its newest 2170 lithium ion battery cells – the same cells being used in Tesla’s Model 3 – exclusively at Gigafactory 1 in Sparks, Nevada.
      Tesla shares popped 1.5% at the news of the talks, leading to $382 in midday trading.
    • By TheWorldNewsOrg
      via .ORG
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      You can already hail an autonomous taxi in Singapore. And Tokyo. And Moscow. China doesn't want to be left behind in this AI party, so Chinese Internet giant Baidu announced that it's working on a slate of self-driving passenger vehicles, including robo-taxis, that will go into testing as soon as next year in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province.
      The news came as part of a series of AI vehicles announcements in Beijing at Baidu World, the company's annual technology conference, where Baidu also announced an AI deal with Ford.
      "The era for autonomous passenger vehicles is upon us, but having only smart cars is not enough," Baidu Chairman and CEO Robin Li said. "We also need smart roads. By leveraging our capabilities in autonomous driving and AI technologies, we can develop comprehensive solutions that will greatly improve the efficiency of urban cities."

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      That's what friends are for 
      Stray dog kicked by driver for being in his parking bay returns with a pack of friends… and trashes his car 

    • Guest Kurt
      By Guest Kurt
      The similar demolition of a Catholic church last year is prompting Christians to worry that the central government will begin ordering the mass destruction of church buildings nationwide as new religious regulations go into effect next month. These regulations grant the Chinese Communist Party increased power over religion, paving the way for escalated persecution.
      according to 
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      (EFE).- China inaugura hoy el mayor parque de hielo y nieve del mundo en la ciudad de Harbin, al noreste del país, con 2000 esculturas talladas en hielo y diversas atracciones interactivas de temática invernal.
      Leer más: 
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.  

    • Guest Nicole
    • Guest
      By Guest
      China is calling in the dogs on North Korea. Kim Jong-un has 120 days to close all North Korean businesses within Chinese borders.
      That means 100,000 workers that help fund the North Korean regime to the tune of ~$230 million a year would be sent home packing.
      The U.N. turned up the heat on China to crack down on North Korea in light of its nuclear missiles program—two warning shots over Japan and a handful of threats will do that. And China might be the only one with the key to Kim’s heart: trade.
      China controls 80% of all trade (~$6.3 billion) that enters and exits North Korea. It has already cut off North Korea’s biggest exports (coal and textiles), and is capping the country’s biggest import (oil).
      If Rogen and Franco couldn’t get Kim to negotiate, maybe China can.
    • By Raquel Segovia
      BEIJING (AP) — El primer avión de pasajeros de gran tamaño fabricado en China completó el viernes su vuelo inaugural, un hito hacia el objetivo chino a largo plazo de penetrar en el mercado del transporte aéreo dominado por las potencias occidentales.
      El C919 despegó entre vítores y aplausos de cientos de invitados en el Aeropuerto Internacional Pudong de Shanghai y fue transmitido en directo por la televisión estatal. El avión desapareció rápidamente en una jornada de viento y contaminación agravada por la proximidad de tormentas de arena desde el norte.
      Tras el vuelo de 90 minutos, los pilotos de prueba bajaron sonrientes en sus uniformes naranja decorados con la bandera china.
      La agencia noticiosa oficial Xinhua dijo que China ha pasado a ser “uno de los principales fabricantes de aviones jumbo del mundo”, el cuarto después de Estados Unidos, Europa y Rusia.
      China presenta el C919 como competido del Airbus A320 y el Boeing 737. El vuelo inaugural estaba previsto para 2014 y la entrega a los compradores para 2016, pero sufrió demoras atribuidas a problemas de fabricación. Difícilmente podrá transportar pasajeros antes de 2019.
      El analista de aviación Mohshin Aziz, de Maybank Kim Eng Securities, dijo que pasarán entre siete y nueve años antes de que se sepa si podría afectar el duopolio de Airbus y Boeing.
      “Este es apenas el vuelo de ensayo”, dijo. “Con el tiempo necesitará algunos clientes fieles, que los tendrá porque hay aerolíneas de propiedad estatal que estarán obligadas a usarlo”.
      Otros clientes potenciales esperarán a conocer la experiencia de los primeros, dijo Mohshin. “Uno no va a gastar mucho dinero en algo que no conocer”.
      El fabricante del C919, la empresa estatal Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China Ltd., conocida como Comac, pedirá las certificaciones de la autoridad de la aviación civil china y de reguladores extranjeros antes de efectuar entregas.
      Bao Pengli, subdirector del departamento de desarrollo de proyectos de Comac, dijo el jueves que se planea fabricar dos aviones por año hasta 2019 para tener pruebas de vuelo seguro antes de iniciar la producción en serie.
      Veintitrés clientes internos y extranjeros han solicitado pedidos para un total de 570 aeronaves. Entre las extranjeras están GE Capital Aviation Services y la tailandesa City Airways.
      Se puede configurar el avión para entre 155 y 175 asientos y su autonomía estándar es de 4.075 kilómetros.
    • By TheWorldNewsOrg
      A firefighter risked his life to remove a burning gas container from a restaurant in southwest China’s Tongren City. The accident happened at a hot spot restaurant table, which suddenly caught fire. Firefighters quickly removed the burning gas container to the open air and kept cooling it with a fire hose. They then moved the container to a river nearby to cool it and kept watching until the gas in it was burnt out.

      World News
    • By admin
      The new carrier is slightly larger than the Liaoning, China’s first aircraft carrier, constructed by the Soviet Union as a Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier.
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      Sacconaghi: Bullish on Tesla long-term  Thursday, 9 Mar 2017 | 12:20 PM ET | 05:46
      Elon Musk's Tesla is a growing player in China, where the global fight to develop electric, self-driving cars is raging hot.
      Hong-Kong traded Tencent, a company best known for its WeChat messaging app, disclosed in a Tuesday filing that it's taken a 5 percent stake in Tesla for $1.78 billion. The investment follows Tencent's new stake in taxi-hailing app Didi Chuxing, which can be accessed through WeChat.
      "I think Tencent likely wanted exposure to a company that was growing very quickly in electric and autonomous" vehicles, said Tasha Keeney, an analyst on the ARK Industrial Innovation ETF (ARKQ), whose top holding is Tesla.
      "We think the autonomous mobility as a service market could be $10 trillion in gross sales globally by the early 2030s, and companies like Tesla or Baidu could take a cut of that," she said.
      Tesla declined to comment to CNBC. Tencent did not respond to emailed requests for comment.
      A Tencent spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal that "Tesla is a global pioneer at the forefront of new technologies. Tencent's success is partly due to our record of backing entrepreneurs with capital; Elon Musk is the archetype for entrepreneurship, combining vision, ambition, and execution."
      Tesla has 24 stores in mainland China, 114 supercharging stations and 348 regular charging stations, according to the automaker's website.
      Last year, China imported 11,839 Tesla vehicles, nearly five times the prior year, according to China market research firm JL Warren Capital. The firm's analysis also showed that China's market share in global shipments jumped from 5 percent to 16 percent last year.
      "In general, Tesla's done very well in China," said Brendan Ahern, chief investment officer at KraneShares. Tencent is one of the top holdings in KraneShares' exchange-traded fund KWEB.
      "There's a lot of effort in electric cars in China to help address the pollution issue," he said.
      Another Chinese tech giant, Baidu, has its own autonomous driving project, while Chinese automakers have joined the Western giants in the race to develop a viable electric car. The investment money has flowed the other way as well: Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is a top shareholder in Chinese automaker BYD.
      "If it weren't for Tesla, I don't think the state of the electric car market would be anywhere close to where it is," said Kevin Carter, founder of The Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce ETF (EMQQ).
      "Everyone is working on the electric car now, and almost everyone's working on the self-driving car, but the actual hardware of it [is made primarily by] BYD, Tesla," he said. "Who knows how this plays out? There's lots of things getting stirred together in this pot, lots of players, lots of money."

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
    • By TrueTomHarley
      "In 1987, I came to the United States to pursue doctorate studies at Texas A&M University. I was aware that in America, many people believe in God and read the Bible. Also, I had heard that the Bible contains a lot of practical wisdom, so I thought I should read it."
      It was no more complicated than that. Later, a Witness visited Dr. Fan Yu. and offered a Bible Study, which he and later his wife accepted. He tells his story in the Awake magazine, #3, 2017.
      He was a mathematician. When he reexamined evolution, which he had absorbed because from an early age people told him to absorb it, he dismissed it on the basis of probability alone. That's what you do. You find some essential component of evolution, the odds of which could happen accidentally are greater than the number of atoms of the universe, and proceed from there.

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