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When you see a cloud rising in the west, at once you say, ‘A storm is coming,’ and it happens. And when you see that a south wind is blowing, you say, ‘There will be a heat wave,’ and it occurs. Hypocrites, you know how to examine the appearance of earth and sky, but why do you not know how to examine this particular time?” - Luke 12:54-56

The following article will cover part of the Watch Tower of October 2017.

The article is titled "The visions of Zechariah: why do they concern us?"


A vision does not include something more than a command or a need?


From the beginning we can concentrate on the questions reported in the first paragraph.

Why did Jehovah give such unusual visions to the prophet? In what situation were the Israelites at that time? What do we learn today from those visions?

The questions are certainly profound and detailed, so we isolate some remarkable points to see how we tried to respond.

After a brief and dutiful explanation of the background (paragraph two), "Jehovah assured them of the fact that he would help them restore true worship" (paragraph three).

Let's pause for a moment and reflect on these words.

Taken by themselves, without knowing anything about Zechariah, the book and the time in which it was written, one would think that the theme that will be developed will focus on how Jehovah will restore true worship.

Without making any inquiries about the eventual past or future fulfillment of these words, should not you talk about this?

Among other things, the paragraph confirms that it will be the sixth and seventh vision and this would suggest that these visions will reveal the details on how Jehovah will do this.

On the other hand, a vision should include something more than a command; the same ten commandments and all the Mosaic law did not need a vision to be dictated and so that the Israelites understood the demands of the Almighty God and the moral norms that they would have to respect.

On the contrary, the following paragraphs, although the vision of the flying scroll written before and behind is "very particular", they say that "God will punish anyone who steals and among Christians there is no place for any kind of theft".

Did Zaccaria really need a vision to understand that God does not tolerate theft?

Apart from that, as we said, it seems strange that a vision is limited to this but the question we should ask ourselves is ... "Zacharias did not know that Jehovah will not tolerate the theft?" - compare Exodus 20:15; Leviticus 19:11, 13; Proverbs 11: 1; 20:23
It is very strange for a prophet of Jehovah but also the rest of the people had to remember such an obvious need, present also in the most primitive human legal systems.
Would not it have been enough to read "from the book of the law" as it had been done in the past and how the law itself was foreseen?
Until the end of paragraph seven, there is not the slightest indication that this vision can have a deeper explanation and that it can be particularly applied in the future.
Also the following paragraphs remain on the same "prudent" line.
We must not falsely swear and keep the promises made to Jehovah - compare Leviticus 19:12; Numbers 30: 2; Ecclesiastes 5: 5, 6
The next vision is even more interesting.
Does the destination city have no prophetic significance?
From the subtitle "Wickedness is put in its own place" we can see how, the vision that perhaps leaves Zaccaria "horrified" with all its details, makes us clearly understand that Jehovah will never tolerate any form of evil within his people and will ensure that it is quickly eliminated ".
So women with stork wings who take away the ephah with wickedness in the land of Sinar, point out this aspect.
Why choose Sinar and not Ninive, for example?
Because "the Israelites will have thought that Sinar was the right place to relegate Evil, and Zacharias and his contemporaries Jews, in fact, could confirm that wickedness was widespread in Babylon."
Also in this case the vision of the container, the wicked woman, the women with stork wings and the country of destination have no particular meaning, let alone prophetic.
It must be said that if we had treated this topic only thirty years ago, perhaps someone would have started to calculate the distance between Jerusalem and Sinar to find some correspondence with some modern or past assembly or resolution.
This article is certainly more conservative than those of a few years ago ** (see footnote) but is it really prudence what you see in this article or something else?
Let's try to be really objective without taking a team-like attitude.
Do we really think that Zacharias had seven visions in such a special time, to learn that Jehovah does not tolerate theft, falsehood and evil?
Do we really think that the resurgence of true worship has nothing to do with our days?
If we had started from chapter four instead of chapter five, would we not perhaps have had to move towards Revelation? - compare Zechariah 4: 2, 3 with Revelation 11: 4
Does not Zechariah chapter four also speak of the resurgence of true worship, exactly as chapters five and six do?
If Zechariah and Revelation are connected, even if only partially, we should not have reflected on the identity of this "evil woman" who, incidentally, is transported to the most important city of Babylon or "to her own place"?
What is certain is that, as we have also seen in the articles titled "We are staggering like drunks?" and "Approaching the Storm", we can understand "at what distance we are" from Jehovah's discipline and also understand the reasons why He decides to discipline us by meditating on these aspects.
However, all those who really pay attention to the prophetic word, have no reason to be discouraged or upset.
If even the light of a certain guide should go out, we have a guide that can never disappoint us - Isaiah 40: 8
It is important and urgent more than ever, precisely in view of what is to happen, to become independent in our research and to sharpen our faculties of reasoning - Romans 12: 1
We must also realize the responsibility that some knowledge entails.
We must help not those who have become critical to a party taken and with which one can not reason and even those who fail and do not intend to call into question every truth fallen from above - Matthew 15: 6
We must help those who still know how to ask themselves questions so that they do not leave the organization and do not even close their eyes to what is about to happen.
We do not know to what extent God's people will be reshuffled, but until the revelation of the two clothed witnesses this will continue to be the people of God and anyway, whatever happens, let us hold fast to the Word of God which is the only truth - John 17:17
Recalling Jesus' words at the beginning of this article, and bearing in mind that we are nobody and we do not have a thousandth of his authority, we take care not to become like those who were part of God's people and who were recognized as authorities, but at the same time they could not understand "their particular time".
We do not look for excuses because each of us has a Bible and the basic knowledge to deepen our arguments.
We try not to be too full of us, basking in our safety thinking that others will pay.
We could wake up in an unwanted reality.
How would we feel if the Lord told us "Are you a hypocrite"? - compare Amos 3: 2

Final notes
* This also applies to all those sites that are said to be prophetic but only apply Jehovah's past judgments to God's people. This is also a fairly easy game.
** Just take a look at the book, no longer in publication "Pay attention to the prophecies of Daniel" where practically every number of days present in the prophetic book have been applied to assemblies, resolutions and publications.
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      This continuous, never-ending global controversy has been going on since the 1960's, that I am aware of personally, and even before, when Judge Rutherford PERSONALLY forbade beards among Jehovah's witnesses, with the possible exception of post-menopausel Sisters .... and the Society has never definitively stated ANYTHING. 
      With my usual lack of humor I present the Draft Copy of the December 2016 issue of the Watchtower which showed a Brother shaving on the cover ... it was changed before being distributed, because the Brothers responsible for the VERY GOOD and accurate article ... disappeared mysteriously.
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      The restoration of pure worship; Watchtower’s “Daily Text" from a few days back touches on it:
      “Return to me, . . . and I will return to you.—Zech. 1:3.
      The year 537 B.C.E. was one of rejoicing for Jehovah’s dedicated people. After 70 long years of captivity, they were freed from Babylon and enthusiastically got to work on restoring true worship in Jerusalem. In 536 B.C.E., the foundation of the TEMPLE was laid. Sixteen years later, the building of Jehovah’s temple was at a standstill. God’s people needed to be reminded that they should return to Jehovah and stop putting their personal pursuits first. To help his people recall why they were freed from Babylon in the first place, God sent his prophet Zechariah in 520 B.C.E. The very name Zechariah, which means “Jehovah Has Remembered,” may have brought to mind a vital truth. Though they had forgotten Jehovah’s saving acts, God still remembered his people. (Zech. 1:3, 4) He lovingly assured them that he would help them to reestablish pure worship, but he also firmly warned them that he would not tolerate halfhearted worship.” w17.10 21-22 ¶2-3
      JWs, are you aware we have another Temple foundation well established in the apostles and prophets? 1 Cor 12:28; Eph.2:20; 1Cor.3:10; Phil.3:17 Each human priestly “stone” that also builds upon it by speaking truth in Christ, and becoming sealed into it, are the faithful anointed chosen ones throughout the centuries. 1 John 4:6; 1 Pet 2:5,9; 1 Cor 3:16,17 After critical testing and refinement, each must become a source of pure worship. John 4:24; James 1:12; 1 Thess 2:4 
      However, what has taken place in the last century? The Temple building has been at a standstill in the Watchtower. The last remaining “stones” are scattered among the “nations”, and prohibited from “building one another up” in the Spirit of God. Ezek 22:15; Micah 5:8; 1 Cor 5:11; Eph 4:4-6; Rom 8:9; 1 Cor 12:4,5,11; 1 Thess 5:11 
      (See the WT 16 January p. 24, par. 😎
      Can you discern this? A counterfeit priesthood, the elder body, offers sacrifices of “praise” to “Jehovah’s organization”, while God’s authentic priesthood are to obey these directives or be symbolically “killed”. Num 18:7;Rev 13:15; Dan 8:11; 9:27; Matt 24:15; Rev 11:1,2 It is not possible for anointed who are admonished to remain in the organization, to equally remain in Christ, the Head of the Temple body. John 15:4-7; Rom 8:35,37; Jer 23:9-14 
      We cannot serve two masters which is an act of “halfhearted worship” toward God. The chief cornerstone of truth has been rejected for an idol; built on lies, and by the hands of men. Matt 6:24; Rom 6:16; Rom 1:25; Ps 118:22,23; Matt 21:42-44; John 14:6 
      In that same WT magazine, the statement is made:
      “In these last days, Jehovah’s people have been able to do a great work. This has been possible because of Jehovah’s blessing and Christ’s leadership. We are happy to be part of a STABLE, SECURE, AND EVERLASTING ORGANIZATION, and we know that Jehovah’s purpose for pure worship will come true.”
      The promise of “pure worship” is a cover-up for a delusion created at Satan’s hand, with its purpose to lead God’s people into another “Babylon”. Isa 28:14,15; 2 Thess 2:9-12; Rev 13:10,11; 17:3-6; 18:4-8 Although Christ and 144,000 are mentioned in the article, no scripture points to the true Temple built with “living stones”, but addresses the organization comprised of all JWs. Slyly accomplished, the temple building activity and restoration of true worship spoken of in Zechariah, is applied to an earthly organization today. God’s anointed Temple is bypassed as nonexistent; yet Jesus said “destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.” He didn’t have in mind the Watchtower IDOL, “but he was speaking about the temple of his body”. John 2:19,21; Matt 16:18; Isa 28:16 He is the “’precious cornerstone, a sure foundation” of GOD’S Temple only, having no interest in an EARTHLY ENTITY/ ORGANIZATION/CORPORATION EXISITING IN SATAN’S WORLD that stands on shaky ground. Luke 4:8; Matt 7:24-27 Where do YOU think his attention should be focused on, JWs? The Temple of God, or the temple of men? 
      Built under God’s specifications, the early tabernacle and temple were blessed with God’s Spirit. Exod 40:34; 2 Chron 5:13,14 It was His decision to choose them as His “dwelling place” in Spirit. Since Christ, we have another temple in the making – another dwelling place God has chosen as His own. Acts 7:47-50; 1 Cor 3:16,17; 2 Cor 6:16; Eph 2:19-22
      **Sidepoint: In reference to the Man of Lawlessness/elder body/counterfeit priesthood sitting in or ruling over the temple sanctuary, Rev 11:1,2 says the “outer court” of the temple is trampled by the Gentiles. I find it interesting that in Ezekiel’s temple vision he is in the “inner court” when the “glory of the Lord filled the Temple.” Ezek 43:5 
      Ezekiel continues:
      Then I heard Him speaking to me from the temple, while a man stood beside me. 7 And He said to me, “Son of man, this is the place of My throne and the place of the soles of My feet, where I will dwell in the midst of the children of Israel forever. No more shall the house of Israel defile My holy name, they nor their kings, by their harlotry or with the carcasses of their kings on their high places. Ezek 43:6,7
      Isa 66:1,2 - This is what the Lord says:
      Heaven is my throne,
      and earth is my footstool.
      Where could you possibly build a house for me?
      And where would my resting place be?
      2 My hand made all these things,
      and so they all came into being.
      This is the Lord’s declaration.
      I will look favorably on this kind of person:
      one who is humble, submissive in spirit,
      and trembles at my word.”
      For those who are interested, Pearl Doxsey has written an excellent article on the question of accuracy regarding Rev 11:2; whether it should read the outer or inner court where the “trampling” of the Holy City occurs. I have actually found a Greek Interlinear that specifies the “inner court” in the Greek breakdown, but transcribes it as the “outer court”. Just type in  “outer court” in her search box.** 
      It is so wickedly presumptuous for haughty men to believe THEY can label the work of their own hands, their own conception as inspired by God, convincing millions that God has willingly chosen their brainstorm over His divine plan already in progress for the last 2,000 years. Rev 13:11,15
      WT 85/3/15 p. 10 - “GOD’S ORGANIZATION.” That expression was used by a member of the Watch Tower Society’s editorial staff during the daily Bible discussion at the Bethel dining tables over 60 years ago. How it thrilled the headquarters family in Brooklyn, New York! That UNIQUE PHRASE, “God’s organization,” served to GUIDE THE FUTURE THINKING, SPEECH AND WRITING of those Bible Students. It broadened their spiritual VISION with regard to all creation and greatly influenced their attitude toward the marvelous Organizer of the universe, Jehovah God.
      No! This “vision” had another spirit at its helm; Satan, the father of the lie. Jer 23:16 From this point, the Beast that rises out of the “sea” of spiritual “Gentiles”, became a “spirit-directed organization”, declared as owned by God. Jer 6:23 “Life” was breathed into the concept of “organization” by a Harlot/false prophet, AS AN INSTRUMENT OF SATAN’S to conquer the authentic Temple of God. Jer 6:23;Isa 5:14; Rev 13:1-3,5-7; 16:13;14; 9:7,10; 20:7-9 
      From the Amplified Bible: 
      “You shall not make [gods to share] with Me [My glory and your worship]; gods of silver or gods of gold you shall not make for yourselves.” Exod 20:23
      Kingdom Ministry 8/82 pg 1: “Loyalty and godly devotion are essentials of true WORSHIP. (2 Tim. 2:19) Jehovah God rightly expects each of us to maintain a DEVOTED ATTACHMENT to him AND his visible earthly organization.” 
      Can you see that you are expected to give worship to the organization through your "loyalty and godly devotion to it?"
      JWs, peppered throughout your magazines and research books, the identity of the true Temple of God is mentioned, yet only enough to supply bits of of truth to keep the anointed ‘captivated’ and vaguely aware of who they are. Isa 5:13 The concept of an “everlasting organization” that offers peace, security and salvation, has effectively permeated the heart, mind and soul of God’s scattered Temple stones. Ezek 13:6,7,10; 1 Thess 5:3
      “Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, live in him, firmly rooted and BUILT UP IN HIM and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding with thankfulness. BEWARE LEST ANYONE TAKE YOU CAPTIVE THROUGH PHILOSOPHY AND EMPTY DECEIT, according to the tradition of men, according to the elemental spirits of the world AND NOT ACCORDING TO CHRIST, 9 because in him all the fullness of deity dwells bodily, and you are filled in him, who is the head over every ruler and authority in whom also you were circumcised with a circumcision not made by hands, by the removal of the body of the flesh, by the circumcision of Christ.” Col 2:6-11 (Rom 2:28,29
      The true Temple of God is ignored today because Satan wants it DESTROYED – every last living stone under the New Covenant, that rivals his power and the idol he has created to deceive the anointed. Gen 3:15; Rev 12:1-4,17; 16:13,14 Have you, JWs, also been deceived? Willing puppets that have forfeited their covenant in Christ, have accepted Satan’s worldly offer of riches, and power over those captivated by an empty dream.
      Is this defilement with the world, compared to SPIRITUAL fornication...a loss of "virginity"?
      James4:4 reads:
      "You ADULTEROUS PEOPLE, don’t you know that FRIENDSHIP WITH THE WORLD means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God. 5 Or do you think Scripture says without reason that he JEALOUSLY longs for the spirit he has caused to dwell in us? 6 But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says:
      “God opposes THE *PROUD
      but shows favor to the humble.”
      7 SUBMIT yourselves, then, TO God. Resist THE DEVIL, and he will flee from you."
      James 4:4 shows us that an alliance ("friendship") with the world, is "adultery" toward God's spirit.
      The "wicked steward" forms such a friendship (Matt.24:49; Rev.17:2; 2:22; 18:3).
      His *pride is at the root of his desire to form an alliance with worldly power. Because of this spiritual fornication with that power, he subjects himself to the devil (does not "resist"/"oppose" as Jesus did Matt.4:8-10). Only Christ...the original one "born of God", can keep those who belong to him, safe from Satan (1John5:18), IF WE REMAIN UNSPOTTED FROM THE WORLD (Eph.5:27,26).
      Paul spoke of this purity, at 2Cor.11:2, and it mentions the same "jealousy" as James4:5. Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
      2Cor.11:2 reads:
      "For I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy; for I betrothed you TO ONE HUSBAND, so that to Christ I might present you as a pure virgin."
      We see that Paul was not referring to a physical virginity, but a symbolic, spiritual one.
      So, lets return to Rev.14:4,5:
      "These are those who did not defile themselves with women, for they remained virgins. They follow the Lamb wherever he goes. They were purchased from among mankind and offered as firstfruits to God and the Lamb. 5 No lie was found in their mouths; they are blameless."
      Those who become part of God's heavenly Temple, remain free of any alliance with Satan's world. We may have been taught that this is speaking of politics, financial greed, etc.; but this alliance with the world is much more than that....
      (From Pearl’s article, Spiritual Virginity -vs- The Harlot's Cup / Two Covenants; 4 womaninthewilderness blogspot)
      “For freedom Christ has set us free. Stand firm, therefore, and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery. Gal 5:1
      JWs, can you consciously call yourselves free slaving for earthly accomplishments that are hypocritically called a “great work” blessed by God when His Temple is covertly “trampled” and its “stones” well hidden among you? Jer 22:13; Matt 24:15; 2 Thess 2:3,4 The anointed in covenant with God have disregarded their role to proclaim the truth about God’s Temple, by allowing “uncircumcised Gentiles” to speak blasphemies in their place. These “Gentiles” are counterfeit priests “circumcised” by another spirit, binding their heart with an idol formulated from the fleshly world of Satan. (Rom.2:28,29 
      Restoration of pure worship didn’t happen in 1919, one of many Watchtower dates to send you into confusion, but is happening now – OUTSIDE the wall of lies. Matt 17:11;Luke 1:16,17; Isa 61:3,4; James 1:12; Ezek 13:1,2,10-12 
      Judah has gone into exile
      following affliction and harsh slavery;
      she lives among the nations
      but finds no place to rest.
      All her pursuers have overtaken her
      in narrow places.
      Her adversaries have become her masters;
      her enemies are at ease,
      for the Lord has made her suffer
      because of her many transgressions.
      Her children have gone away
      as captives before the adversary. Lam 1:3; 5
      There are anointed and companions who have rejected the idol and look toward the true Temple Zion where sacrifices and worship toward the Almighty Father are offered “in spirit and truth”. John 4:23,24; Gal 5:24,25 These “living stones” of “New Jerusalem” who were thrown out for exposing the TRUTH about this delusion, and “killed” by “God’s organization”, are no longer trampled by men who pass themselves off as priestly “Jews”. John 16:2; Rev 13:15; 11:7; 2:8-11 
       “Now we ask you, brothers, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our assembling to him, 2 that you not be easily shaken from your composure, nor be troubled either by a spirit or by a message or by a letter alleged to be from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has arrived. 3 Do not let anyone DECEIVE you in any way, for that day will not come unless the REBELLION comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, 4 who opposes and who exalts himself over every so-called god or object of worship,
      SO THAT HE SITS DOWN IN THE TEMPLE OF GOD, proclaiming that he himself is God.”
      This act can only occur where the Temple exists, which is among you, JWs - in the anointed ones.
      “and then the lawless one will be REVEALED, whom the Lord Jesus will slay with the breath of his mouth, and wipe out by the appearance of his coming, 9 whose coming is in accordance with the working of Satan, with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10 and with every UNRIGHTEOUS DECEPTION against those who are perishing, in place of which they did not accept the love of the truth, so that they would be saved. 11 And because of this, God sends them a powerful delusion (“A WORKING OF DECEIT”) so that they will BELIEVE THE LIE, 12 in order that all may be condemned WHO DID NOT BELIEVE THE TRUTH, but delighted in unrighteousness. 2 Thess 2:1-4,8-12
      The “unique phrase”, “GOD’S ORGANIZATION”, has its own counterfeit priesthood/elder body that implements this working of deceit, which is overseen not by God, but by Satan the devil. The assumed “everlasting organization”, a counterfeit Zion directed by Satan and implemented by his “ministers”, will become LEVEL GROUND. Zech 4:7
      “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do MANY MIGHTY WORKS in your name?’ 23 And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you WORKERS OF LAWLESSNESS.’ Matt 7:21-23
      24 “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25 And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. 26 And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. 27 And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.” Matt 7:21-27
      “Elijah Turns Hearts” – Pearl Doxsey, 4womaninthewilderness blogspot

    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      Genesis 2:9 
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      I was told by some other sisters that I have to wear a black T-Shirt instead of the normal bathing suit. Is this true?
    • Guest Nicole
      By Guest Nicole
      Wouldn't that constitute "touching the unclean thing" and not "getting out of her"?
    • By Israeli Bar Avaddhon
      Zechariah 2 nd part.
      Treatment of Chapters 4 and 5 And the angel that talked with me returned and roused me, as a man who is awakened from his sleep. Then he told me: "What do you see?"

        So I said: "I saw, and behold, there is a lampstand, all of gold, with a bowl on top of it. And its seven lamps are upon it, own seven; and lamps that are on top of it have seven pipes. And next to him two olive trees, one on the right side of the cup and one on his left side "- Zechariah 4: 1-3   Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. We will recognize the "two olive trees" when they begin to preach? It was inevitable that the study of Zechariah take us to the focal point of Revelation. Revelation 11: 3, 4 says, "And I will do my two witnesses to prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days dressed in sackcloth." These are [symbolized by] the two olive trees, and [from] the two candlesticks and are standing before the Lord of the earth. " We, unlike Zechariah, we have the Bible in full so there is very easy to connect the scriptures. Zacharias had under his eyes the scroll of Revelation given to John that it was only normal to ask for clarification - see Zechariah 4: 4, 11 The angel says, "" These are the two anointed ones who stand by the Lord of the whole earth "- Zechariah 4:14 Before asking specifically of the two olive trees, however, Zechariah asks what they mean "these things" - see Zechariah 4: 4 What was he referring Zechariah? What's in the vision as well as two olive trees? Well I read ... "I saw, and behold, there is a lampstand , all of gold, with a bowl on top of it. And its seven lamps are upon it, own seven; and lamps that are on top of it have seven pipes ". Asking the meaning of "these things" Zachariah was referring precisely to the candlestick? Yes, because we understand from the angel's response. "This is the word of Jehovah to Zerubbabel, saying, '" Not by a military force, nor by power, but by my spirit, "said Jehovah of armies. Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel [will become] plain. And he will certainly bring out the stone of the head. In it he will cry: "How attractive! How attractive! " '" - Zechariah 4: 6, 7 If the two olive trees are "the two anointed ones who stand by the Lord of the whole earth," the candlestick, or the person to whom they are close , is the Lord, particularly the message of the Lord (Revelation also mentions two candlesticks indicating that each of Theirs is supported by the spirit of God) supported by his spirit, that they are empowered to carry. That this is correct, it also includes the seven lamps (verse 2) and the angel's explanation that says "These seven are the eyes of Jehovah. They cover all the earth" (verse 10). And this brings us back again and invariably the last book of the Bible. In Revelation 3: 1 Jesus, speaking of himself says to have "the seven Spirits of God." Earlier, addressing the congregation at Thyatira Jesus said to have "eyes like a flame of fire and his feet are like fine copper" (Revelation 2:18) and then suggests that he sees everything, deep and everywhere - See also Revelation 1:14 Among other things, it says that the Lamb has seven eyes and that they "mean the seven spirits of God that have been sent to all the earth" - Revelation 5: 6 Speaking of conduct and also of the preaching Jesus said, turning to his disciples, "You are the light of the world. A city can not be hidden when it is located on a hill. It does not light a lamp and put it under a bushel, but on a stand, and it shines on all those who are in the house. So let your light shine before men, that they may see your fine works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven "- compares Revelation 11:13 What we understand, then, comparing these scriptures? The two witnesses in sackcloth have an important task: to bring the message of the Lord. They will do this not by their own strength but with the Spirit of God - compares Revelation 10:11 What will be the message of these two "trees"? Maybe it is the "good news of the Kingdom"? The article for just the 11th chapter of Revelation, we saw that this would not be consistent with their garment - Compare Genesis 37:34; 2 Samuel 3:31 What about Zechariah? Zechariah 4: 7 says, "Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel [will become] plain. And he will certainly bring out the stone of the head. In it you will cry:" How attractive! How charming! " The great mountain is obviously the "ruinous mountain" mentioned in Jeremiah 51:25; Scripture says that it "ruins the whole earth" - Compare Revelation 18: 3 These writings were officially applied to Christianity but Zaccaria does nothing but confirm what we have already seen - see the article "A name. A mystery. Babylon the Great" So far there has been talk of Jerusalem (and therefore Israel in its natural extension) and expressions such as "measuring line", "city inhabited again" and others take us to the city / literal nation. Zechariah adds key elements to conclude that the mountain ruinous, or what "will become plain" can be none other than the current apostate Israel. Then it becomes logical that the two witnesses preach "in sackcloth" because the message is severe condemnation. When Jesus came to earth, He preached a message that was a hope yes, but it was also an ultimatum to that nation - compares Matthew 4:17; 21: 36-44 The scribes and Pharisees, and generally the whole nation, not seized the opportunity to repent and thus be saved. We have seen that the preaching of the two witnesses has much in common with the work and life of Christ. They preach a message of judgment and are authorized by God himself. They prove to have the spirit of God. Several times trying to kill them but to no avail - compares John 7:30; 8:20 They preach exactly three and a half years and at the end are not directly killed by their people but by the "wild beast" or "disgusting thing" - Compare Luke 21:20 Raised after three and a half days and then on the preaching spreads in all the inhabited earth - see Revelation 12:17; 14: 6, 13 The similarities will seem random? The judgments that these two witnesses bring about that country "where also our Lord was impaled" is similar to the judgments that led Moses and Elijah and is therefore significant that we read in Matthew 17: 1-3 It is not difficult to infer, then, that soon will make their appearance these two witnesses, they will preach a message of condemnation foretelling the destruction by the very God that they claim to worship - John 8: 42-47; Luke 21:22 "And he will certainly bring out the stone of the head. In it you will cry:" How attractive! How charming! "- 4: 7 The stone of the head, or corner, will be carried out and other people will cry, "How attractive!", That other people (the true people of God at the time spread in the world) will enjoy those blessings that they have missed forever. All those who do not take the opportunity to hear the message of the two witnesses, and make the necessary changes urgently, they shatter on this rock - Matthew 21:44 This definitely will include those that over time are called "Jehovah's Witnesses" but that after the abolition of the daily sacrifice will not consider these people and their message. We try to be awake then, not to despise "the day of small things" because they have the Spirit and God's approval. The study of Zechariah is also crucial because it is possible that when you begin their preaching, someone that we value and we have a lot of faith can tell us not to listen to them - Matthew 24:24; John 7:52; 11:45, 46 The next verse assures that Zerubbabel will complete the construction of the temple, but he is also called Bud (see Zechariah 6:12) and we know that, in fulfilling modern, it is Christ Jesus.   "So I raised my eyes again and saw, and behold, a flying roll. So he said to me:" What do you see? " In my turn I said, "I see a flying scroll, the length of which is twenty cubits, and the width of which is ten cubits." Then he said: "This is the curse that goes out over the surface of all the earth, because everyone who steals, under of it on the one hand, remained unpunished; and each making an oath, in accordance with the other of it, has remained unpunished "- Zechariah 5: 1-3   The CEI translates Zechariah 5: 3 as he follows "He added," This is the curse that spreads over all the earth: every thief will be driven out of here like that roll; each perjury will be driven out of here like that roll "implying that is not because of what it says in the roll to form the judgment (by the way we speak only of being driven out) but this occurs in a manner similar to the roll. This translation, even if it does it might seem logical, does not take into account the context and completely changes the sense of vision. The writing speaks of "everyone who" and "steals everyone who makes a" swearing and then the natural question we should ask is ... "Where was adjusted theft and perjury?" The answer is in the Ten Commandments and the Mosaic Law - compares Exodus 20:15, 16; Leviticus 19:11; Jeremiah 7: 9, 10 So the vision is highlighting that the roll constitutes a curse because of that that there is written either on one side than the other. Probably the more correct translation is that of the King James Version that makes the verse as follows: "This is the curse that goes out over the whole country; since every thief, according to it, it will be extirpated from this place, and every perjury, according to it, it will be extirpated from this place. " So the message is simple and direct: the people who steal and falsely swears will be judged by the clear written rules on that roll. We do must so imagine that witnesses in sackcloth bring a new inspirational writing with them, a sort of list of additional standards to those we already know? Absolutely not. The roll is clearly echoes the Mosaic law, and although for us it was only a shadow of things to come, this will not apply to those who have never understood the meaning and purpose - Colossians 2:17, 18 This is the message that will become a curse for the whole country because none of the modern inhabitants of Babylon be able to observe the precepts of the law - Romans 7: 7-9 From what we understand, since they have rejected Christ and have not embraced the undeserved kindness of God for the forgiveness of sins, Jehovah will apply the law against those who claim to respect it - Matthew 12:37 That way no one can say that God has been unfair or too harsh because the precepts written in the law, which many of them even know by heart, are clear. Having not accepted the "rock" that could open the way for them undeserved kindness of God, it has to apply the law and see how many of them have complied with her partner, the "norm". Apparently this is what the Lord meant in Matthew 21:44 "And whosoever shall fall on this stone will be shattered. As for anyone on whom it falls, it will pulverize". This adds an obvious reason to anger from listeners. They are ashamed precisely according to the rules that say to respect and even that we re cord s the way of preaching that Jesus had - compare Matthew 15: 3-6; Galatians 4:21   ' I made it out,' it is the utterance of Jehovah of armies, 'and it must enter into the house of the thief and the house of those who swear falsely in my name; and it must lodge in the midst of his house and exterminate it and its timbers and its stones' "- Zechariah 5: 4     The message will haunt him day and night, and listeners can not get rid of it because every time I read from the Law will come back to mind the words of these two troublesome witnesses. The torment will come to the point of devouring the wood and the stones and this well is to understand the happiness that they will experience when they manage to get rid of it by making them kill - Revelation 11:10 Obviously the time comes where the houses will be literally devoured along with all those who have not listened to the message of God - Revelation 18: 4-8   "Then the angel that talked with me went out and said to me:" Raise your eyes, please, and see what this is coming out. " So I said, "What?" In turn he said: "This is the ephah that goes out." He went on to say: "This is their appearance in all the earth." And here, the circular lid of lead was lifted; and this is a certain woman sitting in the ephah. So he said: "This is Wickedness." And the cast [back] back into the basket, after which he threw the weight of lead on the mouth about it "- Zechariah 5: 5-8   This spectacular view offers us other interesting details. Meanwhile, we must understand that "the ephah coming out" is obviously the container that was used by the bushel. In fact, the efa is a unit of measurement for arid (22 liters) while writing speaks of the lead cover and of a woman who sits "in the middle of the ephah". We can deduce, therefore, that at the time of Zacharias is used a container of a specific capacity for the measurement of an ephah or multiples of an ephah. The container, probably, was also named bushel. Zechariah sees, then this container out of the country but at some point the circular lid of lead was lifted ... What do you see, then, Zechariah? "A certain woman" who the angel identifies himself as "the Evil". It reminds us of anyone? Of course! A truly wicked woman who, many years after John describes as "arrayed in purple and scarlet ... adorned with gold and precious stone and pearls and holding a golden cup full of disgusting things and the unclean things of her fornication" - Revelation 17: 4 After making her see to Zachariah, the angel closes it inside the container. Where you will reach this wicked woman?   Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. Who is the woman called Evil that ruins the whole earth, and that is native to the land of Shinar?   "Then I looked up and saw, and behold, there were two women coming out, and their wings was the wind. And they had wings like the wings of the stork. And gradually lifted up the basket between earth and the heavens. I said to the angel that spoke with me: "Where are they taking the basket?" In turn he said: "To build them a house in the land of Shinar; and it must be firmly established, and must be deposited there, on its own site "- Zechariah 5: 9-11   It seems clear that at this point in the woman vision has already been removed from the roll curse and it's probably no coincidence that it is inside a fit for arid, apparently indicating that it will become a heap of ruins - compares Revelation 18: 8 However, the question that arises is ... "Why is the built a place in the land of Shinar?" We know that Babylon the Great will be destroyed forever so this writing can not mean that it will be rebuilt - compares Revelation 18:21 The only reason why you could or should build a house it can not be that one: so that it is remembered forever - compares Revelation 19: 3 It 'really amazing but also the EFA target is useful to identify this woman. The scripture says that will be filed " on his own place" (ie back to its place of origin, where it belongs) which means " the land of Shinar." Many Bibles translate "basic" or "pedestal" instead of the place (which gives us the sense of making it a monument, something to remember). Taking a look back to the asterisk on Sinar let's see ... "Sinar" M; lat. Shinar; LXX, "Babylon"; TSY, "Babel." Women with wings Stork represent the measure of Jehovah so that after the destruction of Babylon the Great, a warning will be done, something to remember. Obviously this woman, even if reduced to powder, to be taken away because they can not remain in the land chosen by God, that is the place where He chose to make dwell His Name - Compares 2 Chronicles 6: 6 It would not be appropriate to have this monument (pedestal, home or what will be) was standing exactly in the promised land of God. It will return to its place of origin, or Babylon, and this "monument" will be an eternal memory that never come back longer alive.   What we can say at the conclusion of this article? We saw in the previous article that the war is coming will serve as a discipline for the people of God, especially to those who are taking the lead - compare James 3: 1 At the end of this war, by which time the preaching will seem completely suppressed, will make their appearance the two witnesses in sackcloth. This is a crucial step because it will indicate the restoration of true worship. The preaching of these two people will be a harsh judgment for the nation in which they preach, but also for all those who refuse to hear (the opportunity to hear them, in fact, it is addressed to all of us ... which is not at all discounted). As we have seen the judgment message that they will thanks to the spirit of God will devour the houses with their timber and their stones, initially as mental and emotional torment. Their words will come true when, seven years after the beginning of their preaching, Israel will actually be destroyed by the wild beast which shall act by the will of God. It is amazing to see how Zaccaria complete the Revelation framework by adding interesting and really significant details? May each of us be truly awake to recognize those who, at the end of regulation time, will be charged by God to restore the true worship - Daniel 11:34 We learn from now to ensure the will of God for us.
    • By Israeli Bar Avaddhon
      " When you see a cloud rising in western places, you immediately say: 'It is the time', and it happens. And when you see a south wind blowing, you say, 'There will be a heat wave,' and it happens. Hypocrites, you know to examine the appearance of earth and sky, but why do not you know look at this particular time? "- Luke 12: 54-56   From the first article in this blog wanted to distance itself clearly from all those sites and polemical blogs created solely as a safety valve and cast a shadow on the governing body or the people of God as a whole. Many of these, though not all, are the expression of the frustration of some for losing certain positions, visibility and below. We do not reveal any mystery by asserting that some are puffed up with pride thinking of always being right and being invested supreme authority - 1 Timothy 3: 6 We do not even say nothing strange if we say that some people, seeing recognized their merits, real or perceived, on the job or elsewhere, have seen in the "theocratic assignments" a kind of redemption. One way to demonstrate the "worth something" - Psalm 18:27; Proverbs 6:16, 17 For this and other reasons, when some have seen the collapse of all their "dreams of glory," they thought to start a smear campaign against God's people and also have the pass to do anything - 2 Peter 2:22 Apart from these, you have to recognize or admit the possibility that there are people who have opened sites or blogs contentious because they suffered real injustice or clashing sincerely from a scriptural point of view - John 9:34; Revelation 2: 4, 20 If anyone re-discuss openly the "doctrine" of 1914, for example, would sooner or later expelled from the congregation if they did not fit immediately into the ranks. It would be presumptuous to think that the reflections made in this blog on the 1914, as well as on other subjects, are not already been done by others. Although humanly speaking the author of this blog is close to all those who have been expelled not for a repeated offense but because of his own conscience on biblical themes, none of us has the authority to denigrate, insult or alienate others by the people which, net of all faults and limitations , it is still God's people. That each of us to reflect seriously on the words of the Lord when he said what we find in Matthew 18: 6 So, as much as depends on us and as long as Jehovah will show us clearly something else, no one let the people of God because if within the His People there will be severe discipline (also because of those who were unjustly expelled - compares Giovanni 16: 2), outside of His People there will be something else. Of course, situations may arise in which we listen to our conscience - Romans 14: 5 To avoid this sad event, we are encouraged to be "cautious as serpents" also to our brothers - Matthew 10:16; 24:10 For the moment we can share many things with our brothers including the preaching work, attendance at meetings, etc., without necessarily having to collide on the 1914 or Babylon the Great. So, reiterating the concept, regardless of the GB and errors of God's people as a whole, a blog or website for purely polemical can not be considered a viable option for those who love God and sincerely studying His Word. We should also ask ourselves "What gave me" a site after reading an article that mentioned what is wrong and even make it a novel is the easiest thing in the world * (see footnote). This introduction was necessary to explain the following article because the reasons could be easily misunderstood. As we saw from the very first articles, though this blog is dedicated to the prophecy, it was not possible to treat the prophecy without touching some doctrines associated with them. The Word of God has such a strong internal consistency that is not reasonable to believe that he could explain the prophecies of Revelation (and other prophetic books) without touching the doctrine of the resurrection (which will happen at the end of the millennium and not during), the order chronological or not the book, the "doctrine" of 1914, the seven days of the dream of Nebuchadnezzar and so on. For this reason you will find after not purely prophetic that was inevitable anyway to deal hope to understand something more about the prophecies. This highlights one of the reasons why some will never understand the prophecies in spite of the efforts: the inability or unwillingness to renegotiate certain doctrines that are upstream. On the same principle we must necessarily realize that you can not move forward in the understanding of the times in which we live and those who arrive without touching the sensitive topic of "governing body" or "quality of spiritual food." This has already been done, more or less soft, in several previous post (see for example the article entitled "Restoration of true worship. Dress clean for the High Priest"). At least with regard to the current understanding, the prophecies do understand that the "light" to lead the people of God (which is clearly not the Bible or it may not be less - Psalm 119: 105) will turn off for a certain period of time and this will serve to lay bare the depth of our relationship with Jehovah - compares Isaiah 28:16 So it does not be surprised if before then that the light begins to fade. Many of us have noticed that certain topics are not touched for years and that on certain issues it is more elusive than before. In return, all the paper work which involves legalism for appointments, discipline, legal protections and various committees have greatly strengthened - Psalm 127: 1, 2 So the following article is of course a critical and will be targeted to the specific material , but everything will be done remembering who we are (Romans 3:23, 24; 1 Corinthians 4: 7) with the sole purpose of reflecting as part of prophecy is already fulfilled before our eyes - 1 Corinthians 14: 8, 9 The reader is invited not necessarily share the article but at least compare the scriptures mentioned and to consider whether the arguments are brought forward with logic.   The following article will cover part of the Watchtower in October 2017. The article is titled "Visions of Zechariah: because there concern?"   Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. A vision does not understand something more of a command or a need?     Since the beginning, we can focus on the questions listed in the first paragraph. Why Jehovah gave to the prophet visions so unusual? In what situation were the Israelites at that time? What do we learn today from those visions?   The questions are certainly deep and detailed so that we isolate some notable points to see how we have tried to give an answer. After a brief explanation of the background and necessary (paragraph two), " Jehovah assured them that would help them restore the true worship" (paragraph three). Let us pause a moment and reflect on these words. He took for themselves, without knowing anything of Zechariah, the book and the time in which it was written, one would think that the theme that will be developed will focus precisely on how Jehovah will restore true worship. Doing disquisitions on whether past or future fulfillment of these words, should not talk about this? Among other things paragraph confirms that this will be the sixth and seventh vision and this would appear to suggest that these visions reveal details on how Jehovah will do this. Besides a vision should include something more of a command; the same ten commandments and all the Mosaic law did not need a vision that was dictated and that the Israelites understood the requirements of the Most Almighty and moral norms that should have respect. Instead the following paragraphs, although the steering wheel scroll vision written in front and behind is "very special", they say that "God will punish whoever steals and among Christians there is no place for any kind of theft." Zechariah really needed a vision to understand that God does not tolerate the theft? Apart from that, as we have said, it seems strange that a vision is limited to this, but the question we should ask is ... "Zacharias did not know that Jehovah does not tolerate the theft?" - Compare Exodus 20:15; Leviticus 19:11, 13; Proverbs 11: 1; 20:23 It 's unusual for a prophet of Jehovah but also the rest of the people had to remember a need so obvious, present even in the most primitive human legal systems.
      It would not be sufficient to read "the book of the law" as in the past it was done and how the law itself provided? Until the end of paragraph seven, there is not the slightest indication that this vision can have a deeper explanation and that can be applied particularly in the future. The subsequent paragraphs remain the same "conservative" line. We should not swear falsely, and the promises made to Jehovah - compares Leviticus 19:12; Numbers 30: 2; Ecclesiastes 5: 5, 6 The next vision is even more interesting.   Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. Even the arrival city has no prophetic significance?   From the subtitle "The evil is put in its proper place," we can see how the vision that perhaps leaves Zaccaria "horrified" with all its details, it "makes it clear that Jehovah will never tolerate any form of evil within his people and will ensure that it is eliminated quickly. " Then women with wings stork carrying away the mingled with evil in the land of Shinar, underline this aspect. Why they choose Sinar and not Nineveh, for example? Because "Israelites them have thought that Sinar was the place where relegate Evil. Zechariah and his contemporaries Jews, in fact, they could confirm that Babylon wickedness was widespread." Again the vision of the container, the evil woman, women with wings stork and the country of destination have no special meaning, much less prophetic. It must be said that if we had dealt with this issue even thirty years ago, maybe someone would begin to calculate the distance between Jerusalem and Sinar to find some correspondence with some meeting or resolution modern or past. This article is definitely more conservative than those of a few years ago ** (see note below) but it really is prudent that we see in this article, or something else? We try to be very objective without hiring a team cheer attitude. Do we really think that Zacharias had seven visions in such a special time, to learn that Jehovah does not tolerate theft, falsehood and evil? Do we really think that the restoration-of true worship has nothing to do with our days? If we had started from chapter four instead to section five, we would not perhaps have inevitably head towards Revelation? - compares Zechariah 4: 2, 3 and Revelation 11: 4 Zechariah chapter four he not also speaks of the restoration-of true worship, just as do the five chapters and six? If Zechariah and Revelation are connected, even if only in part, we would not have had to reflect on the identity of this "evil woman" which, incidentally, is transported in the most important city of Babylon that "to his own place"?   We said that the article is not intended as a criticism for its own sake so that everyone will have to make their own assessments in the light of the scriptures. Certainly, as we have seen in the articles entitled "We are staggering like drunks?" and "Approaching Storm", we can understand "how far we are" the discipline of Jehovah, and also understand the reasons why he decides have to discipline there meditating on these aspects. If they make a reason all those who believe that the withdrawal of the books "Pay Attention to Daniel's Prophecy" and "The Revelation Its Grand Climax" was the prelude to a new version with "new light." Indeed, there is to be afraid to imagine the explanations that may be. However, those who really pay attention to the prophetic word, they have no reason to be discouraged or be upset. If the light of a certain guide goes out, we have a guide that will never disappoint - Isaiah 40: 8 It 'important and urgent than ever, particularly in view of what will happen, become independent in our research and sharpen our power of reason - Romans 12: 1 We must also realize the responsibility that entails some knowledge. We must help not those who have become critical for bias and with whom you can not think and even those who can not and do not intend to call into question every truth imposed from above - Matthew 15: 6 We must help those who can still asking questions that do not come from the organization or even close their eyes to what is going to happen. We do not know to what extent the people of God will reshaped , but up to the revelation of the two witnesses in sackcloth this will continue to be the people of God and in any case, whatever happens, let us cling tightly to the Word of God that is the only truth - John 17:17 Recalling the words of Jesus quoted at the beginning of this article, and keeping in mind that we are nobody and we have one thousandth of its authority , make sure not to become like those who were part of God's people and that they were recognized as authorities but at the same time, could not understand "their particular time." We do not seek excuses why everyone has a Bible and the basic knowledge to deepen the arguments. Let us not be too full of us, basking in our safety thinking that others will pay. We could wake up in a really unwanted. How would we feel if the Lord said, " You're a hypocrite" ? - compares Amos 3: 2     Footnotes. * This also applies to all those sites that say they are prophetic but are merely interpreting the past Jehovah's judgments to the people of God. This is also a fairly easy game.   ** Just take a look at the book, no longer in publication "Pay Attention to Daniel's Prophecy" where virtually any number of days in the prophetic book were applied to assemblies, resolutions and publications.
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      Why JW.ORG does not show development regarding sexual abuse cases as it does with other legal issues? 
    • By Israeli Bar Avaddhon
      Treatment of the first three chapters of Zechariah   During the study of the biblical books of Daniel and Revelation we used various references to other prophetic books (and beyond) is to give weight to some statements to reveal interesting details. 'Important, however, a thorough examination of these "minor prophets" not just to give support to what has been treated but also to see if the overall picture is very consistent. These systematic treatments might also reveal aspects and add details that, during the discussion of the greatest, have been left out books. Let's start with the first three chapters of Zechariah and try to assess how this inspired book fits with what we know.   Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. The words of Zechariah unique to the past?   We can apply to future Zechariah prophecies?   Before starting the legitimate question we should ask we are whether we can apply the book of Zechariah, or even part of it, to prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled. Moreover, as we all know, at least part of the prophecy of Zechariah 9 is fulfilled during the campaign of Alessandro Magno in Syria, Phenicia and Philistia, including the conquest of Tire and Gaza. As also reports the book Insight " Numerous other prophecies contained in the book of Zechariah find fulfillment in Christ Jesus' entry into Jerusalem as king," humble, and [that] riding upon an ass "(Zech 9: 9; Matthew 21: 5 ; Jn 24:15), the fact that he would be betrayed for "thirty pieces of silver" (Zec 11:12, 13; Mt 26:15; 27: 9), the subsequent dispersion of the disciples (Zec 13: 7; mt 26:31; Mr 14:27), the fact that Jesus was the pole with a spear pierced (Zech 24:10; Jn 19:34, 37) and his role as King-Priest (Zec 6:12, 13 ; Heb 6:20; 8: 1; 10:21). " From the above we might think that this book was very helpful in the past (even in relation to the identification of Christ), but that does not have nothing to say about the future. It really so? If we let the Bible speak for us, we see instead Zaccaria still has much to tell us. Comparing, for example, Zacharias 4: 3, 11-14 with Revelation 11: 4 we see that the analogy exists and is very strong. We can compare other writings (Zech 4:10 with Revelation 5: 6; Zacharias 8: 8 with Revelation 21: 3; Zacharias 14: 5 with Jude 14; Zechariah 14: 7 with Revelation 21:25; Zechariah 14: 8 with Revelation 22 : 1, 17) and see what it's really impossible not to notice the connections. If we consider a book of Revelation prophecies to come, we can not honestly say that Zechariah is only about what has already been.   " I saw in the night, and behold, a man riding a red horse, and was standing among the myrtle trees that were in the bottom; and behind him there were horses red, bright red, and white "- Zechariah 1: 8   The red horse or "fire color" takes us back to Revelation 6: 3 and now we should know its meaning. We should also know the meaning of the white horse which indicates not only in Jesus Christ as a executioner but also his army - see Revelation 19:14 There seems to be a reference to Revelation? As we have seen in a previous study article, all four horsemen of the Apocalypse, in contrast to what says the official understanding, are guided by Christ Himself - compares Psalm 45: 1-5 This we deduced from the fact that all four are "called" by the four living creatures and also by the fact that all the seals (of which the knights are a part) depict the judgments of God on the satanic system - Revelation chapters 6 to 8 Logic has ported this interpretation considering us that Jehovah has used very often of war between nations to execute His judgments - see Jeremiah chapters 47 to 49 The vision of Zechariah confirms the correctness of this interpretation because, again admitting that he speaks of future events, Zechariah 1:10 clearly says " These are the ones whom Jehovah has sent to patrol the earth." The army cavalry reports that the land "has no noise" but this shows that nations live a temporary tranquility, totally illusory. If there is an army, it means that everything is ready for battle. The vision, however, does not focus on the war that should arrive but on the assurance that Jehovah will protect Jerusalem. He is jealous of Jerusalem and Sion with a holy jealousy, and even if you are rightly indignant against His own people He assures, "Certainly I will return to Jerusalem with mercies. My own house will be built in it "- Zechariah 1:16 So it is true that there will be war and consequently a period of strict discipline for the people had turned away from Him, but He will not allow the extermination of his people from nations. If it were up to the nations, of course, there would not be nothing left of God's people. This Jehovah will not allow it. In verse 12 Jehovah's angel turns to the God Most High, asking "O Jehovah of armies, until you yourself do not show mercy to Jerusalem and to the cities of Judah, whom you have denounced these seventy years?" We know that the people of God, in fulfilling this prophecy in the past, was a prisoner in Babylon for seventy years. Since we're wondering if Zaccaria (and which parts of the book) may have a future fulfillment, we can find, even in these words, a fulfillment in our day? For the moment we do not know but we will face this possibility in a future article.   " Still he cries, saying, 'Jehovah of armies has said:" My cities will overflow with goodness still; and Jehovah will certainly try again regret over Zion and yet actually choose Jerusalem "- Zechariah 1:17   Jehovah will again choose Jerusalem! Writing is talking about the people who shaped the spiritual Jerusalem (ie the People of God scattered throughout the earth) or even the literal city is talking? The Almighty God has just spoken to those who have been oppressed by the nations and therefore it is clear that refers to the people of His possession (literally a city or nation can not be oppressed, distressed, punished). But verse 16 goes on to say "the same measuring line will be stretched over Jerusalem." ' We know that in the fulfillment of this writing past the measuring line was actually placed on Jerusalem and the city was inhabited again. Even the temple was rebuilt and this is further proof, if ever proof were needed, the precision and infallibility of God's Word. Obviously if we were to include the possibility that this part of the book has a future fulfillment, this would mean the recovery of God's people scattered over the world (and therefore its ingathering) and the actual reconstruction and repopulation of the city - compares Ezekiel 38: 8 (see also the articles entitled "the appointed times of the nations" and "Who is Gog of Magog?" useful to have a complete picture of this future event). When the angel told Zechariah to shout that Jehovah would choose still Jerusalem , undoubtedly referring to the city. City that was inhabited, however, be faithful and obedient to the God Almighty inhabitants. We are confident that Jehovah will not choose again Jerusalem at the end of satanic system? - compares 2 Chronicles 6: 4-6; Isaiah 4: 2, 3; 27:12, 13; 33:20; 49: 7; Jeremiah 3:17 In the following verses we speak thus of the four horns that dispersed Judah, Israel and Jerusalem. They will arrive four craftsmen who down them. This means that all those nations which have scattered and wronged the people of God, will be rewarded for their management.   Moving on to the second chapter, then the first two verses say ...   " And I looked up and saw; and behold, there was a man, and in his hand a rope to measure. Then I said, "Where are you going?" In turn he said to me: "To measure Jerusalem, to see how much is its breadth, and how much its length" - Zechariah 2: 1, 2   This brings us back to the temple measurements made by John in Revelation 11, is not it? - see Revelation 11: 1 Thanks to Revelation we can understand the meaning and the timeline. John measure the temple some time after the people of God was tried, even through war, to see if, after such discipline now is in the right condition. Just as happened to the days of Zechariah, after seventy years of exile in Babylon, now we need to see if the people of God is fit to return to their homeland. What is the response of this measurement?   And behold, the angel that talked with me went out, and there was another angel went out to meet him. Then he said: "Run, speak to this young man, saying: '' Jerusalem will be inhabited as open country, because of the multitude of men and domestic animals in the midst of her. And I myself shall become to her, "is the utterance of Jehovah," a wall of fire all around, and I will become in the midst of her a " '" glory. " Hey there! Hey there! Flee, then, from the north country, "it is the utterance of Jehovah. " For I have scattered you in the direction of the four winds of heaven," is the utterance of Jehovah - Zechariah 2: 3-6   Just as we saw in the article entitled "Approaching Storm", it is for our salvation to take place this discipline. If God's people were not disciplined, he would disappear with the rest of the world. Exactly how does understanding Revelation, the regulation period it served its purpose - compares Daniel 11: 33-35 The people of God spread throughout the world, is now eligible to be gathered and Re-inhabiting Jerusalem.   " Shout loud and rejoice, O daughter of Zion; since, here, come, and certainly reside in the midst of thee, "it is the utterance of Jehovah. 11 "And many nations will certainly be joined to Jehovah in that day, and actually become my people; and certainly I will dwell in your midst. " And you will know that Jehovah of armies himself has sent me to you. 12 And Jehovah will certainly take possession of Judah as his portion on the holy ground, and has yet choose Jerusalem. 13 It is silent, all flesh, before Jehovah, for he is raised up out of his holy habitation - Zechariah 2: 10-13   Even these verses bring us to the last book of the Bible and beyond. Jehovah says resides among his people - Revelation 21: 3 He also says that many nations "certainly will be joined to Jehovah in that day, and actually become my people" - Compare Isaiah 2: 2, 3 (see also Zechariah 8:23) Furthermore, just as we saw in the first chapter, in the second he repeats that Jehovah "is yet choose Jerusalem."   We intend the third chapter, and we immediately notice something strange and interesting.   " And he showed me Joshua the high priest, who was standing before the angel of Jehovah, and Satan, who was standing at his right hand to resist him. Then [the angel] Jehovah said to Satan: "May Jehovah rebuke you, O Satan, yes, Jehovah rebuke you, he who chooses Jerusalem! Is not this a fire ripped strain? "- Zechariah 3: 1, 2   The high priest, as we know, was the highest spiritual office in Israel. It was he who had the responsibility of adoration of the whole people of God. In the vision, however we note that Satan is the angel resistance. Why? We do not know it by reading the following verses would seem to imply that he does strength, that comes between the two, in order that Joshua did not receive clean clothes. Clearly, Satan has interests that the high priest remains "dirty" and is therefore not eligible to officiate but other details will understand them by reading the following verses.   " Now, as Joshua was clothed with filthy garments, and stood before the angel. So [these] answered and said to those who stood before him, 'Take off dirty clothes. " And he went on saying, "See, I passed over to you your mistake, and you're dressed in long robes Ceremonial" - Zechariah 3: 3, 4   We isolate the first part. Joshua was dressed in filthy clothes, and that, as a high priest, makes it unsuitable to carry out its role - see Leviticus 16: 4 The "dirty" depicts sin and what is understood by the contrast that is done, for example, with the writing of Revelation 7: 9, which, speaking of the great crowd, mentions robes white - see also Revelation 3: 4, 5 The sins of the high priest, in keeping with Leviticus 4: 3, could fall on the people. We can imagine why Satan is so interested to come between him (ie the one who was in charge on the spiritual leader of God's people) and the angel who tries to "tear him from the fire." We can also imagine that it was just Satan dirty the garments of the high priest, or to induce him to make dirty. This seems to be in harmony with what we have seen in our study of Revelation: the condemnation of the false prophets (which we saw in the explanation of the first trumpets) is primarily against the people of God. The article entitled "approaching storm" explains that the judgment begins from the house of God, but there are also other trumpets that affect us. We have no particular about it and we do not know how and when the people of God, starting from the high priest, is soiled. Satan has managed, somehow, to dirty the people of God or, at best, to "get in the way" that persists in error. The attempt of Satan has not happened and in fact the angel replaces his clothes with clean clothes, and says "I have passed over to you your mistake, and you are dressed with long ceremonial robes." Q hese are beautiful no additional details described in Revelation. If the event relative to the high priest and his dirty garments takes place after the described measurement of Jerusalem in Zechariah 2: 3-6 (event which brings us, in fact, in Revelation 11: 1), then the resistance that Satan makes all 'angel is to be referred to what happens during or after the preaching of the two witnesses. These two witnesses are preaching in sackcloth, and that is, apart from being in harmony with the message of judgment that lead, this is done in recognition of their error. Satan, however, has "resisted" to God's purpose to restore true worship and we can imagine that it will continue that way for as long as you can - see Revelation 12: 3, 4 E ' possible to assume that what is described in Zechariah 3: 2 includes the war described in Revelation 12: 7, 8? This part of Zechariah is quoted by the disciple Judas who adds that the dispute concerned the body of Moses - Jude 9 On the one hand this would seem to confirm that the order of events is that of Revelation because, in both writings, you mention the archangel Michael, the subject that is mentioned only as Daniele and always in the context of fighter, defender, executioner - Daniel 10:13, 21; 12: 1 It 'easy to deduce that this meeting between Satan and the archangel Michael has provoked a war because we can not imagine that Satan, after an initial resistance, has been persuaded by fair means to make clothing Joshua with clean clothes (actions restores true worship). This would confirm the order of events described in Revelation. On the other hand , however, mentioning the body of Moses, the question becomes ambiguous . The official explanation says that Satan probably wanted to use Moses' body for it to become an idol, an object of worship. Idolatry is one of the gravest sins and something would undoubtedly will dirty the clothes of any high priest.   Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. The body of Moses could become an idol?   We can imagine that the body of Moses, because of all that be representative t?, would easily become an idol for many Israelites. For example it's possible see how it behaves when Christianity is the so-called "exposition of the Shroud". Millions of people flock from all over the world, even at the cost of enormous sacrifices , to worship an object that you know, among other things, be a fake. Imagine if it were true. Satan could not do anything with the body of Moses (see Deuteronomy 34: 6), but we think that he has given up and that there has not re tried it with something else in our day ? - compares Luke 4:13 We have seen that some of the people of God, likened to trees and vegetation, it is punished precisely on becoming idolatrous - see Revelation 8: 7 Are we become idolaters? If so, who or cos' is the object of our worship? Is it possible that we have become the object of our worship something or someone that was supposed to be a medium (just as Moses was) and not the ultimate goal of adoration? Incidentally: These questions are not intended to cast a shadow on the Wts, some of its representative or perhaps on the site official but in fact if we consider someone, anyone, above or equal to the Word of God, we idolaters. Let us reflect on these things. Whatever our situation (something on which to think carefully) it is encouraging to know that these dirty clothes will be replaced.   Then I said: "The head put on a clean turban." And they put on his head a clean turban and dress him with garments; and Jehovah's angel stood there. And the angel of the Lord bore witness to Joshua, saying: "Jehovah of armies has said: 'If you walk in my ways, and if you keep My obligation, then again you also judge my house, and also to guard my courtyards; and I will give you free access among these who are here '- Zechariah 3: 5-7   In harmony with the words of the Lord, the faithful slave will be appointed over all his belongings for his loyalty - Matthew 24:47   " ' Hear, please, O Joshua the high priest, you and your companions who sit before you, for they are men [serving] as portents; for behold, I will bring my servant Sprout! 9 For, behold, the stone that I put before Joshua! On one stone are seven eyes. Here, I record its engraving, 'is the utterance of Jehovah of armies,' and certainly will take away the error of that land in one day '- Zechariah 3: 8, 9   At God's appointed time, the error of the people of God will be completely removed! It is encouraging to know that? Jehovah is going to send His Son, and thanks to him the true worship will be fully restored. For the people who love God this "stone" is a blessing but for those who are not worthy will be crushed in it - compare Matthew 21:42, 43 When will this happen and who, in particular, will address this destructive attention? We'll see in a future article, but for now let's focus on the conditions that the arrival of this righteous Branch will bring to all who wish to obey God and seek him with Spirit and Truth.   ' In that day,' is the utterance of Jehovah of armies, 'you'll call each other, while [you] under [the] vine and while [you] under [the] fig tree' "- Zechariah 3:10   May each of us to introspect not miss those wonderful blessings we enjoy the people who do not worship no one else than Jehovah - Psalm 33:12; Psalm 144: 1      
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      Do you think that her father Abraham Quintanilla risks promoting idolatry by observing “remembrances” and other shows? Isn’t he profiting from her sin by releasing her songs she made while having left “the truth” to make songs turning her into a “star” that other idolize?   Or would it be ok if he donated the money to the Watchtower society?
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      I wish I could get an answer to this question - it's either yes or no. To become a Jehovah's Witness do you or don't you have to become baptized? I've brought this up before, my neighbor calls herself A Witness even though she hasn't been baptized.
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      Hello  Librarian,     
      If it is  possible  can you please post the  transcript for  the  video  Encouraging  inactive  ones?  
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      Anything Bible, Biblical Archaeology, Current Events, Rumor busting, Urban Legends or JW related would be relevant.
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      How do I uninstall an app at my Mac?
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