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United Nations and Watchtower plus 92nd class of Gilead

Srecko Sostar

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9 hours ago, Pudgy said:

Your attempt at diversion is transparent and pathetic Fausto.

Be a sport … coff up the letter.

Your mind is writing checks that Reality will not cash … and you can present your delusions to the bank as many times as you want, thinking you will wear the teller down, or distract with many words, but as always, you are wrong.

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For some, I think it must be like the reason they tie C.T.Russell somehow to Freemasonry. There is absolutely no reason to think that CTR was a Freemason just because he was familiar with some of thei

If there are any “dots to connect”, an isolated tourist tour to the U.N. is not one of them.  I visited Disneyland once. That does not make me a Mousekateer.

I don't think I ever saw a Gilead tour letter for a U.N. tour. But the ones I have seen are very similar, and there is nothing in the writing or format of this one that looks odd. It's very much like

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1 hour ago, Pudgy said:

 If that’s the letter you referenced you got NOTHING

It’s obvious that it is just an unreferenced statement of someone’s opinion.


I don’t believe EVEN YOU read it.



I found possible source of this fragment. It is part of 4 pages Letter from CCJW to Brother Brant Jones who used "very critical tone" in his Letter to them.

The CCJW letter establishes the fact that some JWS are government employees of the UN, but that they have not compromised "neutrality" in any way, because they are a blessing to everyone else, being UN employees. God gives, God takes away.




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As always,Fausto, when you fail at proving your agenda driven revisionist historical points, you rely on trying to accuse “apostates”, attempting to divert your failure to prove your point or points with evidence … with ad hominem attacks.

As C. T. Russel correctly stated in the very first issue of the Watchtower, “If Satan himself tells you the Truth, it is still the truth…” (paraphrased).

HE ws considered to be the premiere “apostate” of his day.

So … the form you posted … where is the last page, the signature page?

And from when to when was this particular form used?



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I am not even trying to persuade you, el Fausto, much less the public.

I know absolutely nothing about you except your blind agenda, and that you switch screen names about once every two months in a continuously failed attempt to hide your identity.

I have no proof you are a man or woman because your sentence style is that of a programmed device.

What you perceive as ad hominem attacks on you is actually me destroying tor logic, reasoning, and pseudo “facts”, and agenda driven support of the indefensible.

With your own words you destroy your own credibility. All I do is separate your Disneyland view of the Universe from what can actually be proven.

I used to be a Private Investigator and was good at it. Being able to separate fact from fiction is a valuable skill that lends itself to many areas of life … including Theology, where half only want to sit under a waterfall of free money.

My instinctual wild-ass guess is that you are are, or blindly support that philosophy.

…. as you have shown literally dozens of times by whatever screen name by choking when pressed for proof of your assertions and unable to produce anything except mountains of irrelevant and deliberately  diversionary claptrap.

I argue with you for one reason only. 

It’s fun to prove you wrong.

Look at how much work it was to get you to produce that Nov. 1, 2001 letter.

As your adversary I can attest to that it is proof good enough for most suppositions.



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21 minutes ago, Errikos Tsiamis said:

…. You are absolutely right about the failure of UN representatives "Paul Hoeffel" and "Dana Loytved" to address the distinctions among NGOs. I completely agree with your observation on this matter.….

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