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Secret documents from Warwick show JW's do everything to avoid reporting child abuse to the police

Jack Ryan

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Item about child sexual abuse within community of Jehovah's Witnesses, RTL Nieuws (Netherlands), October 6th, 2018 English subtitles included  

I wonder why there are no comments from jws on this thread? 

@Jack Ryan Didn't you bring up last time that they destroy documents?

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Yeah, when they see the Politie coming, they take out the barrel throw the documents in it and set them on fire. They advise the GB mission accomplished, it’s your turn to lock the secret vault hidden under Warwick 30 feet below, under 10 feet of reinforced concrete, with Vatican armed guards, where Hitler is living his last days. Any Bethel member will swear to it, just to get on television. They see that secrecy every day. Probably the Watchtower knows where Jimmy Hoffa was buried, and who the second gunman was in JFK. Those Netherlands crack me up. But then again, the most haters of the Watchtower come from the E.U. ?

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