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Girl who was abused by her father from a age of 11 sought assistance from Jehovah’s Witnesses only to be molested by one of their elders

Guest Nicole

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Guest Nicole

A WOMAN  who was molested by her father over 5 years and afterwards by a Jehovah’s Witnesses she asked for assistance has oral out about her ordeal.

Terrified Angie Rodgers, from Ayrshire, was abused weekly by her perverted Jehovah’s Witness father Ian Cousins from a age of 11.


Angie Rodgers was 11 years aged when her father started abusing her

The dauntless teen eventually plucked adult a bravery to disclose in a Jehovah’s Witness elders, who took small action and she was after abused by one of them too, Harry Holt.

Angie, now 36, said: “I incited to a church for assistance and we was abused a second time.

“I was a child and they should have helped, though they incited on me. They make me feel sick.

“I don’t consider I’ll ever get over what happened. I’ve usually schooled to live with it.

“I have nightmares and flashbacks all a time and been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress.”

Angie’s father was detained for 5 years in 2002 for his crimes, while Holt was usually jailed final year for Angie’s attack along with 7 others he molested.

Now aged 36, Angie, a mother-of-four, has bravely waived her anonymity in a wish her story will assistance other people.

She said: “Dad did it whenever he got a chance, even when we was ill.


Angie Rodgers poses here with others in a Jehovah’s Witness community

“Once, we was throwing adult with gastric influenza when father brought me home a feathery bunny, with a organic white floral dress and bloomers.

“My wordless went to a Kingdom (church) and my father scooped me adult in his arms from a couch, took me to his room and molested me.

“I prayed my wordless would come and save me though she never did. After that he used to try to hold me whenever we were alone. It got worse and worse.

“We went to a Jehovah gathering when we was about 14 and he attempted to rape me in a tent. He was usually interrupted when an elder shouted him from outside.”

At a age of 15 Angie confided in a friend, whose father led a opposite church, in a wish that they would be means to stop a abuse.

While her father Cousins was called in for a “judicial meeting” no movement was taken, as Jehovah’s Witness elders can't act opposite suspects unless “there is a admission or dual convincing witnesses”.

Angie was afterwards subjected to an talk by 3 masculine elders including Holt, where she was done to plead insinuate sum of a abuse.

She explained: “They even asked what I’d been wearing, as if it was my fault. It was excruciating. we was so genuine we was still personification with toys and Lego during 18.”

As Cousins showed plea for his sins he was authorised behind into a church after being reprimanded – and a abuse stopped.

A brief while after in 1997, Holt done a pierce on Angie when pushing her home following a event door-knocking for members.

She said: “On a approach home in a automobile he grabbed my leg and felt his approach adult towards my underwear.”

Shocked, a immature lady told her relatives about a occurrence and a explanation led to Holt journey to Edinburgh.

It was suggested in justice final year that he went on to abuse some-more children.

Angie motionless to make a censure to a military about her father when she found out he had also abused another dual girls.

She also incited her behind on a Jehovah’s Witnesses during 19 in a wish of starting fresh.

The sacrament is pronounced to inspire members to reject people who leave, and Angie claimed that she didn’t see her mom for 6 years after she left.

In 2014 a censure was done opposite Holt, and Angie concluded to come brazen and pronounce about her horrific experience.

In Feb 2016, 71-year-old Holt was condemned to three-and-a-half years in jail for a abuse of 8 girls between 1971 and 2004.

Angie said: “If what happened to me helps usually one immature lady – or child – go to a military it will have been value it. What happened to me is horrible though I’m perplexing to pierce on, differently my abusers have won.

“The sacrament is zero though a cult. Children are kept wordless by fears of Holy condemnation and Armageddon if they move a church into ill repute.

“It’s that fear and a fear of being shunned by friends and family if we leave that stops victims from stating to police. It’s primitive and it has to stop.”

When contacted, a Jehovah’s Witnesses wouldn’t criticism on Angie’s box though they did criticism on their position in general.

The matter said: “Jehovah’s Witnesses detest child abuse and perspective it as a iniquitous crime and sin. Safety of a children is of a pinnacle importance.

“Elders do not defense abusers from a authorities. Anyone who commits a impiety of child abuse faces exclusion from a congregation. Any idea Jehovah’s Witnesses cover adult abuse is false.

“We are doing all we can to forestall child abuse and to yield devout comfort to any who have suffered from this terrible impiety and crime.”



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@Allen Smith - most can see through the sensationalist language used, but it is reporting a true story. How naive are you? Victim: "I was attacked and beaten, and I have life-changing inju

Signs like this regarding Jehovah's WItnesses and child abuse are starting to appear:

The one with Harry Holt does. But she and her younger sister Alison related their stories about their father's abuse back in 2002 (see the documentary below - it's cued up at the right place). Stories

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2 hours ago, The Librarian said:

Is this all over the news in the UK?

Case goes back to early 2016


Victim appears to have gone "public" recently with this feature apparently the origin of a circulating story..


Grace Macaskill, the feature writer, seems to frequently cover this area of "news" for UK tabloids

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15 hours ago, Jay Witness said:

Signs like this regarding Jehovah's WItnesses and child abuse are starting to appear:

Yes, it's a campaign by ex-Witness opposers. Also apparently, one of them was collecting money from other opposers to fund billboard advertising space to display similar sentiments.

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18 hours ago, Eoin Joyce said:

Case goes back to early 2016

The one with Harry Holt does. But she and her younger sister Alison related their stories about their father's abuse back in 2002 (see the documentary below - it's cued up at the right place). Stories like this are hitting the news outlets at the moment, no doubt because there is a campaign to have the UK JWs' child abuse allegation procedures officially investigated due to failings that have come to light in high profile cases over the past few years.



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17 minutes ago, AllenSmith said:

Anyone seeing the Watchtower sued will come forward seeking a big payout by vigorous attorneys (vultures) that are seeking a big payout for themselves.

That can happen too often. And some (hopefully very few) who see the current emotional vulnerability of persons abused in the past may also "abuse" them again by claiming that they will get justice for them by collecting money to be that "voice." Persons completely unrelated to Witnesses and ex-Witnesses and Catholics and ex-Catholics have already begun knocking to take advantage of persons in both groups. (Heard from a witness in Australia. The persons involved were not attorneys.)

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2 hours ago, JW Insider said:

may also "abuse" them again by claiming that they will get justice for them by collecting money to be that "voice."

I feel this scenario also happens with some attorneys. I know @Ann O'Maly won't agree with me on this and I am sorry I failed to reply to her regarding Zalkin, (we are both busy and it takes so much time to put together a convincing argument based on observable facts), but I see in Zalkin someone who uses JW cases to aggressively promote himself and his business. If he wasn't so closely tied with Trey Bundy perhaps I wouldn't be thinking this way.... I have never seen him get so passionate and give interviews etc. regarding his other cases (Catholics etc.) like he does with the JWs. It almost makes me think it's personal.

And then of course there is Bill Bowen.....

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18 hours ago, Anna said:

I have never seen him get so passionate and give interviews etc. regarding his other cases (Catholics etc.) like he does with the JWs.

Then you may have missed his strongly-worded comments against the Catholic hierarchy and his persistent efforts to call its leadership to account.




Rodrigue later admitted he had molested between four to five children a year over a span of 22 years, said Irwin Zalkin, an attorney for the plaintiffs. About 30 people filed lawsuits against the diocese alleging sexual abuse against the priest, who died within the last year, he said.

“He was probably one of the most prolific abusers in this diocese. … And they knew about this guy from his days in the seminary but kept him in ministry,” Zalkin said.

Attorneys are still trying for the release of an additional 2,000 pages of documents.


"That's outrageous," said sex abuse attorney Irwin Zalkin, reacting to the fact that a convicted priest was still with the church. "But that was part of the practice that has existed within the church as a whole, certainly within the Diocese of San Diego, and I have no doubt is a problem in Latin America and Mexico."

Zalkin said there is no provision in the 2007 settlement with the Catholic Church that says "Thou shall not hire pedophile priests, but one would hope that after what we've been through for the past almost decade, with the exposure of these documents, with the litigation, with the payment of almost $200 million, they'd get the right idea and start vetting who they're hiring."

https://youtu.be/BdC2D9YYM5I?t=37s (interview with Associated Press)


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@Allen Smith - most can see through the sensationalist language used, but it is reporting a true story.

22 hours ago, AllenSmith said:

If genuine justice is sought, those affected wouldn’t need lawyers, just a voice

How naive are you?

Victim: "I was attacked and beaten, and I have life-changing injuries which will require therapy for the rest of my life!"

Allen: "You are very brave to speak up. There, there. Now don't you feel better?"

Victim: "So is my attacker to be penalized for what he did?"

Allen: "You having a voice is enough. On your way."

22 hours ago, AllenSmith said:

and in the case of the AU “if” all 1006 cases were of child sexual abuse as some here claim?

"Some here claim"? Hahaha. This is what Watchtower Australia claimed - they categorized the 1006 cases as child sexual abuse allegations. (Idiot.)


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