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JW’s are now allowed to have beards and publicly preach....

The Librarian

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It Depends on where you live and the community standards. Beards are not acceptable In most cases in U.S. at the current time. Look at pics in publications. When I see governing body members wearing b

To make a very long story very short, almost to the point of abbreviation .... and trying to stay on topic .... In the past 57 years, I have been in the "little back room, Room 101", about 17 tim

There was never a time when they were not allowed. Who's going to 'not allow' them?

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I love a neat looking beard!  Scruffy ones - noooooo.   Unfortunately it is very easy to let a beard go wild.  It takes constant care it seems..... I have no experience regarding this so I better shut up! -  although the menopause stray hairs have started developing and this also takes some care!

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