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The thought occurred to me that some might be interested in EXPERIMENTING with a new line of Witnessing, not to replace anything that we might be doing now, but to "widen out" to niche' audiences.  There is a communications network that exists available to you ... text only, back from the 1990s when the Internet was first formed, and it is still going strong today ,,,, although it is supplanted or even overtaken by the likes of Facebook or Twitter, or whatever else has evolved.

Conversations I have had in 1997 STILL show up on the Internet, and over the years have seen the Truth handled aright change MANY opinions about TRUE Christianity ..... but it requires flexibility, and humor to try and plant some seeds of Truth on the baked hard-scrabble clay that Christendom has cooked up over the centuries ....  It's called the "Internet Relay Chat" network, or IRC., and when sick, I could spend 60 to 70 hours a month in HIGHLY EFFECTIVE Witnessing ... everybody is home, audiences of perhaps 50 people at a time, and no wasted time, or even gas money.

Without further adieu, I will post a little sample I did when I had about ten minutes to spare ... if there is any Interest, I will give you more details .....

Please realize there can be six to 20 people "talking" at the same time, so following is an acquired skill ....

My Screen Name is "Greylenseman"



* Now talking in #christiandebate

* Topic is 'Deu31:6 Be strong and of good courage, do not fear or be in dread of them: for it is the LORD your God who goes with you; he will not fail you or forsake you."'

* Set by VirtualPreacher!~noyb@ on Thu Feb 02 19:58:51 2017

#christiandebate url is www.acrity.org

* BibleBot sets mode: +v Greylenseman

<+Greylenseman> yawn

<+dani_> ello Greylenseman

<+Greylenseman> iya dani

<+Greylenseman> why up so early?

<+mugzZzZz> Heads are rollinghttp://www.cnn.com/2017/02/17/politics/tillerson-state-department-shakeup/ at the State Department - The news sent shock waves through the agency and has left career officials on edge -

* mugzZzZz is now known as mugz

<+mugz> more draining of the swamp

<+mugz> er

<+mugz> Heads are rolling at the State Department http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/17/politics/tillerson-state-department-shakeup/

* +mugz sips more coffee

<+Greylenseman> drill baby, drill!

<+mugz> "careful with that ax Eugine"

<+Greylenseman> I have NEVER had a desire to go to Heaven.

<+dani_> do you have a mental connection with God ?

<+dani_> does god read your mind Greylenseman ?

<+dani_> Moshe`, does God read your mind?

<+thehorror> I'd hate to go to heaven and not see my friends and family

<+Greylenseman> I hope so ... but God's ORIGINAL plan was a physical Universe filled with the children of DNA ... that has NOT changed.

<@Ross> those who dont goto heaven dont go by their choice

<@Ross> oroville dam residents havce to evacuate again

<+Greylenseman> SURPRISE!

<+Greylenseman> thehorror: or meet some reelatives that were miscarriages, and abortions ...

<+Greylenseman> eeeeew

<+Greylenseman> who, IF they grew up, would never meet puppies.

<+Greylenseman> OH YEAH, little white cloud shapes ....

<+Greylenseman> ...like foggy tribbles ...

* welloktheniguess (~wellokthe@220-253-144-178.dyn.iinet.net.au) has joined #christiandebate

* BibleBot sets mode: +v welloktheniguess

* +K83K (~MADE-IN83@vlan-132-19-116.comnet.bg) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out)

<+Greylenseman> nothing like living in an evironment with aborted fetuses that never grow up, playing with foggy tribbles.

<+Greylenseman> ... and then there is the omnipresent HARP music.....

<+Greylenseman> could be worse .... could be accordians!

<+Greylenseman> .

<+dani_> that's crazy Greylenseman

<+Greylenseman> yeas it IS ... that is the whole point.

<+dani_> but the alternative isnt much less crazy

* +welloktheniguess (~wellokthe@220-253-144-178.dyn.iinet.net.au) Quit (Quit: welloktheniguess)

* K83K (~MADE-IN83@vlan-132-19-116.comnet.bg) has joined #ChristianDebate

* BibleBot sets mode: +v K83K

<+Greylenseman> there are inly two alternatives..... just plain ordinary death ... whic we all know is the case ...irregardless of our claimed theology, or being SO HOLY that God KNOWS he can give you immortality without ever later having to kill you for treason.  Hell is a fantasy designed to separate you from your wallet.

<+Greylenseman> In all human history, Revelation says only 144,000 are invited to live as immortals in Heaven .. men and women fully tested , and rightous beyond MY ability to understand.

<+Greylenseman> I would be looking for "loopholes".

<+Greylenseman> well, gotta go ... gotta get a nap.

* Disconnected



I just reviewed the last post, not technically accurate, as I forgot to mention the Paradise Earth as an option, but I did allude to it in the beginning ... I was tired.

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37 minutes ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

nothing like living in an evironment with aborted fetuses that never grow up, playing with foggy tribbles.

I cant help it but this absolutely cracks me up!

Seriously now, you might have made them think, but do you ever get the opportunity to follow up? What do you call highly effective besides not wasting gas?


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Different people have different skills .... if you try to be everything, to everybody, you will fail, AND the mice that want to nibble away at your life will nibble away ALL of it, and there will be nothing left for YOU.

Additionally, they will complain and moan because they cannot get 120%, AND you have to do ALL their thinking for them. Thinking is very hard work .... when done correctly ... which is why most people want to go to heaven, walk on golden streets an d play harps.

The Bible says, and common sense confirms, that a MAJOR part of our Ministry is to get people to really, Really REALLY think, and to OVERTURN STRONGLY ENTRENCHED THINGS., that are wrong, and therefore destructive, and therefore EVIL in nature.

It's a tough job .......

I try to get people to REALLY think about whether what they believe is based on reality ...or fantasy. I very much try NOT to draw their conclusions for them, based on the assumption that a healthy, rational mind, when faced with patent absurdity, will recognize this.

You can have a healthy, wholesome meal in a bowl that once contained sewage and rot ... if it is cleaned out and disinfected.

Just like in programming computers, properly programming people for TRUTH, means that it has to exist inside a prepared environment, or what you get is NOT Truth, but drivel

I have seen this IRC "Ministry", since 1997 go from ALL Jehovah's Witnesses being considered deluded fools, to a respect for the Brotherhood, and an Understanding of our place in the Kingdom Arrangement for the Earth as a natural, logical, reasonable, rational explanation of how this Universe works., in about 60 or so people that have been involved in year long and more discussions.

My talent is NOT" Bible Study" from prepared literature ... My talent is shocking people to really THINK.

...or just shocking them ... and they don't LIKE it.


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