• HENDERSON, Nv. – A Nevada man who claims he was abducted by aliens from outer space last month says his extraterrestrial kidnappers attempted to convert him to Christianity while he was aboard their spacecraft.

-----that should be enough to get the idea----

At any rate, you say that what finally came out of this, whether fake news or real, was "Yahwe" which of course was already one of the 12th century AD versions of the name that was sometimes printed as "Jahve" (and still is in some language translations: Dutch, German, etc.) If you have any links with evidence referring to any follow-up on this, then I will stop believing that "realnewsrightnow" is anything more than a fake news outlet which was likely intended by the author to show how gullible people are.

12 hours ago, alvi languore insanabili said:

By this standard, Gerard Gertoux brings nothing new to the table, and he is certainly not a scholar to be admired for his work.

I'm not worried about admiring anyone for their work. I'm concerned about what kinds of evidence people who have studied the evidence have brought to the table. What he has brought is clearly something new in that it presents a different conclusion to some of the lines of evidence. I think you agree that it is different from the Watchtower's conclusions.

12 hours ago, alvi languore insanabili said:

What interested me? How mindful it is not to have this scholars information violated when it is done with the Watchtower literature at every turn.

I don't wish to abuse anyone's copyrights. Whether the WTBTS, CCJW, Gertoux's, Wilkinson's, or any others. But I hope that more people will be exposed to the current lines of research out there to be able to either counter it, critique it, or even respect it. While I agree that the WTBTS copyrights have been abused all over the Internet, I doubt that the anonymous authors are really making an argument that quotations from Watchtower publications should be limited when it comes to attempting to fulfill our Christian obligation of: CONTINUALLY testing and proving our faith (2 Cor 13:5), pay CONSTANT attention to our teaching (1 Tim 4:16), and bringing out of our treasure store things both old and new (Matthew 13:52) , and NOT HOLDING BACK from telling publicly any of the things that are profitable (Acts 20:20), and not hiding things under a measuring basket but shouting them from the rooftops. (Matt 5:14-16, etc).