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If the CCJW is to be God's / Christ's 'chosen organisation' what serious changes need to take pace within it.

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1 hour ago, JJJ-AUSTRALIA said:

If there was to be a reform by some miracle in my opinion

2 witness rule has to go

Shunning has to go

GB has to go

Jesus has to get his importance

And power and status has to go

Hours in the ministry has to go

And the secrecy and many rules has to go.

Cheers  4jah2me

Thank you, and I agree with you on many of those.

I'll quote you though ".... by some miracle....."

And I Will quote @James Thomas Rook Jr. " You are living in a fantasy world of unreasonable expectations ".

Now lets think back to Bible times.  

A large group of people arrive at a large body of water, and these people are being chased by a nasty enemy. And you can hear one of these people say "It would take a miracle to get across that water and away from our enemy. God, Moses, Red Sea = miracle.

And then lets think of a man, the most wonderful man ever to have walked this Earth. But wait he's been killed, hung up to suffer and die. And you can imagine His followers thinking that it's all over and that they will never see Him again. But then the miracle, Jesus is resurrected. 

Tell me, where is your faith ?  Have you all stopped believing in miracles. 


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Your questions would require a rehashing of things already identified many, many times on this forum, so I will respond instead with an observation: Jehovah's Witnesses are a Nation, without terr

‘T.A. Form Application’—the T. A. Is for ‘true anointed.’ It’s the best I can do under the circumstances. 4Jah floats the idea that maybe they are all to emerge from the present JW community. You migh

Its behond reformed unfortunately in my honest opinion.  

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Hmmmmm ok.


Well Moses was indeed chosen by God and miracles confirmed it.

Jesus was also chosen by God and miracles confirmed it.

Watchtower and GB no chosen by God and no miracles either to proof it otherwise. 

Thats where my faith is at, miracles does not apply to the watchtower as they do not have any proof what so ever they were chosen.

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@JJJ-AUSTRALIA I agree with you, but my point was that God can use His holy spirit to cause miracles to do anything He wants to.

Therefore, IF God wanted to use the CCJW / Watchtower / JW Org then God is able to make those organisations useful for Himself. Otherwise God will need to either use another org' or start a completely new 'religion' / Org.

There are different opinions but in some form or another the International Bible Students Association / Bible Students, changed and became the Jehovah's Witnesses, which i think is now called the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses CCJW. So it has already changed names a few times, though still not serving God properly. But it could change name again and be led by true Anointed ones that are inspired of holy spirit and then it could be brought inline with God's purposes through Christ. 

Or do you think God will start a completely new organisation / religion ? 

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On 3/1/2020 at 6:58 AM, 4Jah2me said:

As you know my feelings are that neither God nor Christ can use the CCJW as it is. But I am seriously trying to think on a more spiritual level so I'm trying not to be biased.

When did God personally tell you, you were his voice? When did God make you a spokesman for God? Butler!

Whatever channel God choices, he makes it. Neither you, me, TTH, JTR, JWinsider nor especially any ex-witness is going to tell God how to set standards here on earth.

Everyone here doesn't seem to understand, the GB are prepared to die as the apostles did for his name sake. That is in harmony with scripture. The GB are prepared to be imprisoned because of the loud and wild accusations lead before them by disgruntles ex-witnesses and opposers. Rutherford and the board of directors went to prison on the Vatican's influence.

Nothing but nothing will change the hearts of those loyal responsible witnesses. Can anyone here say the same? If you say yes! Rethink your entire life, since this one would be fake. 😁

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2 hours ago, Leander H. McNelly said:

Everyone here doesn't seem to understand, the GB are prepared to die as the apostles did for his name sake.

For whose name sake?

Are they willing to be disfellowshipped by their organization?  The Bible speaks of such an event, about a Harlot spiritually "killed" by the organization "she" directs.  

Rev 13:11,12,15; 17:15-17,12,14




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Lol did i just read the GB is prepared to die for Jehovah's name.... The last time i checked Gerrit Losch even denied the watchtower altogether which to me is the same as rejecting Jehovah too but then again he was not even reprimanded for making such statement. 

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1 hour ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

TA-57 form?


‘T.A. Form Application’—the T. A. Is for ‘true anointed.’ It’s the best I can do under the circumstances. 4Jah floats the idea that maybe they are all to emerge from the present JW community. You might even apply yourself if you and I both didn’t know that you would insist upon taking your chickens with you.

The very idea is so preposterous—a true anointed to appear out of who-knows-where at the final moments of this system of things, with just enough time for the true sheep of the earth to recognize, grab hold of them, and thereby save themselves at the final day. It’s just too ridiculous. 

And you emerge from it with some of the sagest remarks I have ever heard you make. This one, for example: “Those who expect perfection of others in all things, I strongly suspect will be judged by God, using those same standards... and their punishment now is having to live in a cartoon world of their ownconstruct, and being oblivious to reality.”

A “cartoon world,” “oblivious to reality,” and all due to expecting perfection in others—it could not be better said.

These extreme critics remind me of ones stuck in Phase 1 of ‘The Six Phases of a Project’

Phase 1:  Enthusiasm

Phase 2:  Disillusionment

Phase 3:  Panic

Phase 4:  Search for the Guilty

Phase 5:  Punishment of the Innocent

Phase 6:; Praise and Honors for the non-participants

And why are they yet in Phase 1? Because they haven’t done anything. Their role is 100% limited to pointing to the faults of others. The moment their plans result in any action, Phase 2 will immediately kick in—at least if history is any guide. (and there certainly is no reason to think it should not be)

What they should do is meditate on the book JWI cites: ‘No Love Greater Than This—How My Family Survived the Genocide of Rwanda.’ They should reflect on the study quoted within: “All the churches active in Rwanda, with the exception of the Jehovah’s Witnesses” were involved in the genocide. Let them state how their imaginary ‘true anointed’ is going to improve upon that!


And do not let any of these whiners pull a “who needs organization?” question on you. It is as you say, they haven’t a clue as to how “hominoids behave in groups.” Without strong support from a god-fearing organization, there is no way that the individual will stand before the steamroller with the devil at the wheel.

I have reflected upon your words ever since you first wrote them. You could not have said it better. They have judged without mercy. They will have their judgment without mercy. It may be true with other people as well, but it is certainly true with them. And in the meantime they become absurd caricatures of people.


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It is very sad to see those people that pretend to serve God, but are making is so so clear on this forum that they serve an Organisation run by men. That they have to take a serious subject and mock it purely because they cannot stand truth, or are too frightened to examine their own personal reasons for serving men instead of serving God through Christ. 

It would be so easy to pull apart everything they say, but I'm sure the scriptures tell us not  to argue with such ones. They have set themselves in a comfortable position whereby they just follow the rules and teachings of 8 men and a writing department, even though they know that those 8 men and writing department are not inspired by God's holy spirit. 

It reminds me of millions of people following a young girl, Greta something or other. Some people just have to follow another person or group of people. They have to have a physical person or object to see and serve with their human eyes. Did they never have a spiritual 'eye' ? Could they never see with their hearts the things set before us by God. 

I suggest that those people spend more time reading the scriptures. Rebuild your faith in God.

Remember that ALMIGHTY GOD CAN DO MIRACLES. And that HE CAN SUPPLY HOLY SPIRIT for whatever purpose HE chooses. 

If Gods wants to put new leaders in place, or if God wants to have a new Organisation, can you stop Him?

Are you so proud of the GB and what it has done ? Are you proud of all the failure in JW Org ? Do you honestly think God and Christ are proud of the GB and JW Org ? 

And the main question I suppose for each of us is, Would YOU make adjustments in YOU OWN life to serve God properly through Christ and not through men ?

Time will tell. And God's plans will move forward with or without any of us. 

Soon may God's name be sanctified.

Soon may God's will be done here on this Earth as it is being done in heaven. 


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