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54 minutes ago, Outta Here said:

Childline number is available to anyone in Devon UK wanting to discuss problems of this nature: 0800 1111

That's a good idea @JOHN BUTLER. They will give you advice on what to do if you are worried about going straight to the police.

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@Space Merchant Quote : "Plus this should be discussion with those of your circle rather than here"  I don't have a circle. Jehovah's Witnesses are 'encouraged' not to socialize with 'people in t

That is why I said try to get the police it keep it confidential, because some of those people might get the mistaken impression you are doing this out of a grudge. In any case, if you explain ex

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Dear Mr Butler:

It appears you have more than enough "suggestions" on how to handle the above problem.   Normally I wouldn't respond to a  "cheeky" ex-JW (your words not mine).   To give you some background, I am an American but I was married to an Englishman for 15yrs so I get the culture differences.  Also I don't always agree with JTR (but I do get in tongue-in-cheek delivery) BUT you would do well to take his point of view.   The main problem I see is your "trusted" friend who burdened you with this information about this boy.  This (in my opinion) would be gossip since you had no reason to know this information.   You have no idea how the Elders handled this situation, it could have been handled based on no outside parties being aware of the problem, thus privately and that's why it wasn't announced to the congregation.   The Elders could have talked to the police, the father could have talked to the police or social services and been given advice.   YOU don't know and that's the point - You have only been given the " secret" by your "trustworthy" friend.   This friend of yours has the burden, not you.  I would tell him/her he/she needs to go to the parent, Elders, police, social services or you will using him/her as your informant and then you decide the best course of whom to contact with your 2nd or 3rd hand information (well I ended up giving advice I wasn't going to).

It's an unfortunate mess when gossip, it spreads like fire, people get burned whether its true or not.   We all want to protect our children, that's not the point I'm making (I'm a mother of 4 and grandmother of 5).    This boy could be a threat to the congregation or some intervention took place that will put him on the right path.  Who knows, outside of the parties involved.  It's regrettable that you are separated from the congregation so going to a trusted Elder is not an option, that would be the best way to just let them know you are aware of a situation via gossip ( I suppose you could write an anonymous letter).    Going to the police or social services may be the way to go BUT then again, it could open a can-of-worms that would be more harmful than good in the end.   Professionals are required to report these things, because they are just that, professionals.   I would chastise your friend for spreading this information and forbid him/her from gossiping to you again.  I'm sure you are aware of the seven things Jehovah hates, tread carefully.


Your Ex-sister


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